Xena Movie Petition
August 6th, 2012 by Xarah

We Want a Xena Movie

Xena Movie Petition

Xena Movie Petition

Again and again fans try to get a Xena movie from the people who own the rights.

I believe RIGHT now is the perfect time. Look at what kind of movies are playing and coming out. Lots of fantasy and comic movies.

Xena fits right in. Plus, there are not many (hardly any) female heros and rolemodels for young girls and grown women. All male. Even in Avengers there was only one female character.

Anyway. Please sign the petition.

There is a current social media fan campaign to bring Lucy and Renee back for a movie.

After you sign this petition, please come back here because: If you enjoyed this article and agree for a need for a Xena Movie, please “comment, like & share” this page…

Let’s get the word out! What will you do?

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One Response  
  • Marlene Keener writes:
    August 18th, 20126:35 amat

    Yes It is time for Xena to return to Her Bard and us.

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