Would you rather rake in $500 or $10’000 for the same work?
April 14th, 2012 by Xarah

Business is a numbers game

You need people coming into your store. You need visitors to your website/blog. You need leads. You need sales.

Then it turns into a people business

A couple of years ago I read that 2 a day will keep poor away.

When I started out in this “industry” I was told if everybody gets 5 we all be rich. And I believed it.

And now here all I have to concentrate on is to get one. One per day. In 2-3 months this will equal into $10’000 per month just because people who already know how to sell well do the selling (which means even someone who is new at selling can make a nice income and learn to become better). People who know what they are doing do the upsells.

We now have stats to show that everybody who consistently brought in one person per day was making $10’000 in the following month. That a number you can live with or do you want more?

One per day

Isn’t that infinitely easier than 5 or 2? Isn’t it crazy how one per day can turn into $10’000? Will it work? I don’t know but heck, I am going to find out.

Dave Wood says when you are full time go for 2 a day and you will make $30’000. How’s that? Watch the video and let David explain those numbers.

Last year I read a book

And in that book the writer asked the reader: how much money will you earn when you have 100 people in your team (distributors and customers, her idea is, it’s easier to find customers than people who want to build a business).

Anyway, I said: i don’t know. At the next best opportunity I asked a leader.

The woman who is on the very top of the company (and whom I admire) explained to me:

We have a binary plan. You will need 50 in each leg. Because the weaker leg gets the monthly bonus it should be as balanced as possible. From the weaker leg you get 10% of the volume.

Let’s assume that everybody has an autoship and buys every month worth 100 points of volume (which is around $125), you have 5000 points in each leg.

10% is…. drums… $500!

She also pointed out that we should concentrate on getting new people in because of the extra bonus we get.

At that time I was torn. On one hand $500 every month from doing “nothing” but I was also a bit astonished that it would only generate $500 with 100 customers. Because first you have to have 100 customers. That can take some time.

One per Day = $10’000/mo

Now, imagine, you have someone tell you with one per day you can generate $10’000 in the next month. Not possible in the other deal though I still love the products and the community.


Anyway, the beauty is when you have mastered the one-per-day, you simply scale it up to 2- a-day. And watch what happens. For some weird mathematical reason it’s not $20’000 but $30’000.

Don’t believe me? Watch Dave Wood exlain the numbers.

And when ever you feel the urge to push the button and buy, come back here and click here:



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