What are Antioxidants?
August 13th, 2010 by Xarah

antioxidant foodsI always confused Antioxidants with Free Radicals. Both terms are usually used in the same sentence.

I always thought the Free Radicals are the good guys. They might be a bit radical maybe rebells but they are free.


Yes, the are free, the freely roam your body and because they miss part of them they go after the healthy cells and try to steal what they miss.

They oxidise your body. Let’s take a car. You would not be happy if your car was all rusty, right? You would take any kind of action to either get ridd of the rust or to prevent it! Why don’t we do that with our body?

Stress, food, water, alcohol, cigarettes, stress, bad mood, and the list goes on creates Free Radicals (remember, those are the bad guys). That’s why we have been told to eat lots of veggies and fruits! BUT! Yes, there is a but. But we cannot eat that much fruit and vegetables (and it would be very costly if we tried) to get at least 10’000 ORACS into our body – every day!

3 Xocai Squares or 3 Xocai Nuggets do the trick: a little over 10’000 ORACS. And who doesn’t like chocolate? Just replace the bad with the good. And get in touch with me so you can have your healthy chocolate tomorrow, too.

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