Time To Improve Your Lifestyle
May 27th, 2014 by Xarah

Now Is The Time To Improve Your Lifestyle In DenverWelcome to my entrepreneur blog. Today’s article is a bit philosophical.

I would argue that time is more precious than almost anything else in life.

Now Is The Time To Improve Your Lifestyle

How are you managing your most valuable resource?

  • Are you working full-time for a corporation that may lay you off any day?
  • Are you spending a lot of time training for a new career?
  • Are you able to take the time necessary to nurture your relationships?
  • When was the last time (there’s that word again) you spent a whole day playing?

I am Xarah Dax. I run a Direct Sales business from my Swiss home. I have been steadily building my online income-generating business since April 2009. Now that I have channels of residual income, the checks can come even if I take a three-week vacation with my family.

Sure, the money is great, but guess what I value more than the financial security? More Free Time. That’s right.

I am now living life on my own terms.

I spend several hours a week helping new team members kick-start their home businesses. I absolutely love the challenge of helping people world wide to create something unique and powerful in their life.

Other than supporting my downline, I enjoy a lot of time with my spouse and kids. A lot. I know few corporate executives who have as much free time as I do.

My business is straightforward and uncomplicated. I sell products on the internet and recruit new entrepreneurs who, in turn, create a better, less hectic lifestyle for themselves. And this is the part I really love.

If you feel like you are a hamster running non-stop in a wheel without ever getting anywhere, stop. Take some TIME to give me a call. There is a better way to live, work, and play.



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