The Flu Shot
October 17th, 2009 by Xarah

You know, I don’t believe in this H1N1 Flu also known as swine flu. We have a big flu each year, sometimes even different ones. And each year people die! The difference is, this time the flu has a name.

And I for one will not get them give me flu shot! Everybody knows the vaxine does not work if you get the other flu that’s floating around and you get sick anyways.

If you think about getting the shot, watch this video:

I personally just eat a square or two more than the recommend “dosis” of Xocai Healthy Chocolate, and just in case, going to get me some silver solution. That should go well with the infection of one of my teeth, too.



PS: Check out this Youtube-Channel. He tells so much truth that can be verified they are scared of him and keep pulling his videos down.

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  • admin writes:
    November 5th, 200912:21 pmat

    @stranger, thank you for the comment. What makes you think i eat ham? I’m a vegetarian!

  • stranger20083 writes:
    November 2nd, 20091:44 pmat

    nice video , you should stop eating ham, xhare just eat choclat.

  • jose reynaldo corrales writes:
    October 23rd, 20093:47 pmat

    hi Xarah, we were surprised of this ANIHI, virus, news says it came from other countrys and all of a sudden we had an outbreak at a small town where no foreigner had made a visit, we suspect this man made virus has a reason to sell vacine? the recent flu caes is due to climate change, too much heat and unexpected rain..the reactions of travellers putting mask, just created
    more panic on this virus scare.. Denge is more dangerous..we suggest if you have cold and coughs, dinkk more water..have a good exercise.. and get a good sleep.. thats it..

  • uberVU - social comments writes:
    October 22nd, 20092:34 pmat

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by lightbringersue: An interesting take on the flu jabs!

  • Xarah writes:
    October 21st, 20093:53 pmat

    Let’s see what they come up next, which innocent animal could they blame for the next flu?
    Julie, yes, you may add a shamless plug – is it eatable?
    You just let me know and i’ll send you some of our yummy chocolate 😉

  • Julie Wolf writes:
    October 21st, 20092:36 amat

    Very funny video… a little scary though. and I agree with you Xarah and… ooo I forgot the name now… last commenter. I would rather let my own immune system “Create” is own medicine. (I’m trying Umcka … as we speak, as well as Echinacea and Golden seal tincture and throat spray w same as well as propolis.)
    … enough sleep and lots of freshly pressed juices (greens and carrot mixes) and ginger tea of course. Oh and enough sleep, that’s where I struggle , especially with all the Skype ing I do. (Xarah may I add a “Shameless plug” for my Skype Tips here? )

    Xarah, I love the image of you taking bite of chocolate! (no sweetening for me, I am actually cheating when I eat fruit, Ayurveda doctors orders … or I would have you send me some for sure ).

  • Tom writes:
    October 18th, 20095:36 pmat

    This year it’s the swine flu. A couple of years ago it was bird flu that was supposed to sweep the world. It seems there is always a crisis. I agree with Sue, needles (Bad). Especially, when as the video shows, the vaccine is really a milder form of the disease.

  • Sue writes:
    October 17th, 20094:50 pmat

    Xarah, I couldn’t agree with you more! There’s no way on this earth that I’ll let them stick a needle in me and inject me with their poison and Gods only know what else!
    I’d rather have the virus and let my body heal itself!

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