The 8 step Internet Formula
December 25th, 2013 by Xarah

The 8 step ‘Don’t Be a Wussy’ Internet Formula…

It all started with a dream

I looked upon the landscape of the internet, and saw a broken maze of poverty.
Product launch after product launch…
…webinar after webinar.
Strategy after strategy…
…and still:
highanglevidew-confusedman-by-imagerymajestic“I’m Confused.”
Here I was, at the top of a mountain…
..finally living the life of my dreams, with cash pouring
into my bank account…
…like water.
It was so easy, and yet when I looked out – all I saw was…
…and Disappointment.

What you want is finally here

So when there’s an unlimited number of products to buy, why the pain?
As a leader, not to myself, but with a heart for the people, I did the only thing I know how
to do…
…I turned to a story of victory.
One man I knew had gone from struggling, broke, addicted to drugs…
…to being clean for four years.
He had overcome the worst of human pain, and walked in victory…
…and there’s one thing I know – and that’s if someone can overcome the pain of addiction, hopelessness, and defeat…
…and rise to greatness.
Who is this man?
Dave Wood
I asked David the ‘secret‘ to his victory over the worst of defeat, and he told me a secret…
…he said:
“The secret, is this simple formula… it’s just 12 steps – and with help, anyone can do it…”
Walking through the mountains, and contemplating the victory of one man…
…an idea struck.
An IDEA that can change the world.
Here’s what happened:
…was revealed.
I didn’t know if it would work
…I wasn’t sure if the formula is perfect.
All I know is:
3 months later, we had more than 17,000 customers in 150 countries, and had helped our affiliates earn more than $3.2 million in commissions…
businessman-digitaltablet-withquesion-by-jeroenvanoostromMaybe someone hasn’t told you the truth.
Maybe the information you’ve been getting isn’t totally complete.
Maybe there have been leaders that haven’t even been entirely honest.
That’s about to change.
Take it.
Run with it.
It’s yours.
In prosperity,
from xarah with love
P.S.  If you’re ready to just get in, and you’re sick of hearing information that isn’t totally honest
..and you want this, now:
You’ll thank me later 😀

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