Terribly Tired
Nov 19th, 2010 by Xarah

xe-drinkLately I felt so tired it’s just not normal. Is it because winter is approaching? Is it because one day is ass-freezing cold and the next it’s almost springy-warm?

With my choirs annual event and chocolate tastings every other week and lots of decisions to make and getting all kinds of stuff under one hat (as we say) I’ve been under a lot of stress.

I am not even able to say how much of my Xocai chocolates I’ve been eating. Maybe not enough. So, today, first thing, after I got up for the second time around 9.30 am I took a bowl and put 3 Nuggets and 6 Squares in it. Now, I have one Nugget left. That’s about 27’000 ORACs. I do feel a bit more alert. I wish we already got the Xe Energy drink from Xocai. I heard it’s coming but we don’t know when. Until then, I put myself on a Xocai cure, at least 9 pieces per day until I feel my body back to be balanced.

Keep you posted.

Not losing any weight
Aug 12th, 2010 by Xarah

X Protein Meal Replacement ShakeI just got weighed and measured at the Viva Center and compared to the first measurement last December I did not lose any weight, I actually gained weight!

The first read of fat/BMI showed less! So figured, I lost fat and put on muscles. But the measurer said, BMI always is higher if weight is higher. Pants!

I have started to eat more protein (not meat though), bought a protein drink and take it twice a day, yet I put on weight. Of course the last measuring has been 9 months ago, so I might have lost and just put on a bit again, or I had put on a lot and lost a lot just not back to the same numbers.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the new X Protein Meal Replacement Shake from Xocai! Friends who are going to visit Switzerland will bring me two bags. Anybody coming to visit?

And have I mentioned that’s not only based on chocolate but it’s high in Antioxidants.

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