My plan to go to the very last XENA CONVENTION in LA in 2013
Aug 25th, 2012 by Xarah

xena-conventionThe Final Journey, Part Two

My plan to go to the very last XENA CONVENTION in LA in 2013

2013 is going to be the very last Xena Convention.

Lucy is not on the list – yet.

Renee has a Workshop scheduled which is right up my alley.

Or Callisto’s … ehrm… Hudson’s Yoga class. Though I threw my back out on Monday, I’ve been looking at kinda starting to do Yoga and this might be perfect to get into it.

I remember someone asking Hudson to show a Yoga position and she asked back how this will help them if she did it. And how she looked into the audience when she said that. It was too funny.

Perfect timing to start the recording 🙂

Anyway. Even if Lucy does not show up and Renee won’t do a pannel – Creationent does not say clearly – but Brittney, Hudson, Sheeri, Adrienne, Paris and Victoria are on the list. I’m sure there’ll be more.

So, even if our main heroines won’t be there I wanna be there.


Because of all the bad-ass hard-core Xenites who have been following the show, the characters and the actress for 15 and more years!

That’s damn amazing!

I wanna meet you all there.

This is my plan to go to the Xena Convention 2013 in LA

I want to refer as many people to a product that basically everybody can use who has a computer – that only costs $6 – $10 and will pay the referee (is this a word?) $50 per referal.

That’s like a 500% commission! Don’t say that’s not possible. Well, I actually said the same the first time I heard that. LOL

The second time I watched the video and understood.

Just read on or go to this link now.

How many sales will I need?

Enough to pay for a plane ticket from Switzerland to LA.

Enough to pay for the room – and I don’t mind sharing either. Those rooms in US hotels are huge. Compare to the tiny one I had in London 2008 😉 yes, there is also a video around somewhere LOL

Enough to pay for some Xena merchandise.

Enough for a bit of food.

Are you coming with me to the Xena Convention 2013?

How many sales will you need?

We still have 4 months to do it.

Who is in with me?

Click this link. Watch the video. And get in. Then tell your friends. On Facebook. Myspace. Email. Forums.

Let’s help as many Xenites as we can to go the last Xena Convention in LA!

If you really want to crank it out, like first class plane ticket. More food… More merchandise. A bigger suitcase for even more merchandise… there is lots of training in the membership site.

When you watch the video you’ll see you don’t need to know anything about selling, just telling. And that’s the easy part.

The hard part will be to chose what to buy in the vendors room.

IMAGINE to sit after a panel in the lobby, have a drink and chat together. About Xena. About Xena-Fanfiction. About anything really. And just enjoy ourselves with hundreds of other fans.

If you’ve been to a Convention before, remember the laughs, the fun, the panelists, the new and old friends.

If you’ve never been before, imagine the laughs, the fun, the panelists, the new and old friends.

Here’s the link again:

Let’s shake hands.

And battle on hard!

from xarah with love

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