Free Radicals
Nov 7th, 2010 by Xarah

X Protein MealshakeFree radicals actually stimulate pathways in the body that convert food to fat. Fat cells in the body produce inflammatory chemicals which can prevent sugars from being utilized properly . . . so you wind up with higher blood sugar . . . which converts to fat. Each fat cell in your body is like a chemical factory set up to produce . . . more fat cells! What a horrible, vicious cycle! Antioxidant rich foods are vital in interrupting that unhealthy cycle.

The importance of antioxidants in a weight management system can’t be overemphasized because the process of losing weight actually releases more free radicals into your body than normal. Free radicals are those “bad guys” that are linked to everything from heart disease to cancer, neuronal degeneration and aging–aka wrinkles.

Antioxidants are measured on the ORAC scale. This scale measures how well a food mops up the free radicals in the blood stream. When you eat the best, antioxidant dense foods, you’re energetic, and you feel strong, focused, and empowered to continue to eat healthfully.

The new MXI product X Protein Meal Replacement is a high-antioxidant product. I have gotten 2 bags from a friend who came to my country. I am through both bags now I have to find someone else who either visits the US (not traveling) or lives there and is visiting my country – and is willing to bring me another bag and they are not small… 1.5 kilos 🙂

Of course we all here in Europe hope it’ll be available for us soon, too.

I have not lost that much weight as other people but others have noticed and asked me if I had lost weight. Maybe it does not show on the scale but on the looks. Also those black slacks I wear for choir events didn’t fit that tight as they used to.

Get back to me if you want to know more about this X Protein high-antioxidant meal replacement. Have I mentioned that it tastes yummy? Kinda chocolatey and I can add frozen summer fruits like any kind of berries. Reminding me of those wonderful summer days…

Drinking Water
Aug 5th, 2010 by Xarah

blackboardsheetsI was listening to call called “Get lean with Kerry Dean”. That’s a call by Kerry with guests about the new product from Xocai: X Protein Meal Shake. Anyway.

One of the guests mentioned that even though she’s not eating the advised 1200 calories she’s not hungry. In this program they all are “forced” to drink lots of water.

My theory is: people with a weight problem often mistake thirst for hunger and eat. Since they have to drink a lot in this program, they do not get that feeling of what they had been assuming to be hungry because they are not thirsty. Makes sense?


Even though I cannot be on the program I did buy some protein shake, I write down what I drink when I drank it and I bought a step-o-meter. I have to admit I often don’t reach the 10’000 steps. But usually drink at least 3 liters of plain water without bubbles.

Like yesterday. I was listening to a couple of the recorded calls on my little iPod and went up to the little forestlet. There was a nice bench and I sat down. Then I remembered that I needed 10’000 steps and walked around those woods and discovered several small paths that I had not seen before. Of course I walked them 2 or 3 times until the call was over. That forest is really small.

Still, I didn’t make the 10’000 steps but a lot more than I would have without the step-o-meter or my goal to get to 10’000 steps.

Do you want to lose 5-10 pounds? Get back to me!

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