Happy Solstice – Round Robin
Dec 22nd, 2011 by Xarah

Happy Solstice – Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays

We did it again. This time a bit bigger. We are seven people who got together and created in time a video. Most of us used Animoto, uploaded to Youtube yesterday and had a training so everybody was on the same page:

  • uploaded to Youtube
  • unlisted
  • Title – one of a Series
  • Info box / description, all have the same text (exept everybody uses their own link)
  • Tags

It took us over two hours but we had some real newbies in our group. One even just had his first Youtube channel open.

If you’ve done it for a while, you use the lingo and don’t realize that others don’t understand.

Anyway, this is my video. Please watch it and click on the link (annotation) at the end to watch the next and if you feel like it *hint hint* go ahead and do the whole round until you get to mine again. You are welcome to leave a comment here or on Youtube under the video.

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