It’s over – Olympics 2012
Aug 17th, 2012 by Xarah

No offense meant with this blog post. More rambling on about the Olympics and stuff…

The Olympics 2012 are over! *phew*

The 10 or so days with non-stop sport on television and sweaty athletes are over. I personally am glad.

I had watched part of the opening-ceremony which had led me to write a blog post:

Olympic Moment

Because of my girl-friend – she loves to watch sports – I also watched some of the sporty events.

Often though I either got on my balcony to enjoy the warmth and a good book or watch a video from the Empower Training, or I’d go to my outer-office (also known as garden) to read some fanfiction, a good book and pluck some weeds and harvest beans and cucumbers and berries. Or I’d go for a walk with an audio from the Inner Circle in my ears.

Watching sports – Olympics or no Olympics – on Television bores me after 15 minutes or so

Anyway. I got sucked in to watching the ending ceremony.

You did great, Britain 😉

kitesurf new sport olympics 2016 in Rio de Janiero Brazil

A kitesurfer at Rishon LeZion, Israel

I also liked how Brazil / Rio de Janeiro presented themselves for the Olympics 2016.

I’m inclinded to go to the next Olypmics. I told my girl-friend when I saw they were having Kitesurfing that if we’d go I’d want to go see Kitesurfing at the Olympics 2016.

That looks like a lot of fun.

Olympics 2012 are history

I went to go through the night preperations (feed the cats, do the dishes, brush teeth…) just before The Who came on because the channel we watched it on turned the channel off. I hear it went on for another while. But I had enough.

Did you watch the Olympics? How did you like it? What kind of sports are you into?
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