Feb 21st, 2011 by Xarah

ph-xocai-nuggetsAs you might know by now, I’m a networker and I’ve been promoting the healthy chocolate for around two years now. But after reading Kim Klaver’s book I changed my approach. I don’t talk about chocolate anymore. Much. LOL

Anyway. The last few days I’ve been practising my new little script. Mostly on Skype. It was interesting.

Of course I got a lot of “no”s and “I don’t know any woman” from a lot of men. A lot women I know are past this phase and don’t know younger women. I know it’s a sensitive topic. It doesn’t come up often over coffee and cake.

The two most curious answers I want to share with you here:

Insensitive Guy:
Just take some pills. Or have everything removed!

Me thinking: if he said that to his suffering girlfriend he’d find himself hanging from the balcony within the next few seconds.

Marketing Guy:
Use the xxx product from company XXX. They are natural, using a new technology. Every other xxx is poisend and dangerous, that’s why many woman have periode pains.

Me saying: i don’t use any kind of xxx and I don’t have pains anymore because I have found a solution already that I want to share with every woman.

Me thinking: was my question so unclear? “do you know a woman with problems (cramps, pains, mood swings etc) during her time of the month like i used to have?” What do you think? Unclear?

Actually, coming to think of it, I got a couple of more guys who tried to sell me something. Must be my question, unclear. Right?

Really! I’m not looking for a solution any more. I have found it and it’s perfect for me. I already eat or better ate a lot of sweets especially during that time of the month. Now I get to eat it all the time. Maybe it’s because I lowered the intake of sugar. Maybe it’s the increase in antioxidants (and what ever else you can find in a cacao bean). I don’t know. It works for me and for me it’s perfect.

I get to eat chocolate all day and as much as I want and I don’t have those menstruation pains anymore. Perfect.

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