The Art Of Lifestyle Construction
Nov 30th, 2013 by Xarah

The Art Of Lifestyle Construction

May I ask you a question?

  • Where would you want to live?
  • And how much would it really cost?
  • What would your dream life actually cost?

Have you ever done the calculations?

Dave Wood in this video challenged me to think about it. Not that I have not been thinking about my dream life (where to live and so on) but more, how much would it really cost me.

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The way Dave talks in this video about the number and the dream lifesstyle I had to put some numbers into an excel sheet, you know… expenses for rent, insurance, expenses for my online business (domains, hosting, empower)… what ever I could think of – with the help of my excel booking keeping sheet 🙂

The 6 Jar System

Then I added 6 collums. The 6 Jars

FFA – Financial Freedom Account (Golden Goose, Investitionen)

LTS – Long Term Savings (for mortgage, or for founding a business)

EDU – education, courses, books

NEC – necessities, rent, insurance, and so on

PLAY – fun day(s)

GIVE – charityThe NEC jar gets 55% (the amount that I approx need per month according to my list, oh, I added more for rent because my goal is to move to a new place).

Every other jar but the GIVE jar gets 10%, the GIVE jar gets 5%.

Makes all in all 100%.

That way I was able to figure out how much money I need.

I don’t know how you want to figure out what you need for your dream life style, maybe there is an easier way? But it sure helps to have the number in front of you. I bet you gasp saying: it’s not that high a number than I thought it’d be…
Of course, I could forgo the other jars, then I need less, and eventually work on filling these jars. I got this BTW from T Harv Eker and his Millionair Mind book.

It’s an interesting number though and not as high as I thought. Not as high as I need to have my expenses covered and be able to move to that new (my dream) place.

I hope this explanation was not too complicated.

Try it though, find out your number. What do you need for your dream life?

And then upscale from there.

Do you realize what this means? Having your expenses covered?

(Dramatic pause)

It means you are infinitely rich.
Unless of course you cover your expenses with the income of a job because what happens if that job is gone?

With my numbers it means, I need 2 to 5,5 “all-ins” per month (depending on which product I pass up).

See? I don’t need a million customers. And neither do you.

My guess is with this small number of “all-ins” most people would get along nicely.

After all, a survey done by Dave Wood, shows that most people’s income goal is “only” by $5-$10K!

And as my excel calculations show, it can be done really easily with Empower Network.

I really hope this made any sense to you and helps you, or gave you some ideas. I’d love to hear from you about this topic.
Honestly, I knew it’s easy with Empower. Much easier than with anything I have done before. The pet food business I’m in, I need around 1000 customers to get to that income level!

Am I there yet? No. But I know I can and I will.

The real question is: Can you? Only if you join.

And: Will you? Only if you start, learn and do.

I figure on the way there I will learn everything I need to scale it up, scale up the income without scaling up the time investment.

For the point in having an internet business is to have more freedom.

Do you agree?

Now it’s your turn, get in here and get all-in. Then let’s talk how much you need for your Life Style Dream

And If you need to see the video again (some where in the middle the pay plan gets explained and why it makes sense to go all-in – if not now, then as soon as possible)

I’ll see you on the beaches of the world!
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