3 Keys to Finally Get the LoA to Actually Work!
Aug 18th, 2014 by Xarah

Watch this video. Avram and Nikki are exlaining how the found out how The Law Of Attraction works.

Are you a LoA Junkie?

  1. Choose to become wealth. Choose the money.
  2. Take action. Asking God or the Universe and then just wait is not taking action. Meditate, visualize and then take action.
  3. Be honest where you are at. Be honest with yourself.
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Law of Attraction Question on Facebook: If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job?
Nov 15th, 2012 by Xarah

Law of Attraction Question on Facebook: If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job?

Here are some answers and I was free to add some of my comments here.

The reasons why somebody says no are amazing, and some make me sad. You can tell a person has dreams and wants more if they say yes. I also noticed that some people don’t understand the question. Well, read, or scroll through it, and leave your comment below.

  • Nichelle: Yes and do something that I love. [good for you!]
  • Chris:  I wouldn’t quit my job for a million. 15-20million? I don’t think I’d unload a truck of boxes tomorrow. [one of a few who love their job. Let’s hope their job loves them, too]
  • Jaime: Not for a million, that’s not enough. I’d use it as start up capital for a business & once it’s successful, then quit. [that’s a plan, on the other hand quitting Jaime had more time to work on his business, have more pressure to work on his business]
  • Shimira: My job would quit me… I would actually like to stay for awhile, I enjoy the people [now that makes me wonder what kind of job Shimira has]
  • Iris: no, life must go on as it is… [how sad]
  • Paul: Never [never say never ;-)]
  • Leigh Anne:  No, but would help some folks out and then invest in my business to multiply the million. 🙂 [that’s the way to do it]
  • Christy:  Yes, but I have a small business I was to make it come true, inspiring others. My Hidden Heart llc. “Take a moment to find my hidden heart; I hope it inspires you to follow yours.”
  • Margaret:  yes. i would retire early. [and pick up an interesting hobby]
  • Amy:  No, I love my job but I would just have more freedom to expand.
  • Siren:  yep … gone
  • Shivjeet:  heel yeah! >:(
  • Elaine : In a heartbeat!
  • Bojana: Yes but only to start My own business 🙂
  • Christy: I would put in my two week notice and start my own business.
  • King: Never. i’m so passionate about my job no amount of money can take me off it. i’d just settle debts and invest it.
  • Christianna: Yesssssss and start my new life immediately
  • Rachel: Yes, but I would send my family a post card from Mauritius !!!!!!
  • Steven: yes i wud, and start one with family, its getting ready to happen , i’m callin it now,
  • Casey-Jane: Not immediately & not for a million, that’s just a decent house, not a life of luxury. The area I’m in a million is just an average property. How depressing is that?? Ten million I’d quit, but a million just isn’t enough anymore. [move?]
  • Michael: No a million is not that much [to do what?]
  • Mary: Probably not. I like working. I might change careers though.
  • Violeta Gomez Yes, I put an own business!
  • Lee: No not enough to retire on after taxes [retirement is overrated anyways]
  • Bethany: No, I already own and operate my own business which I enjoy running (small care home for elderly) and we give the elderly a better life and employ people who need jobs. [guess that million would come in handy]
  • Camille: Yes! and invest it on my own business, at least I’m putting my effort on my own company! 🙂
  • Lisa: Probably not. I would probably share a good portion of it and I would perhaps scale back hours or find a different job that would allow me the opportunity to do something more meaningful, but I can’t imagine not working. I need to be doing something every day that challenges my mind, and gives me the feeling that I am contributing somehow. [good for you, nobody said you have to stop working. Doing something meaningful is good for the soul]
  • Monica: Mm…no. I’d take a vacation though!
  • Jo: Not sure. I would invest in my business. I would treat myself to a little vacation though
  • Kathy: Not enough to quit [sorry to hear]
  • Helen: Yes Yes Yes!…and i would help my children .
  • Nikki: No I love my career
  • Lynda: No. I’d take a vacation and start an AMAZING nonprofit to help others. [now that sounds like a plan]
  • Christy: Yes and I would start my photography business full throttle!! [WOOHOO]
  • Robert: No I would just work less hours
  • Roger: stop grafting hard and set up my own business. better to make your money work for you than work hard to make someone else money!!!! [wise words]
  • Nicolle: Thats the first thing i would do– then i would invest the money in a tattoo removal/laser clinic. [how many tattoos do you have? Just curious *s*]
  • Chelsea: No I would do what I really want to do…. teach yoga [as a job or your own business?]
  • Najia: and do what? [good question, scroll down, there are some ideas there]
  • Darlene: Does the sun come up in the East? Yes most definitely!
  • Robin: I have a friend who won the Lotto in July. She invested her million and receives 4,000 a month. Shes still working but as the reality of it doesnt take much to live a good life sets in shes closer to quitting. [a lot of people could easily live well on 4K, she could invest some of that and make more while keeping her job until it’s enough]
  • Anthony: Heck no. A million dollars it’s not enough to stop working, but I would invest it into a couple of business ventures I been wanting to start. At least 3/4 of it. So I still would be working. [until those business were in profit?]
  • Angelique: I’d work part time at where I’m at now and use the money as an investment into furthering my tattooing career. 🙂
  • Kathy: Nah keep working but for community as a volunteer
  • Timothy: Yes and I could find lots to do!
  • Emily: No! I love what I do for a living.
  • Erin: Yes and go back to school or start a business [read Robert Kiyosaki and would rather start a business than going back to school]
  • Colleen: I gave been so blessed not to have to go to a 9 to 5 job everyday, but the thought of being able to give and help people more then we do would be soooooo Awesome! [YES]
  • Lisa: No way. I love my career. Dont know what else i would do. [i feel very sorry]
  • Megha: No…….that one million dollars has nothing to do with my job………
  • Kristin: Yes and Thanks!!
  • Angela: Opening a bussines which will Create jobs for other people
  • Carlotta: Yes and I would pay my home off and travel for a year then come home and get a new job… I would live life!
  • Eduardo: yes , then i would start a wildlife refuge, give them back some of what civilization has badly disrespected & wasted their natural habitat.. [great plan]
  • Sin-dee: Nope…this money would go towards savings for my children and future grandchildren 🙂 [by then it will have lost a lot of its value, unfortunately]
  • Laura: I wouldn’t change anything… meditate..give thanks..visit my son in Nashville… ask God for direction
  • Bill: No, its not enuf to live on for the restnof ones life [you are right]
  • Joanne: yes and then I would have my own business 🙂 owner of B&B and I would write full time 🙂 [I’ll come visit]
  • Joshua: No… A million dollars can go a long way but can only go so far. [exactly, so make them $$ work for you]
  • Gladys: Hell no
  • Susan: Not as long as there is work to do…
  • Linda:in a heart beat.
  • Kerala: I would take a year off, take a few interest courses…Travel. Enjoy. . Children grow so fast I would work part-time for a few years.
  • Bell: No but I’d buy a car and LOTS of nice clothes. Oh and a house. A house would be great. 🙂 [and whoosh the money is gone but at least you got a few nice things]
  • Scott: No, I’d have to stay around to see just what I could get away with. [hm]
  • Micki: unsure. i love real estate [how’s real estate doing these days?]
  • Courtney: No, but I would take a good amount of time off to explore the world!
  • James: No I would put it in a desent investment and and make a little extra with my checks every month.
  • Morgan: No. I would eventually try to invest in my own business but I would buy essentials such as a house and new car, then invest/save for the kids, and then always continue to work and be productive. Life would be boring if I just sat at home and did nothing! [nobody said not to do anything. You can do anything you want!]
  • Sonnie: This very minute by a ranch or hobby farm. With horses, goats, chicks, 1 cat, and 6 lab dogs
  • Joy: Yes bc then I would be able to find a job that makes me happy and put the money to good use for the single mothers out there who need a helping hand 🙂 [cudos to you]
  • Tracy: No. I would use it to secure my future. I like what I do, I would get more education and probably buy equipment, and of course a house.
  • Darren: Yes I will quit my job and full time focus on charity. [good plan]
  • Ron: I wouldn’t completely stop what I do with marketing online no it’s too much fun [you don’t have to, but you can put that money to good use, with your marketing or somewhere else]
  • Kiely: My job? Yes. My career? No!
  • Trisha: No, just take some time off STAT!!!!!
  • Kato: No. I’d buy another office & grow my business. $1M isn’t actually much money.
  • Trevor Muller Fo shu aaaa mainn! That would be like 8 million rand in my country’s currency! South Africa.
  • Martin Brisson Yes but keep one part time.. and enjoy the rest of my time..
  • Joyce: No…I would just have the means to do it better and help many others do the same!!
  • Liz: Absolutely not! Bc my job is my hobby. As a matter of fact I would up my game by investing more in my passion. I am already very happy but I am also sometimes limited as to what I can afford. Regardless, I figure everything will happen when it’s supposed to. What i lack in funds I make up for in faith, passion and purpose!
  • Liz: Yes, and invest in my business!
  • Debra: Yes..if I had a job but I don’t …I would start my own business..why would you take orders from someone else if you had funds to do your own thing….duh ..the people who said yes are followers not leaders ..sorry just saying
  • Jennifer Mayle’ no…but i would buy a nice house!
  • Mieko: Nope, I love both my careers. Especially my Nerium Career! I really feel like living my life “on purpose” 🙂
  • Joanne: Hell yes!!!!!! Although a Mill doesn’t go that far anymore…. I would still be a no call no show in the morning skipping all the way to the bank!!!!
  • Fc Flygal No, pay off debts so I have a clean slate, put away for retirement, and possibility move my home business to a storefront
  • Ellen: yes. Would buy a house, new car, donate some money to some charities, do a little shopping then relax.
  • Shannon: Absolutely NOT! Love my job! …. just means I could help more people to live healthy lives
  • Lorenda: Yes, and then I’d open a wellness clinic and help people improve their health!
  • Chan: Seems like too much things to do with that money.. But will still continue to work.. Fast money go fast too..
  • Guisef: I’d start my own business.
  • Vishal: yes i’ll start my own Business [why wait?]
  • JoAnn: No; is pay off any debt, then go for a vacation.
  • Shannon: Nope, I AM A MAMA! 😉 [is being a mama a job? Not really because you cannot get fired LOL]
  • Reginald: nope…nobody would know 😀
  • Chalice: The first two words that came out of my mouth were hell yes!
  • Antman: No, ill make sure my cash works harder then me first
  • Rosa: naw, after taxes i wouldnt have but 499,000. wouldnt last long enough.
  • Chalice: Still work part time, volunteer and follow my passions though, just wouldn’t work at my current job.
  • Carlie: Only one of them. I love my salon!
  • Shraddha: Yes an I will start a pre primary school and day care centre. Whole day in divine touch of kids! I will go and teach the hearing impaired. I will learn music and various dance forms!
  • Teresa: I’m not too far from retirement…this would just allow me to do so with less worries…maybe a bit sooner but not immediately.
  • Leslie: i’d probably buy the place, so i wouldn’t have to quit 🙂
  • Marilyn: YES!!!!! Without a doubt!
  • Nestor: Nope for health reasons and share the blessing i rcvd ^_^
  • Francien: NOOO that’s no money, $1,000,000 I’d spend that up really quickly. Now 19,000,000!!!
  • Tina:I will always continue to empower women in childbirth and Breastfeeding. I would use the million to help my efforts. Thank you.
  • Lynda: In a heartbeat!!! Then I’d have the freedom to finish my degree and do what I really love.
  • Jean-Marie:No. I Love what I do, it would only give me more resources to do more for others!
  • Isabel:No… be gone by years end…:/
  • Jennifer:Yes to start my own business!!
  • Charlene: Yes. And invest and get on with what I enjoy and want to do.
  • Vital: No, I wouldn’t! I love my work! If I won a million I would just do more to reach more people! 🙂
  • Lisa: If I had a job to quit I might if I wasn’t happy working there! I’d be super happy that I won’t be homeless soon.
  • Jennifer: No bc after you give the government their cut you would only be walking away with $600,000.. [that’s 600K more than you had before]
  • Evelyn: Are we talking tax free Million? [don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country… pay taxes ;-)]
  • Erin:Even if it were a full million… it wouldn’t wouldn’t last very long this day and age. I’d invest it, in family and charity.
  • Janice: I’d keep on doing what I’m doing and travel further and more and education myself further and more!
  • Erin: Yes, I used the term “invest” lightly… Lol
  • Grape Fruit I did not have to win a million dollars to quit my job haha
  • Eye: no I love my massage therapy & eye pillow making business & making my paintings & selling them.
  • David: My job quit me, three years ago.
  • Vanessa: No but I would be able to pay for my education and finish college!
  • Asma: nooooo….am in love with my career 🙂
  • Sandra: Maybe
  • Holly: Yes… Because I work a very stressful job and I would do something I really enjoy instead.
  • Ivo: No,but would smile everyday a little bit more 🙂
  • Benjamin: naw but ill probably be fired within a month… from the attitude change
  • Tiffany: No, I actually like my job, but I could definitely use the extra money.
  • Cassia: I already did !!
  • Smith: prob. keep working a few more years then retire.
  • Lori: Like millions of other people, I lost my job 3 years ago 🙁 But, no, if I had a job I wouldn’t quit it if I won a millions dollars.
  • Damani: I love wat I do….. A million dollar will make it lot easier and more profitable!
  • Kelly: no that would only cover a reasonable home here in Auckland so I’d still need to work to pay bills – anyway i like working 🙂
  • Brian: A million $ is not that much any more. One can start a couple of businesses or purchase an apartment building as an investment but you can’t live off the interest.
  • Dawn: Just one–I love working with my animals at home!
  • Gia: what job?
  • Tracey: Yes but I’d have the freedom to create the new career I am born to d
  • Bernard: no i would invest the money in my business
  • Naveen: Oh Yeah baby. I’ll create brand new job [cudos to you]
  • Tammie: No. I own my own business and the million would just allow for better living and more vacations!
  • Angela: Yes. I would start my own business with that million. I would rather create something I love that to be stuck with something I hate.
  • John: Yup..wait a minute, I don’t have a job..
  • Julie: What job?
  • Julia: Since I’m currently unemployed, I would just not go out and get another job. I would finally work at trying to get some movies made out of books I love. [great idea though not sure how many movies you can have made with one million]
  • Catherine: No I love my job!
  • Lothar: No! I’ll invest in my job! I have my own business…
  • Rima: I loved my job until 50% of company were laid off
  • Amber: In a heart beat.
  • Thabat: No,if I have one
  • Carrie: Nope… I love my job and people depend on me and trust me. But i are wouldn’t stress about taking a day off. And I would be able to help others a whole lot easier.
  • Betty: I cannot believe some people feel a million dollars isn’t much money. If I had five thousand extra dollars it would change my life, truly! But, a million holy cow. I’d pay off any debt I had, help my parents & two children, buy a cozy loft & new car, put a chunk into savings & “Pay It Forward” with random strangers. As far a quitting my job, no.
  • JuAune: a million dollars isnt enough to quit ur job. Unless u hate ur job, then u could live off the million untill u get a better job.
  • Edith: I’d keep working. A million US$ wouldn’t sustain me for life after I have bought a house and a car, and helped others in need…Where I live, over half of that would already go towards a house. Given the high cost of living where I reside, it’s not a whole lot in the overall scheme of things, but it’s definitely a sum that I can use to provide myself and people close to me some creature comforts!
  • Marilyn: Nope I love my job 🙂
  • Rose: Absolutely!
  • Tarya: No Im self employed & love it.x
  • Raver-DanceRabbit Party-Animal Candy-Raver no i just started my job… money doesnt last forever…
  • Tanika Pedersen No , a million dosent go far these days ..
  • Gloria De Los Santos Absolutely!!!! I’d quit for $20 bux
  • Christina: I love my company and they have been very good to me so I would have to give them a 2 weeks notice. 🙂
  • Karen: Yes – only wk part-time so some1 else wd b welcome to it.
  • David: I would go Part Time but would have to make sure that Million is earning more money to cover my income 🙂
  • Maggie: Not at all! It would take more that for me to quit working! [what would it take?]
  • Cheryl: No, I like my job, but it would make my retirement more comfortable in the future.
  • Tahiata: I would make me and many others New Job
  • Jean: Taxes better keep your job!!! 🙂
  • Jacque: yes I would quit my job then start my career!
  • Preston: Yes: And do volunteer work and fund my scholarship foundation for children of disabled and fallen veterans. [cudos to you]
  • Michael: No, I won’t. I own two businesses and I would use the million dollars to invest it in the businesses to keep it going indefinitely. Then, I would pass it down to my children! Yeah! 🙂 [cool, you don’t have a job anymore]
  • Susan: HELL YEAH….
  • Marie: No, not right away, but I would go in with a whole new attitude, all the while smiling broadly while I say something along the lines of “tell you what, why don’t you get that yourself?”, followed by “I cannot begin to tell you what a pleasure it’s been working for you, no really, I just can’t!” [LOL]
  • Amy: Absolutely Not ~~ I am in the business (in service to) those who are waking up to who they really are (I am a Counselor & Life Coach). It is a job with the highest purpose and I give gratitude daily on my way to the office (Life Counseling Center in Jacksonville Fl.) Blessings to all [good for you, still you won the million, what are you gonna do with it?]
  • Rachelle: No…because I love my job. I would maybe go casual but I would definitely not quit !
  • Mark: 4 Shaw would not have 2 ask me twice lol
  • Michelle: Hell yeah! Rode trip, rode trip…with no return date.
  • Karina:s I will send my resignation vía fedex! 🙂
  • Judi  No. I would open and run a non-profit school…my dream. 🙂 [cudos to you]
  • Xarah Dax: if i had one, yes. Then i would educate myself on how to invest part of the money wisely and use another part to start a business or since i already have a business use part of the money to add some leverage to it, outsource work. And a little bit i would spend on luxeries, like a vacation

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job?

To everybody who would say no

I’m glad you love your job. And I hope your job loves you, too. I hope you didn’t say no because you are afraid.

You know, you loving your job doesn’t prevent you from being fired, or from the company going belly-up.

At least look around, have your options and mind open. After all, you are reading this, some maybe you are looking around. Scroll down and click on the banner. Watch the video. No need to be afraid because the video won’t make you a million…

To everybody who wasn’t sure

I don’t want to make fun of you but it seems to me you lost your dreams. What did you dream about when you were little? Did you get told one too many times to stop dreaming?

I command you to start dreaming again.

Sure, one million won’t last long if you just live off of it. It’s also not enough to live off the interests. But there is so much you could do with it. Pay for the education you always wanted to get. Find another or better job.

I’m not sure though if self-employment or a business is the right track for you… for now. So start dreaming.

To everybody who would say yes

Good for you. You are dreaming. You want more. You may already working on your dream. Got a business or are looking for one. You know it’s pointless to play the lottery in the hope of a milion you rather work towards it and have it earned. Better even, you can repeat it again and again.

Besides, you probably know that you don’t need a million to be rich. All it takes is an automatic (passive) income that comes in every month whether you are around or on some tropical island. The important part: make that automatic income a tad bigger than your monthly expenses.


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