Katherine Fugate
Feb 5th, 2010 by Xarah

Katherine FugateI almost missed the amazing Katherine Fugate! She was already on stage when I found my seat. Yes, it’s Friday and I have a seat. To the right seen from the stage, 2nd or 3rd row. Cool! The room is not full and I dared to scoot a few seats to my right because nobody was there.

And she starts off throwing stuff into the audience. She didn’t get as far as I was sitting so I have no idea, but maybe someone who caught one, could let me know?

Katherine Fugate is a writer for Xena. And she almost told us about the script she wrote for the Xena Movie. You know what I’m gonna do should I win more than 10 millions in the lottery? Yes, you guess, I’m gonna finance that movie. That reminds me, better go buy a ticket LOL

Next came David Franklin though I don’t remember much about him. It’s very much possible that I left the room and browsed the vendors room again. Or time for a lunch break.

Next was Hudson Leick!

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