Make Images 100% of the space they have available
Nov 15th, 2012 by Xarah

How to make an image fit into the width of a blog

Today I learned a cool and nifty little trick from the second lesson in Empower Network’s 15K Formular product (hint: if you don’t have it yet, get it!)

Make images 100% width of what ever space they have available

Often I have smaller images and align them on the right or left side and let the text wrap around put sometimes I want to have a nice big picture to take up the whole width of the available space like this one:

Image 100% width


Isn’t that pretty? Pretty big LOL maybe it doesn’t make so much sense to do this little trick on this blog LOL but it sure makes sense on my other blog.

How to make an image 100% width

You just add the image, then hover over the image, click on the little icon, go to advanced settings and change what ever size there is to 100% and remove the other number.

This also works for an image for a widget. If you want to add a banner, or what ever. Which I have also done  <— (maybe you have to scroll down).

Image for a Widget 100% Width

Open a new blog post, add your image you want to use, add your link. Now grab the HTML code (find it in the HTML tab), go to Appearance, Widgets. Move a text widget onto the sidebar, where ever you want it to appear (you can move it up and down any time). Add your code snippet. Save. Go have a look.

Video 100% Width

For Youtube videos I had set the settings (under Settings, Media in the normal mode) to 560 x 560. Now all I have to do is grab under ‘share’ the short URL and add it in my blog post. This works in either Visual or HTML mode.

Ok, so it’s not 100% width. When I got started with this blog, somebody told me this was the best size. It works for me.

I hope you liked this tip for your Empower blog.

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