Road To Success
Sep 27th, 2012 by Xarah

Road To Success

Just click on the image, watch the presenation and you are on the road to success
from xarah with love

One of my goals with this work is to take my family to the beaches of the world.
If you’re interested in achieving similar goals, just follow the instructions below.

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Xarah Dax
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How a Facebook slap will DOUBLE my income…
Aug 9th, 2012 by Xarah

dave wood


…is all I have to say about this…

…killer email I just got from David Wood.

See below!


I had some interesting experiences
this last weekend…

…first, I decided to hop on a plan, last
minute, and hang out with some of
my pals at a conference in Orlando.

While I was there, I heard a guy
speaking, Larry Thompson – who
has made several hundred million
dollars in commissions as a rep, and
a consultant to MLM companies.

What interested me about what he
said, though, wasn’t his training.

To be honest, what he told us to
do was brutal – and if I don’t lie
to myself, I know I wouldn’t do,
even if I was poor again, and lived
in a van – not because it wouldn’t
work, truth be told…

…it works amazingly well.

I’m just over doing stuff I don’t want
to do. There are plenty of ways of
doing this that I enjoy.

It wasn’t WHAT he trained, though,
it was ONE THING that he said
that I found powerful.

He told a story about Herbalife,
and how they hit a billion dollars
in sales in five years.

Then the government came in.

Larry had 100,000 downline quit
in 7 days.

Did he quit?


Larry isn’t a damned wussy.

Most people think that Herbalife
had their success because of what
they did in their FIRST five years…

…not the case.

AFTER they defeated the regulators,
sued the FDA, and cleared their name
of nonsense – the NEXT five years are
what created the MONSTER that does
$5 billion in sales a year today.

See – when you’re FORCED into a corner,
you have to unleash a certain kind of energy,
a kind of creativity to overcome problems,
that SAME ENERGY is the energy and power
that creates all victory, all success, all REAL

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When Herbalife BOUNCED BACK after
a fight that lasted five years…

…they EXPLODED in size.

The critics were silenced.

The MASSES created victory.

They became legendary.


…YOUR VICTORY will be created as
you bounce back from pain.

When you get up…

…swinging in the 5th round, on the count
of nine – face bloody, and by the power
of your will – you rise like John Galt, and
defeat your enemies.

It reminded me of when the banks shut us down.

When we came back – our growth doubled.


Our critics were silenced.

Their wussiness no longer had a place in
our prospect’s minds.

Then, after the weekend, as I was thinking
about our stories of victory over struggle –
something hilarious happened:

Facebook slapped our whole domain.


This time – I laughed.

If the king of social media thinks they can
silence a social epidemic…

…and ARMY of people creating victory –
sharing their heart, and their story…

…they’re wrong 🙂

Like the banks were wrong.

Like the critics were wrong.

The next day, SLAPPED from Facebook,
not able to even like a page – 32 people
made over $1,000.

And you watch:

Not only will they restore us…

…this stupidity will double our company.

It will double the incomes.

It will DOUBLE the signups.

Because I had an idea – because of it,
that is going to change the game…


Click here to get in now (only $25)

It’s time to stand up against giant
conglomerates – that take away the
voice of the people.

This is not about a company – this
is not about a vision – this is about
DECLARING your freedom to the

How did we create 18 new six figure
income earners in 31 days last month?

Because an army of people saw this.

And decided to get ‘all in’.

Are you with us?

Let’s lock arms…

…and FIGHT the forces of EVIL.

-David Wood
“The Facebook Slayer”

P.S. Dumbass things like this, are the
reason that Facebook just had their stock
fall by 50%, and their being sued by thousands
of investors.

Facebook was cool – because it let you speak
your mind.

Your voice matters – here, like always.

It’s time to decide.

It’s time to take action.

Let’s rock.

from xarah with love

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Cashflow Game April 12
Apr 13th, 2012 by Xarah

I play Cashflow – do you?

But first I tell you about my day

Yesterday was a full pump day

I got up early. Jumped a half an hour on the Trampoline and listened to an audio with Dave Wood and Mark Call. Had a shower. Fed the cats.

And then to my office. It took me from the kitchen to my office about… 10 seconds…

I had some work to do for my day job, did some Facebook and other kind of marketing, generating leads.

In the afternoon I went to the gym and listened to an audio with Dave Wood and Justin. When I’m alone at the gym I unplug the music stick because I rather work out at my pace instead of the one from the music and I got into sweating. It’s like I forget where I am, just listen. Think. And work out.

Still pumped

Got home and usually I’m tired when I reach the 5th floor and collapse on the bed, not this time. Still pumped, could be from me drinking Xe energy drink during the work out.

Anyway, back to do some house hold (starting a machine of laundry) and again 10 seconds to walk to my office.

Why am I not getting tired?

A couple of hours later I left the house again to go a Cashflow game. Even though it’s Thursday and usually my choir day but once a month I take the time off now and do some education 😉 BTW you can play the Cashflow game online, too.

Everybody else is tired

The train was full, almost every seat was taken and a lot of people standing. And I thought, boy am I glad I don’t have to do that every day!

Finally, playing the Cashflow Game

What happened during the game

cashflow gameThe very first card I drew was to buy shares for $1.- and because I was a manager with a nice pay day – and big expenses… expensive kids, too … I bought 1’500 shares from my cash.

Guess what, those shares showed up once for only $10 and I figured, hm, those shares might just go up a bit more and didn’t sell. And they didn’t go up again LOL

Other shares showed up, once we had 3 cards in a row, the same shares! First $20 then $30 and then $50! Of course we all said: don’t buy for $20! So she didn’t and was about to bite into the table because those shares went up and up and up.

Like in real life LOL

Anyway, I soon got the opportunity to buy a 2 bed room house for $0 down but with a negative cashflow of $100. I figured I could fix it up, like this 14 year old did, and eventually sell it for a nice profit.

A little while later I bought another one of those for $3’000 down and a positive cashflow of $100.

Equals now $0 passive income 🙂

I knew – and hoped – eventually the market would pick up and sure enough I was able to sell both for $100’000. Though I had to be rather patient.

All in all a pay out of $103’000. Not bad, hu?

Keep your eyes open

All I needed now is to keep my eyes open for a lucrative opportunity and jump on it.

By then I had a passive income of $0 (still or again) and total expenses of $3’170. Pretty high and almost impossible to get out of.

Next opportunity for a deal I took a big deal. And big it was.

The big deal was a appartment house with 24 units. I had to put $75’000 down – which I had on hand. And it got me a passive income of $3’400.

Can you do the math?

I instantly saw I left the rat race!

I got lucky. It could have been a deal than only brought in $300 or $800. And I would have need a handful of those deals. But yes, sometimes luck plays a role.

But because I invested and “paid” every month for along time until the second deal showed up a $100 every month. But I was ready to invest. Which I know a lot of people aren’t. Not only in real life, also in the game. And then I had enough cash on hand to be able to realize my jump out of the rat race.

Be at the right place at the right time – and realize it. You know, when lucks knocks at your door, be at home and open it!

Infinitetly rich

If you have more passive income (which does not contain your income from your job) than expenses, you are infintely rich. Can you see that? This is not only true in the game, it’s true in real life. Have you figured out what your monthly expenses are?

Now you know, how big your monthly passive income has to be.

Of course, a sensible person would increase their passive income first before increasing their expenses 🙂

Leaving the rat race in the Cashflow game

Anyway, I left the rat race, went onto the fast track. Bought a gold mine which turned out to be empty after all. Didn’t have money to go into the oil deal but bought a couple of businesses.

Then I had the chance to get into a TV commercial deal which I took and it was so successful that I added $50’000 extra cashflow – which is part of the goal.

Either add an extra $50’000 to your cashflow or buy your dream.

We let the others keep on playing for the practise.

Just before we had to stop the game because of the time and the restaurant closing, the lady with those shares that kept going up, was able to leave the rat race because I saw she had a bank credit that she could partiatly pay back and that made her expenses go down and that made her passive income higher than her expenses. Not by much but by enough 🙂

I think that alone made her learn a lot. It was like an eye opener.

The other guy had the money to buy something and all he needed was an extra $41 passive income but I looked into the magic glas ball and saw the next 3-4 cards were only shares and none of them he had. No passive income for him.

I moved the magic ball around a bit, shook it and woohoo a deal that would have gotten him out came up.

We had a lot of fun!

What I have learned and wittnessed so far is that often people with high paying jobs hardly ever get out of the rat race but the people with the low paying jobs usually leave the rat race even though at the beginning they think they have no chance…. I got out this time with a high paying job.

So, it is possible. No matter where you are at.

You need luck and be open to see opportunities.

I was asked how long I’ve been playing – a year or so. And has anything changed for me.

Yes, I would say so.

I’m still on the left side of the equation, but I have a toe on the right side.

Neither open nor ready

One year ago if I would have been introduced to Empower Network I would not have been open. For one thing I’d still be very focused and hopeful for my chocolate business.

And for another thing I would not have been ready to invest that kind of money into learning about internet marketing. I was still into free and cheap stuff – though obviously they didn’t help me at all.

And I was not open to invest in myself, in my self-development.

Last November I was. Open. Willing.

I saw a big deal, a chance and went all in.

I still have a (small) negative cashflow but comparing to what I’ve invested before and got out (nothing), at least I broke even with Empower Network. From now on all profit 🙂

But more importantly. I know everybody getting into this deal. Everybody being open to invest in themselves. Will succeed. It may take 90 days. It may take a year. But during that time, everybody – who wants – can learn so much. Nobody can take those skills away.

Can you learn from the Cashflow game?

In my opinion: yes! Maybe here in Switzerland you need more than $5’000 down to buy a house. Maybe to invest in shares you need a lot more knowledge. But the important thing is to see a deal. To see the potential. Of the deal. And of yourself.

Do you see the potential yet in yourself? Then come join this fast growing team of empowering networkers.

I’ll see you on top of the mountains!

from xarah with love

You owe it yourself to check it at least out.

That’s kinda new
Dec 14th, 2011 by Xarah

I am used to getting spam to old posts here on this blog. But almost a day after I posted this post (click for a new window) I started getting spam to it. That’s new. It was a new post and suddenly I don’t get any more spam on other posts. Very funny. I guess Google has found me again.

A few weeks ago someone in the blogging support Skype room shared a website where you could check your website and see how often Google visits you. This blog has not been visited in over 90 days! And I guess the Empower Network posts got Google’s attention again, because I’m getting spam.

So, getting spam means your posts and articles are indexed, at least by google, hopefully by other search engines too. That’s a good thing, right? But then, I’d rather get nice, meaningful, honest comments than 10-20 stupid spam comments. Even nicer it would be to get “leads”, people who are really interested in what I’m doing 😉

What if I could show you?

What if I could show you how to generate leads? How to sell your stuff? How to set up a system where you own your own leads instead of the company (or system you use)?

With one hour per day, you could earn – eventually – $5000 per month.

Wouldn’t you rather learn to have your own system, to keep your own leads than going pounding on your relatives, making warm and cold calls (I hate doing that), posting your flyers everywhere and in every mailbox?

Then click here. You have nothing to lose.

I’ll see you on the path to success!

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