Glossary of Success
Dec 3rd, 2014 by Xarah

glossary of success

Glossary of Success

Are you considering starting your first MLM business? Then is it helpful to understand basic direct selling jargon.

empowernetwork-banner-free-videoAffiliate: A participant in a network marketing company. Affiliates are also called consultants, independent distributors, associates, and representatives.

Auto-Ship: An automatic shipment (usually monthly) of products. Auto-ship benefits the customer who doesn’t have to remember to place a new order every month.

Auto-ship makes it unnecessary for the distributor to store a lot of inventory in their home.

Compensation Plan: The structure which determines how distributors are paid from their own sales and earn residual income from the sales of the distributors in their downline.

Downline: The people who make up your MLM network. This includes entrepreneurs you recruited or sponsored, (your frontline) and the distributors recruited by the people in your frontline, and so on down the line.

A distributor’s downline is arranged vertically by legs and horizontally by levels. Your frontline is the first level. All the recruits under one person in your frontline is a leg.

Fast Start Bonus: A one-time compensation designed to reward new distributors who start expanding their home and online businesses shortly after joining. This is not available at every Network Marketing company.

Network Marketing: Any business which allows participants to sell products or services directly to customers. Most direct marketing companies also allow participants or distributors, to recruit additional distributors. Network marketing is also called multi-level marketing (MLM), referral marketing, and direct selling.

Distributors earn income from their own sales and also from the sales of their recruits.

Residual Income: Repeating payments earned from work done one time. Some examples: a writer who receives royalties on an e-book sold on an online marketplace. A successful investor who receives stock dividends. Network Marketing is one of the best ways to create residual income streams without having to invest a lot of money up front.

Now you have learned the most important terms in MLM. Now it’s time to ask some questions, like: how much will you earn in your MLM company. Generally a traditional MLM company pays out 50% to the field but that does not mean YOU get paid 50%. You’ll probably get paid 5-10%. You can easily do the math now: how much money do you want to earn? And how many distributors/customers do you need to reach that goal?

Here’s another question I have for you: wouldn’t you rather get paid 70% commissions? Wouldn’t you rather use a system that can help build your new MLM business?

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