Crowdfunding Does Not Work
May 12th, 2016 by Xarah

$12.5 billion crowdfunded in 2014


Isn’t that an amazing number? And in 2015? Around $34.4 billion! Almost trippeled.

Here’s the infographic for these numbers.

And that’s only on platforms like Kickstarter and Indigogo where you pay a fee and have to come up with gifts and incentives for the backers.

Not to mention find your own crowd.

In these stats community crowdfunding is not counted in yet.

Crowdfunding does not work

wow_640Before I knew about Community crowdfunding somebody told me he had tried crowdfunding and found out, it doesn’t work.

He has a list of over 25’000 people to whom he sends beta version of games he programs.

One day he figured he wanted some money for all the work he’s doing and started a crowdfunding campagne on Kickstarter (I think).

He sent a message to his list of over 25’000 people asking them to back his campagne.

Now, I know you are doing the math. I mean, I did. If everybody would only donate $1 which surely everybody is able to do…

… and he only wanted $10’000…

Piece of cake, right?

He raised…


In other words: Fifty dollars!!!

Needless to say, since he didn’t reach his goal of $10’000 he didn’t even get the $50!

It’s tough to have a crowdfunding campaign that is not community based, that’s why I love ours. It’s simple to do because you don’t need a big list. Just a couple of people.

Introduce them to your campaign and explain to them that they only need two people – not a crowd.

And they don’t need a fancy, curious, wonderful, or amazing project either. Don’t we all want financial freedom? Live in a dream house? Have the choice?

I’ll happily show you my back office. Let’s talk. Hit me up on Facebook or on Skype! Or contact me via the contact from below.

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