Harness the Power of Xocai Chocolate
May 23rd, 2011 by Xarah

Chocolate Ancient Health Food It is generally acknowledged that the Mayans had the most advanced civilization on the American continent before the Spanish Conquest. They excelled in a number of areas including engineering, mathematics, architecture, and agriculture.

One of their valued crops was the equatorial cacao tree. The Mayans and the earlier Olmec civilization were the first known societies to recognize the potent nutritional properties of the cacao bean. It was regarded as a gift from the Gods and was believed to have supernatural powers. Cacao beans were used to make a bitter drink (‘xocolatl’) that was consumed for health and as part of religious ceremonies.

Dr. Steven Warren, MXI medical advisor and expert on geriatric health said, “These ancient peoples used the chocolate bean as the main ingredient in a bitter beverage revered for its nourishing qualities and ability to boost energy. It was also used to treat stomach and intestinal complaints, infections, fevers and coughs.”

Cacao beans were brought to Europe by Columbus and Cortes but, unfortunately, the nutritional makeup of chocolate products diminished with each successive processing method. The cocao beans were fermented, dried, roasted, alkalized, heated, and mixed with other ingredients such as sugar and milk. Each process kills valuable flavanoids or adds unhealthy sugar and calories.

The so-called ‘chocolate’ typically eaten all around the world has virtually no flavanoids left.

The patented Xocai cold processing method reverses centuries of chocolate manipulation and brings it back to the pure state enjoyed by the Mayans.

Xocai healthy chocolate is a natural plant-based product, not an ‘engineered’ food created in a lab.

By eating Xocai healthy chocolate in its minimally-processed state, as the Mayans did, you can also harness the power of MXI antioxidant chocolate.

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Healthy Chocolate for … ?
Nov 23rd, 2010 by Xarah

Healthy Chocolate For Zurich Switzerland Hello! My name is Xarah, and I am a chocolate specialist in the local Swiss healthy chocolate revolution.

As the world leader in healthy chocolate, and the local Swiss authority on chocolate for health, the vision of our healthy chocolate company is to transform and improve lives worldwide through healthy chocolate products. Xocai healthy chocolate provides an exciting health alternative for everyone in Switzerland, Germany and other European countries as well as a promising business opportunity for the greater EU area.

The most exciting part for me is that our company has a focus on engaging in socially and environmentally responsible practices to make and distribute our healthy chocolate products to the world.

Xocai healthy chocolate combines the wonderful flavors of unprocessed cacao, acai berries, blueberries and concord grapes, leaving my friends with a lasting and delicious, ‘dark-chocolate’ taste. Mmmm! Our healthy chocolate contains a high antioxidant content with a remarkable ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Value.

Our healthy chocolate is perfect for the ‘all-natural’ consumer. Xocai products are formulated with no added colors, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives! Ideal for the chocolate purist who wants nothing but the raw, high-antioxidant ingredients or for our energy enthusiasts who want nothing holding them back from an exciting healthy life!

Give me a call if you are interested in learning more about how healthy chocolate can be for you. You can reach me on my Contact page.

Thanks for stopping by my Healthy Chocolate Website.


Jeanette Brooks – Testimonial
Nov 9th, 2010 by Xarah

My dutch friend Peter has recorded a call (don’t mind the background noises) with Jeanette Brooks. This woman touches me everytime I hear her. He even met her when MXI opened Norway. It’s about half an hour. If you know anybody who wants to lose weight or is obese, pass this video on to them. They will be thankful to you for ever!

If it does not “run” smoothly, you might want to let it load for a minute or two.

Xocai Weight Loss with Raw Unprocessed Chocolate. Since 16 Aug 2010 a new high antioxidant X Protein Meal with 50.000 ORAC a DAY. See for more info and pilot study with Dr Steve Warren.

Get back to me after you’ve listened to it all. Let’s talk about it.

Free Radicals
Nov 7th, 2010 by Xarah

X Protein MealshakeFree radicals actually stimulate pathways in the body that convert food to fat. Fat cells in the body produce inflammatory chemicals which can prevent sugars from being utilized properly . . . so you wind up with higher blood sugar . . . which converts to fat. Each fat cell in your body is like a chemical factory set up to produce . . . more fat cells! What a horrible, vicious cycle! Antioxidant rich foods are vital in interrupting that unhealthy cycle.

The importance of antioxidants in a weight management system can’t be overemphasized because the process of losing weight actually releases more free radicals into your body than normal. Free radicals are those “bad guys” that are linked to everything from heart disease to cancer, neuronal degeneration and aging–aka wrinkles.

Antioxidants are measured on the ORAC scale. This scale measures how well a food mops up the free radicals in the blood stream. When you eat the best, antioxidant dense foods, you’re energetic, and you feel strong, focused, and empowered to continue to eat healthfully.

The new MXI product X Protein Meal Replacement is a high-antioxidant product. I have gotten 2 bags from a friend who came to my country. I am through both bags now I have to find someone else who either visits the US (not traveling) or lives there and is visiting my country – and is willing to bring me another bag and they are not small… 1.5 kilos 🙂

Of course we all here in Europe hope it’ll be available for us soon, too.

I have not lost that much weight as other people but others have noticed and asked me if I had lost weight. Maybe it does not show on the scale but on the looks. Also those black slacks I wear for choir events didn’t fit that tight as they used to.

Get back to me if you want to know more about this X Protein high-antioxidant meal replacement. Have I mentioned that it tastes yummy? Kinda chocolatey and I can add frozen summer fruits like any kind of berries. Reminding me of those wonderful summer days…

Xocai Weight Loss Tour
Sep 26th, 2010 by Xarah

B E   T H E R E !!!


Reno, NV – October 4
Tempe, AZ – October 5
Portland, OR – October 6
Coeur d’Alene, ID – October 7
Salt Lake City / Sandy, UT – October 8
Costa Mesa, CA October 9


Lafayette, IN – October 12
Morristown, TN October 13
Atlanta, GA – October 14
Orlando, FL – October 15
Denver, CO – October 16

Chocolate Tasting II
Jun 2nd, 2010 by Xarah

choc-biteThis time it was a lot better which was to expect. I went over the video to analyze myself and the reactions because your mind can play tricks on you. One of the guests had left later than I would have thought. And I went over my notes, listened to the audio of Kerry Dean’s Chocolate Tastings again. And practised my notes several times.

I also added a louder voice over track to the video and was able to cut and move the audio tracks so they matched the images better. It’s almost perfect now 🙂

The first person who had signed into the attendance sheet did not show up, in fact she crossed her self out. Good thing two others had signed in, one with a guest. As I arrived someone left and I talked to her and she was really tempted to come but I guess thought about it differently.

So, I had 4 guests. And at the end 2 of them bought a 14-day trial bag. I bought orange ones because the Viva Center is held in Orange.

dance1My first income with Xocai Healthy Chocolate!

Next week I’m going to target the other Viva Centers because I have a gift to bring them: an extra income source and healthy chocolate. Today though I’m going to concentrate on things that I have neglected lately:

  • Mail (scattered on the floor)
  • Cutting a video from the courtyard singing, uploading and adding to our homepage
  • And while that is rendering I have some fanfiction to upload and add some of them to the Weekly Chakram. Been lucky, there had been some really good ones among them lately
  • And I have to open the WINning Sisters Skype room at 6.30, at 7.30 the German Xocai Webinar, at 9 an important Xocai call with my upline Paula Pritchard

Have a sweet day!

My First Chocolate Tasting
May 31st, 2010 by Xarah

choc-biteHad my first chocolate tasting on Wednesday at 1 am. It was great, thrilling and disappointing.

It was great, because everybody showed up and listened. It was great because they asked questions.

It was thrilling because this was the first chocolate tasting in Switzerland as far as I know.

And it was disappointing because nobody jumped on board. They all wanted to buy chocolate which I thought i was not allowed. And I was not even able to finish the presentation acording to my notes. Good thing I recorded it all on video so I could go back and analyse it all.

I learned that evening that I can sell chocolates I’m just not allowed to place it in stores which I would want anyways.

I called them all back up and no surprise really, they all declained. Still have not been able to reach one.

Next one is tomorrow at 8 pm. Will be better prepared. The sound of the video is louder and I think better matching. I will have little bags with chocolate to sell. Right now, I’m working on my notes.

Wish me luck!


Snowborders Flying High
Jan 11th, 2010 by Xarah

I have now over 500 views to my Xe contest video. That makes around 50 per day. Not bad! Thanks to all my internet, twitter, skype, facebook, email and myspace friends.

Thanks for watching and clicking on the link in the video 😉

Bitter Chocolate
Nov 19th, 2009 by Xarah

Today I have been already eating several pieces of Xobiotic and while I just finished editing a story I wrote I craving over came me and I just felt I needed an abundance of Chocolate. I have been working on this story for hours the day before yesterday and today it feels like I’ve been working on it for the whole day.

I felt like I need a pot full chocolate so I could constantly grab some and I remembered that Cailler sent me their newest creation because I am on their list due to a little online event they had last year.

Anyways, I put it in my mouth and my whole face crunched up. Yuck! It’s 80% cacao (it says) but it’s really kind of bitter, not sweet at all.

Maybe Xocai chocolate contains less than 80% of cacao but I believe it would not taste as bitter as this one even if it did.

People really pay to eat that kind of bitter and not yummy tasting chocolate? More than once?

To healthy, yummy tasting Chocolate!
Xarah Signatura

Healthy Energy Drink
Nov 15th, 2009 by Xarah

xe-drinkI am extremely excited about MXI’s upcoming Xe Healthy Energy Drink.

As the world’s only energy drink containing the antioxidant power of cacao, Xe also features açaí and 12 other superfruits, all proven to provide healthy and sustainable energy.

Xe creates natural energy by including proven ingredients like Theobromine, Maca, Ginseng, Quercetin, Yerba Mate and Guarana – all-natural energy sources. Xe is impressive for what it contains.

Just as important is what it does not contain:

  • no added refined sugar or high-fructose corn syrup,
  • no added caffeine,
  • no harsh stimulants,
  • no added synthetics,
  • and no ingredient names you can’t pronounce.

Xe has an all-natural ingredient formula for unrivaled energy.

Starting on Monday, November 16th, 2009, existing USA and Canadian Associates will have the opportunity to pre-order the Xe Healthy Energy Drink. All pre-orders will be shipped on the official Xe Launch date of Monday, December 7th, 2009.

Join now because as a new MXI Associates you will have the opportunity to purchase Xe on your activation orders starting on Monday, December 7th, 2009.

Just as we created the Healthy Chocolate Industry, we are now transforming energy drinks by offering the first truly healthy energy drink product. Like our other healthy chocolate products, Xe is in a class of its own. No other energy drink can offer the same level of sustained, all-natural energy to fuel the aggressive lifestyle you want. Discover your potential! And get in touch with me!

Go faster, feel better, experience more!


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