Antioxidants explained
Aug 14th, 2010 by Xarah

kopfhoererKerry talks to Paula Pritchard about the new weight loss program Xocai is introducing and she also explains Antioxidants – much better than I ever could.

I wanted to add the audio here but the upload is limited to 2 MB, so I had to upload it onto one of my other sites.

😉 you can also download it there and listen to it at your leisure.

Antioxidants Explained – an Audio

Audio Xena Fanfiction
Oct 8th, 2009 by Xarah

sociallife-fanfictionI have my own Xena Fanfiction site about 3 years now. And about half a year ago – the garden season had just started – I had the idea to start an Audio Fanfiction site.

It did how ever take me all spring and summer to come to finally creating the website, the logo, the name and of course recording some stories.

I am now telling all my Xena fan friends about it. And some of them are busy telling their friends, because they get a cool commission if they do.

But mostly, it’s about fun.

Like today I was listening to a new recording, my friend Sue did for me. And I was laughing out loud at some point and from there on I must have a had the biggest smile on my lips. And a bit later I spontaneously said: by the gods!

That’s all ok, if you are at home, or alone between flowers and weeds in your garden. But I was actually walking to the post office!

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