21 Day Blogging Challenge
Jan 2nd, 2015 by Xarah

21 Day Blogging Challenge

21-day-blogging-challengeWhen I first started with Empower Network soon they were talking about a 90 day blogging challenge. Without prizes and nobody „controlled“ whether you did it.

More over, nobody told us to share our blog posts. Back in those days I had not discovered the Facebook groups yet and I don’t think anybody else in the company/team did.

Eventually people did discover the Facebook groups. They even discovered that you can send a 3-line message via email to about 300 groups at once!

Then they shared this strategy and more people started doing it.

Eventually Facebook black listed and banned the Empower Network domain. Though I recently discovered the banning was lifted.

Now, there are syndication groups, more and more you have to comment on other people’s blogs in order to share your blog which I think is a really good idea. I did the same for my syndication group.

For one you get to see other peoples blogs (the layout and all) and for the other you see what kind of content they share, what kind of call to action they use.

Especially for a beginner that’s awesome, if you see something you like, you can use it (steal, model…). And it gives you ideas.

Comments are key nowadays for ranking on mighty Google. But they should be related to the blog post. All those spammy comments I get on my (your ordinary WordPress blog with a really old theme but I like it so I’m keeping it as long as it works) are no use. So I rather delete them. But at least it tells me that particular blog post got indexed on Google 🙂

21 Day Blogging Challenge

After about 2 years I think I had about 600 blog posts. But no comments. No wonder, eh?

I started last year in December to be more active in those syndication groups. Commenting on 3-5 blog posts and now also getting comments. Getting read, you know?

Now, this new 21 day blogging challenge that started on the 29th, or the 31st – depending whom you ask – is different. There is a group specifically for this (though it seems people are only posting the link and not commenting).

Apparently the new Kalatu blogging platform is counting the posts, too.

I’m still on the old „Blogbeast“ so there is no counting. Only I count 🙂

The question is, should I start a new blog for this, with a new topic? Or just pick one of the half dozen that I already have (on the same platform), or my Xarahsblog?

For now I’m posting winter pics on this blog here. But I also have a passion blog: Xena Warrior Princess (a TV show in the 90ties). Even though the show has been off the air (but for reruns) for over 15 years, the community is still going strong. And have annual events. Though the rumor has it, this year (February) is going to be the last one. But then, the organizers said the same 4-5 years ago.

Anyway, I have added some content to that blog but not regularly. I’ve decided to use my passion blog for the 21 day challenge and add every day something. Music videos. Pictures from my trip to New Xeland and visit of the set. I just have to go hunt those pics down. LOL

The trip happened in the last century, pre-digitized and pre-smartphone times. Hm, where did I put those pictures….

But I also want to add content to this here blog, maybe every other day.

Let’s see how that goes.

I’ve read an ebook about the amazing traffic vortex, I guess that’ll be the next post to write about. Interesting concept.

Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

Cheers, Xarah

PS: If you don’t have an Empower blog yet, click here to get one, try it for $7 bucks now. Non-techy people love it. Even techy people like it. And the new blogging platform is probably going to blow me out of my warm cozy socks. The issue is not you already having a blog, the issue is, is it making you money yet?

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