Selfie Infographic
June 3rd, 2014 by Xarah

A Brief History Of The Selfie

Guess which celebrity ranks No. 1 on most selfies posted to Twitter? Hint: She just shared one late last week
showing off how long her hair has gotten …

Find out the answer and more surprising #selfie facts in the infographic below.




A self-shot photo usually taken with a mobile phone and posted online to social media sites.

Self-documentation. Self-expression. Self-obsession. Whatever you think of today’s increasingly common
self-photos, “selfie” captures it all. From their humble beginnings as high-angle snapshots posted on MySpace –
often taken in their subjects’ bathrooms – selfies have grown into a viral phenomenon that’s sweeping the web.

These simple self-photos flourish at the nexus of popular high-quality camera phones, easy-to-use photo editing apps
for smartphones and ubiquitous mobile social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Together, all of these
technologies have provided fertile ground for the web’s latest self-indulgence: taking the perfect picture of your face,
for your friends, fans, and followers.

Source if you want to read more about Selfies.

When you post a Selfie (a picture of yourself…) remember to add the hashtag (#) to the word Selfie.


I have posted some on my Facebook wall 🙂

Here’s basically my first selfie that I took on purpose. Andrew Smith in the background was telling us about this
new trend. And I figured, let me do one 🙂 as in learn – do – teach. And while he talked I uploaded it to Facebook.

selfie jtfoxx-event xarah-dax

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