Round Robin Holiday Greeting Videos
November 29th, 2011 by Xarah

SOCIAL SHARE PROJECT for Skypers, Bloggers, YouTube & Video Maketers and Social Sharers:

Julie Wolf and I have planned a wonderful Holiday video project you may want to participate in to build your brand and business.

… To learn an easy video making method as part of a traffic getting social share project in her  YouTube Video  Skype Room watch the video. Do give us a Like on YouTube while you’re at it please.

If you want to join in, just watch this video

Schedule Benchmarks for the next Project for Dec 24th – Christmas Eve

A Holiday Video Greeting

* Nov 29th
* Dec 13th
* Dec 20th
* Dec 24th


Nov 29th –


1) Plan video project, whose in?  make teams maybe?, answer questions, get started. Xarahs and my how to video links go here…

a) Example Video Link circle Series on Gratutude and ThanksGiving
b) How to Join Skype Room YouTube & Animoto Video Social Share Club Link Circle Learning Project
c) (*)  The Jing Video that shows a bit what you can do with Animoto:

The Result:

(*) How to export from Animoto to Youtube, add anotation (link for Round Robin)
(there is a long pause, i had thought i had paused it but it kept running

(*) How to do a playlist on Youtube:

Other video I put in my Animoto Skype room just a quick test
this is a video mixed with photos and video clips done with a video cam

2) Make a free account with Animoto
Free Animoto account give you 30 second videos.
and if you dont have one yet, a YouTube account too. It’s free.

3) Share videos and how to info, how to get images, video clips, watch my how-to video, Julie’s how-to-perticipate video

Dec 6th –


1_ start for those who blog… a draft blog post (choose tags, keywords and make an outline)

2_ Collect images into a folder for this project. Chose your main topic.

3_ Make Animoto Video

4_Optional – Finish blog posts with images and place to embed your YouTube video

Dec 13th –


1_ Make video if you haven’t and upload to YouTube (and embed in blog post), you might want to “not list” it yet until you were able to link to your Round Robin Buddy.

2_ Make Links in your videos to join the link circle togther – Anotation Notes! Link to partner and get linked to from another partner. (I guess we need 3 people teams min. to partner with). We will agree in the Skype room who will link to whom.

3_  one of 2 last chances to link into a team … who are your 2 partners?

Dec 20th –

1_ Link to each others video and list it in your youtube channel. Feature it.

2_Makes video responses for those who wish to

3_  Absolute last chance to link into a team …
who are your 2 partners?  Last chance to link in… this is easy and powerful and creative and fun… don’t miss it!

4_ Send traffic – Holiday Greetings via internet

Send Holiday Greetings

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Social networks
  • Bookmarks
  • Squidoo
  • Skype of course… (mood message, auto-replay)
  • Video-Emails
  • Emails
  • Blogging!

Dec 23 or 24th –


Go crazy with sending traffic to your Holiday Video. Let us know about any other traffic method you use.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Social networks and bookmarks, Squidoo, etc, and  … Skype of course…
  • Skype Share Options:
  1. Skype profile : Skype Mood message next to your picture and About.
  2. Skype auto-reply for When offline or Away skype status
  3. Skype message send holiday greeting in rooms and in pms, use xsky or message magic to your permission lists!
  4. Want a Skype training webinars from for the next few weeks? When?

That’s it. Care to join in? Come to our Skype Video room!

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