Rich Dad Poor Dad
May 10th, 2011 by Xarah

Saw the book in the shelf of a friend two weeks ago and opened it randomly. What I read kinda scared me because real estate is not something I understand and I’m sure it’s different in my country, we are renters 😉 Investing is even worse.

I put the book away.

And picked it up again because it kept nudging me. And I started properly at the beginning and was hooked. I went to the bookstore on Monday and ordered it. Picked it up on Friday and finished reading it on Sunday. Started reading it again on Monday

What I got out of it so far:

Things like millions and billions of dollars just vanishing make suddenly sense because Robert says in his book, money is an illusion. It’s made of thin air. We can “make” money.

I also understand more about cash flow. Will real estate and investing be the real thing for me? Maybe I’ll dabble with it but first I need to create a cashflow. And in my opinion, Network Marketing is the easiest way.

Lesson 3 talks about taking care of your own business even when you have a job or especially when you have a job. Most people have not understood this yet. Their job is not secure.

I just talked to my upline with the healthy pet food (even if I don’t promote it activily anymore, I help her with her Social Media needs). She told me about a new guy in her organization. She went out with him to a potential customer who did order. He saw it works but he told her he might not continue because he got a job that pays him 6000.-.

That’s not bad but how much tax will he pay? How much will be left at the end of the month? Why does he not continue the business in his spare time? He has loads of contacts. He does not know how long he can keep the job or if the business closes. But he thinks his job is the solution, it’s secure. Network Marketing is for just “in case I don’t get the job.” We don’t get it.

And then I was thinking loud.

I spend about 100.- on cat food per month (food, goodies and litter). If I had customers worth of 2000.- I would have a cashflow of 300.- (because I’d get 400.- bonus from the company, not bad, hu?). This money I could invest in investment fonds or in advertising and increase my cash flow. Or in the chocolate. Interesting. Kinda starts my mind going, no running…

But I want to concentrate on conquering Switzerland with a product that 9 of 10 people love and 50% cannot live without. Better figure the numbers out for my chocolate LOL

Anyway. I hope I made myself clear. Probably not. Read the book 😉

Take care of your business, whether or not you have a job.

Can’t wait to play the game on Thursday. I’ll surely blog about that, too. Watch out!

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