Pay It Forward?
April 4th, 2016 by Xarah

Does pay it forward still “work”?


Or is it an outdated idea?

The idea is to give first and then be open to receive.

I have found an easy way to receive a lot of money – if you give first!

Have you heard about crowdfunding? It’s THE modern way to get funds.

First you donate to my project and then you are in the position to add your own project and get your own donations.

What if you don’t know a lot of people? You only need to know two – not like in most of the other crowdfunding agencies where you have to find your crowd!denver2013-crowd-on-stage

And most people just don’t have access to that many people…

We simply help each other building our crowds because we have a closed 2er matrix in place.

Now, if somebody knows more than two people, maybe they  have a large downline in a Network Marketing company and it would help them all to have

  1. more income and
  2. a second income leg

they can bring their whole team here because it’s not Network Marketing and everybody will benefit.

easy crowdfunding

Help me with my project and I will help with yours. Click the banner above.

from Xarah with Love


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