Euro 12.5 Billion Crowdfunded in 2014
Apr 8th, 2016 by Xarah


Euro 12.5 Billion Crowdfunded in 2014

Do you know this?

In 2014, 2.5 billion euro has been crowdfunded in Europe.

For a growing number of projects and businesses, crowdfunding is an important source of funding. Worldwide, 12.5 billion euro has been crowdfunded in 2014.

Because seems like old data, I googled and found $34.4 billion were raised through crowdfunding in 2015.

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How Does Crowdfunding Work?
Apr 7th, 2016 by Xarah

What is Crowdfunding and How Does It Work?

This short animated video shows you what Crowdfunding is, and how Crowdfunding works.

It’s easier than you think to start your own Crowdfunding project.

With the idea of “pay it forward”, you simply donate first to a project (in this case mine or into my crowd) which gives you the right to have your own project platform.

You don’t even have to produce a video or come up with lots of photos or images.

It’s really easy. Take a look at my Crowdfunding project. There you will also find the form to start your own. Send me a message at any time when you have a question.

Crowdfunding is a lot of fun!

Having fun while having a life

Having fun while having a life

Pay It Forward?
Apr 4th, 2016 by Xarah

Does pay it forward still “work”?


Or is it an outdated idea?

The idea is to give first and then be open to receive.

I have found an easy way to receive a lot of money – if you give first!

Have you heard about crowdfunding? It’s THE modern way to get funds.

First you donate to my project and then you are in the position to add your own project and get your own donations.

What if you don’t know a lot of people? You only need to know two – not like in most of the other crowdfunding agencies where you have to find your crowd!denver2013-crowd-on-stage

And most people just don’t have access to that many people…

We simply help each other building our crowds because we have a closed 2er matrix in place.

Now, if somebody knows more than two people, maybe they  have a large downline in a Network Marketing company and it would help them all to have

  1. more income and
  2. a second income leg

they can bring their whole team here because it’s not Network Marketing and everybody will benefit.

easy crowdfunding

Help me with my project and I will help with yours. Click the banner above.

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WF FB Challenge
Jan 1st, 2016 by Xarah

Worum geht es hier in unserer FB-Challange?

Wir brauchen Aufmerksamkeit, Aufmerksamkeit, Aufmerksamkeit.

Nichts posten oder nur mal ab und zu bringt 0 Interesse, Aufmerksamkeit, Partner.

Daher sind wir gestern auf folgende Idee gekommen:

Mik postet in unserer Skypegruppe täglich eine neue Facebook Gruppe, in die wir einen Post einstellen. Das kann die eigene Landingpage (die Anet erstellt hat) sein oder noch besser die Landingpage eines Downliners, um dann zu zeigen: “Hey schau, ich mach aktiv was für meine Partner” – was sehr sehr gut ankommt.

Dann sendet man diesen Post unter “Teilen” als “Nachricht senden an” an sich selbst, um damit einen richtigen Link zu haben. Den hat man dann oben in der URL-Zeile.

Oder man klickt auf die Zeit/Datum, dann öffnet sich der Post separat und hat auch den Link.

Diesen Link postet man in der Skypegruppe und bittet die anderen, seinen/ihren Post zu liken, kommentieren und/oder zu teilen.

Wirksame Kommentare sind z.B: “bitte PN!”
Damit zeigen wir, dass wir mehr Infos dazu haben wollen und andere wollen diese auch!

Oder man stellt eine Frage, der Poster hat dann die Möglichkeit, diese zu beantworten.

Dazu muss man dann natürlich auch wirklich allen eine PN (private Nachricht) schicken und sie ins persönliche Gespräch bringen. That’s it!

Das Ziel

Wenn wir das geballt täglich in verschiedenen Gruppen tun und uns somit gemeinsam und gegenseitig pushen, haben wir alle Erfolg!

Das Ziel ist Aufmerksamkeit. Posten und teilen alleine bringt noch keine Partner, aber Aufmerksamkeit. Wenn jemand über ein Thema immer mal wieder was sieht, will er irgendwann mal mehr wissen. Mit den PN’s kommt man ins Gespräch.

Uwe empfiehlt auch mal nur einen Text mit einem Bild zu posten. Der Text sollte mit einer Frage enden. Schau dir mal eine Anzahl Posts in der Gruppe an, und mache das Gegenteil. Der Link folgt dann via PN.

Sortieren, Organsieren, CRM

Mit dem Chrome-Plugin Social CRM kannst du die Leute, die schon bei WF sind, markieren.

Siehe den roten Schalter.

Das siehst nur du. Beim nächsten Mal, weisst du, schon, das ist ein Welfunder.

Falls du einen Kommentator nicht in der Skypegruppe findest, schau seine FB-Wall an. Ist er schon bei WF?

Falls nicht, sprich ihn an. Beantworte seine Frage. Frage ihn etwas.

Und sehr wahrscheinlich macht es Sinn, den Link deines Posts mit seiner/ihrer Frage mit in die Antwort zu posten.



Top Business Of The Century
Oct 11th, 2015 by Xarah


Top Business Of The Century

Top Business Of The Century In Denver

“What is the business of the 21st Century?” Network Marketing!

Bestselling author (“Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” “Cashflow Quadrant”) and wealth-building expert Robert Kiyosaki’s latest book is called “The Business of the 21st Century.” In it, Kiyosaki makes the case that today’s MLMs are the business of the century because they create genuine wealth.

Kiyosaki points out that wealth and money are not the same thing. “Money is what you earn; wealth is what you build.” The people who understand the difference between money and wealth work to build assets, not merely earn income. A business becomes an asset when it generates income even when the owner is not working.

A network marketing business is an asset, not just a job. Assets create wealth for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I am Xarah Dax working in Switzerland, yet because of the computer and the internet worldwide. I invite you to create your own wealth-building asset by joining my network marketing team sharing a blogging platform and internet education on the online marketplace.

Think about it: Network marketing turns something you already have (a network) into a money making asset. Here is the formula for success:

Your network + a quality product (the Kalatu blogging platform) + your time, effort, and skills + my support and training = an income-generating asset!

If you are an entrepreneur but your current venture is not generating passive income, I would invite you to learn more about my wealth-building opportunity. My phone number is +41763848774 (my cell phone number in Switzerland and my email address and social media profiles you can find here.

The information from Robert T. Kiyosaki’s new book was taken from an article he wrote for Direct Selling News entitled “Network Marketing: The Business of the 21st Century.” It appeared in the April 2010 issue.

Join my Team today!

from Xarah with Love




Experience Residual Income
Jul 7th, 2015 by Xarah

Residual Income Business Xobiotic

Welcome to my home business ideas blog. My name is Xarah Dax and I am a network marketer based in Switzerland. I sell a blogging platform and educational products in European area and well… all over the world really, because the whole business model is based online.

I am a firm believer in the direct selling business model. Unlike traditional retail sales, my profits are not decimated by middlemen. Network marketing businesses are flexible and can operate with very little overhead. What’s more, I earn commissions from the sales generated by my awesome ‘sales’ team. It’s a win-win set-up: the distributors in my organization succeed together.

If you have never experienced a residual income business, now is the time to get started. Imagine a business that provides you with income streams that continue producing even when you are not working. When you set up regular Kalatu customers, the monthly transactions operate like a well-oiled machine.

Don’t get me wrong – you will have to put many hours and considerable effort up front, but I am confident that your hard work will pay off.

To learn more about Kalatu, network marketing, online e-tailing, or residual income, call me today on my cell phone +41763848774. Thanks for stopping by my blog.



Stay-At-Home Parents Earn Cash In The EU With Kalatu Blogging
Jul 5th, 2015 by Xarah

Work at home business EU

Many stay-at-home parents in the EU and USA area have been able to boost their income with their own home based business.

If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad in the EU, you may be having trouble managing on your spouse’s paycheck. If you are looking for a way to supplement your household income without going to work outside the home, I may be able to help.

My name is Xarah Dax and I sell the Kalatu blogging platform from my Zurich home.

Entrepreneurship through a home business benefits your finances in several ways because you can:

  • Earn money from the sales of the blogging platform Kalatu and other internet based products
  • Earn commissions from the sales of your blogging platform team members
  • Avoid day care expenses
  • Avoid commuting expenses
  • Take advantage of home office tax write-offs
  • Gain valuable business and sales experience

To learn how to earn extra cash from your UK or Zurich home, click on the link and watch the free video.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to blog yet. You will learn. And it’s easier than you might think. And a lot of people want to have such a blogging platform to boost their business.

Xarah Dax

PS: Search engines link Google loves blogs.

On Instagram
Jun 9th, 2015 by Xarah

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my instagrams

Allright, I’m on Instagram.

I’ve had the account for a little while but finally decided to learn more about it. I searched my computer via Spotlight (Mac-Users know what I mean and actually found an email from somebody with a familiar name from the company I’m with and decided to watch it. Though I had thought the Instagram training would be by her, it wasn’t but the lady who did it, share a whole lot of information and I took 7 pages of notes.

And I started to upload images. This is the first I’ve done with her tips. Got on and added their widget to this blog of mine. You can see the latest pics here on this page and also in the navigation bar on the left.

Now, I’m off to go through my notes and add Apps to my phone. I’ve been to Venice Italy, and also on a day trip more or less through the grape vines of Wallis. So I have lots of pics on my phone.

And I most probably will share more of what I discover.

Please herz heartand comment the photos and #follow me I will #followback

Life is Better Working At Home
May 20th, 2015 by Xarah

Life is Better Working At Home In Denver

If you don’t have your own home business yet, you must have a great corporate job. If that’s not the case and you need to supplement your income, why not consider an easy home business?

Think of all the pros of running a business in your  home! You will save on gas if you don’t need to commute. (That’s a significant source of savings right there.) You can write off some of your mortgage or rent. You can set your own hours and be your own boss. Sound good?

If you have decided to launch your own home business, the next step is choosing which one. I suggest a direct selling business. Today’s MLMs are much better than the companies of the past. It has never been easier to run an MLM from your home.

Most of the current network marketing companies don’t require affiliates to purchase large inventories. You can buy product as you go and you won’t need to take out a loan to start your company.

I am a home based business owner with a large online network marketing business. If you are unsure about MLMs, give me a call and I will give you the straight story.

Xarah Dax
+41763848774 (CELL) or xarah.dax at


Call me at +41763848774 or send me a text message to own your own online business where ever you live. Or leave a comment.

Can Your Home Business Customers Contact You?
May 13th, 2015 by Xarah

Can Your Eaglewood Home Business Customers Contact You? Welcome entrepreneurs! If you would like to contact me, here is my information:

Empowered Networker Xarah Dax
in Switzerland
+41763848774 (cell phone)   xarah.dax at

The reason I included my contact info at the beginning of this post is because today’s article discusses the importance of accessibility.

Your contact information is probably the most important thing to include in your Colorado small business communications. I am surprised, however, at how many Eaglewood home business owners don’t understand this simple fact. Neglecting the most basic things can cause major problems for anyone: Eaglewood home business owners as well as presidential candidates.

Those of you who are old enough to recall the 2000 US presidential election may remember how the layout of the Florida state ballots confused some voters and was a complicating factor in the recount. (Remember the hanging chads?) I doubt that the candidates worried about the design of each state ballot. However, all the campaigning in the world is wasted if the voters can’t figure out how to cast a vote for you. Likewise, all the internet marketing in the world won’t bring you sales if your internet business customers can’t contact you.

ListPipe, the corporate blogging experts point out that many Eaglewood home business blog visitors only enter your site to quickly copy your contact information. Make sure your Xophoria customers can easily copy and paste your email address and/or phone number into their contact formats.

Now consider the other side of the coin: how can you easily get your customers’ information? Many Eaglewood internet marketers use built-in contact forms that automatically capture your customer’s information and email it to you. If you are not currently using content forms, you may want to take a look at them.

Operating a successful Eaglewood business depends to a large extent on paying attention to the simple things. If you would like more tips, give me a call at +41763848774. That’s +41763848774. Or email xarah.dax at That’s xarah.dax at I am Xarah Dax.

Join today!


Call me at +41763848774 or send me a text message to own your own Xophoria business in Denver, Aurora, Glendale, or Eaglewood.

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