Not losing any weight
August 12th, 2010 by Xarah

X Protein Meal Replacement ShakeI just got weighed and measured at the Viva Center and compared to the first measurement last December I did not lose any weight, I actually gained weight!

The first read of fat/BMI showed less! So figured, I lost fat and put on muscles. But the measurer said, BMI always is higher if weight is higher. Pants!

I have started to eat more protein (not meat though), bought a protein drink and take it twice a day, yet I put on weight. Of course the last measuring has been 9 months ago, so I might have lost and just put on a bit again, or I had put on a lot and lost a lot just not back to the same numbers.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the new X Protein Meal Replacement Shake from Xocai! Friends who are going to visit Switzerland will bring me two bags. Anybody coming to visit?

And have I mentioned that’s not only based on chocolate but it’s high in Antioxidants.

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