Momentum – Add-on – Review
October 17th, 2014 by Xarah

chrome addon momentum

This is a Cool Add-on

Momentum for Chrome

Momentum is an add-on for Chrome, of course free.

Every morning when you open Chrome you will see a new photo. A beautiful landscape.

The first time you type in your name.

And every day, the first time you open Chrome, you type in the goal for today, or what you want to focus on today.

Every time you open a new tab or window, you will see that photo, your name, and your goal for the day.

In the bottom right corner you have a „Todo“ button. There you can add some to-dos for the day.

In the top right corner you see the weather and temperature.

This is really a cool and fun plugin. Thank you Debbie for sharing this with us.

It helps me to think for a minute about my today’s goal 🙂

My name is Xarah and I work from home. I help people to create a monthly passive income.

Find me on Facebook, and leave a comment on how you like this cool addon called Momentum.

from Xarah with Love


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2 Responses  
  • JulieWolf SkypeCoach (@skypetip) writes:
    October 24th, 201412:44 pmat

    very good idea! I think I want it. Thanks for sharing it Xarah. Where was it in one of my Skype rooms someone just talked about needing to focus to get things done. I think this would help! and your Covert Conversations plugin is working well. Awesome.

  • Catherine White writes:
    October 18th, 20144:48 amat

    This sounds like a very useful tool for anyone who gets sidetracked during their day.
    Thanks for sharing.

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