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September 18th, 2011 by Xarah

Since the last post I had decided on a topic: chocolate (doh) LOL I was first going for “internet security and online fraud” because of what had happened to me a few weeks ago (also an awesome blog post) or “women going into their menopause phase” because of what’s happening to me right now, but I actually stumble over lots of content on chocolate that way lieing in my computer collecting dust. I took them out and shook them out.

Ok, topic down. Membership yes or no? I went for yes. I set up the plugin and the settings, added some pages and posts and spent quit a long time figuring out why the contact form was not showing up anymore. It was “protected”. Well, at one point I decided if someone wants to get in touch with me, they just have to sign up.

Membership question down.

Free or not free. I decided free because this is not something someone would pay for and my goal was – after all – to get them on the site and maybe descover healthy chocolate and go and buy.

Payment question down.

Three down! WOOHOO! Then I set up a google campagne. I don’t see any ads on chocolate, two for chocolate molds but none is mine. I wonder why I don’t see my ads. Oh, maybe because Google knows I’m not in one of the countries I chose. Duh! Revelations while I write this post.

Ok, two or days the google ad is up and I have one click! It’s Sunday morning and I decide to undo the membership part. The main reason for that site is to draw chocolate lovers in and have them find healthy chocolate to draw customers.

Imagine my surprise when I logged into my chocolate blog/membership site and found I had hardly any options. I also realised I must have put myself as member which only gave me what members had. And the next point made my decision to take down the membership part: as a member I had access to the membership plugin and could see who was a member and all.

Disabled and deactivate. Done.

Oh, you want to go have a look? Here you go: Chocolates Are Good 4 You. Tell your friends 😉

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  • Teresiz (Terry) Lewis writes:
    September 18th, 201110:46 pmat

    I strongly agree. I go to google and type free well you get free download and pay for the rest. I really like your blog. It funny but helpful. Thank you!

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