Jane Arrives
February 4th, 2010 by Xarah

Back in the lobby, chatting with other Xenites, passing my cards for my fanfiction site, laughing with them. It’s great! I’m having my notebook open, letting in work (sending out message for my Youtube contest video) and keep on checking my cell phone – still no message from Jane. She should have been here by now.

Suddenly a woman was standing next to me asking me if I was from Switzerland. Didn’t think my accent was that thick I said yes. I offered her a seat and she sat down and introduced herself. Surprise! It was Jane!

Because she had left her cell phone in her car when she parked her car at the airport she could not reply and when she came to the lobby she heard me talk and pass out cards so she took a wild guess 🙂

She checked in, we got our room number and I went to get my stuff. My suitcase, my back pack AND the huge box.

I had ordered several of the Xocai products and they had arrived a few hours before Jane arrived. Mainly the Protein bars, Powerhouse Cookies and the variety pack with all four of the solid chocolates.
That new room was on the 8th floor, nice view.
After unpacking and sharing some of my goodies we went back to the lobby. There was not much else to do.

Jane and I had dinner in the Champion Restaurant. A sports bar with several dozen TVs in all sizes. I had a yummy mushroom burger and fries (seems fries come with every- and anything).

We’ve talked a lot and she’s a real nice gal. I think I got lucky with her as my roomie.

After dinner it was time to stand in line to get pre-registered. I went to the room and got a bunch of my cards and went through the line to pass them out. I hadn’t even been through half of it when I ran out of cards and had to get more. Wow, so many people!

Some of them recognized my name and are members of my Weekly Chakram. It was really great to see them but I figured I would see them again, I didn’t spend much time chatting which turned out to be a mild mistake because of the many people I did not see them again. Plus I don’t see well and therefore often don’t recognize people unless they address me. So I apologize if I didn’t say hi again.

On one of my trips to the room I discovered my cycle had started. I had seen Sonja in the line before and I seeked her out. She an Austrian friend I had met in London and asked her if she had any supply. She did and we went to her room, we suddenly had a tag-along and of course we sat there on the beds and chatted.

A little later more of Sonja’s friends with her room mate showed up. But because I really wanted to get back to my room I didn’t stay too much longer but long enough for one of them giving me her “preferred customer for Friday pass” because she had gotten another one for the whole weekend. THANK YOU WHO EVER YOU ARE!! I gave her a Xocai Powerhouse cookie for it. We were both happy.

Good thing Aunt Rosa came for a visit, hu?

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