It’s OK To Fail
December 22nd, 2014 by Xarah



82% of the people who do graduate never work in the profession or field they went to college for.

They fail.

Sad truth.

In this industry, network marketing, affiliate marketing, direct sales, it’s ok to fail. You know? It’s not ok to give up your dreams, by the way, just wanted to throw that in 🙂

It’s ok to “fail” and join another business and try it there.

It’s ok to have been in more than one deal.

Dave W wandered Walmart to find people to join his Amway business for 3,5 years! Because his upline kept telling him, talk to just one more person when ever he asked them what to do to become successful.

After 3,5 years wandering Walmart he could count 15 people in his team.

After 3,5 years having 15 people in your team is not a lot and it also does not pay a lot in a traditional network marketing deal.

It looks like he failed, doesn’t it?

What a great and cheep education though that was!

Only a few years ago, he had discovered the internet and now earns more a month than his entire extended family of over 30 people – every month.

Good thing he quit wandering Walmart, eh? And it makes for a good story.

Remember, this is an education industry. We, the good students, who are constantly open to learning will eventually be rich. Hopefully rich with money but certainly rich with knowledge and experiences.

So, what’s easier, wandering around, talking to people or studying?

Frankly, wandering around is retarded and repels the very people you want to bring into the business.

Yet, still to this day this method is being taught. Not by me though and not by the leaders in this my company.

Of course it still works – for the people who like wandering around. But what about the people who get told to wander around, talk to everybody still breathing even though they could chuck up every time they just think about it – and eventually quit this wonderful industry?

Are you done wandering around?

Ready to learn what Dave did and is doing?

Ready to see what thousands of people are discovering and finally seeing results and success?

Click here an and check it out.

And I’ll see you on the inside.

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9 Responses  
  • Sue White writes:
    December 30th, 20144:44 amat

    Missing the goal is only failure – if you don’t learn something from the experience – or you quit on yourself!

  • Steve Krivda writes:
    December 24th, 20146:20 amat

    People will identify with you more if you/when you fail and are transparent.
    love this!!

  • DrSteve writes:
    December 23rd, 201410:10 pmat

    So true, Xarah. Great success only comes from failing time and time again. The key element is not giving up! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Stephanie Arwine writes:
    December 23rd, 20143:07 pmat

    Great life lesson. Thanks for sharing

  • Sheena writes:
    December 23rd, 20149:34 amat

    i call it feedback rather than fail. =)

  • Robert Frank writes:
    December 23rd, 20145:53 amat

    Xarah,You have a really cool blog. I love the colors! I agree it is ok to fail, it’s not ok to quit. I always call it failing forward. What if you fell down when you were learning to walk and just said, guess I can’t do that and just stuck with crawling. 🙂 It’s better to get through the learning curve fast!

  • Alecia Stringer writes:
    December 23rd, 20144:14 amat

    Yes, it’s so smart not to wander around and stay totally focused and targeted.

  • Catherine White writes:
    December 22nd, 20149:28 pmat

    Failing could be the best experience some Entrepreneurs every receive.
    Not trying at all, to me, that is failure.
    I agree it’s okay to change paths in your life, as long as you are
    NOT changing your path monthly. To succeed, you must be dedicated.
    I would say 3 to 5 years was a good test of the system. If you
    aren’t making money after that, then it is probably time to move on.

    • Xarah writes:
      December 23rd, 201412:00 amat

      I totally agree with you Catherine, changing paths every month is not taking anybody anywhere. A ship without a rudder in a while sea. Dangerous.

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