Hudson Leick
February 5th, 2010 by Xarah

Hudson LeickI never seen Hudson Leick on stage before and to be honest I never even watched videos with her because I thought she was just a crazy woman. I saw Callisto in her. But I was soon to be taught differently.

Yes, she is a bit crazy – on stage. She can play her audiance like a harp, and she’s good.

She is sitting on her high chair in a golden dress and long golden hair and talks about Yoga posses, the cooch (spelling – must be an internal joke), an ex boy friend. And well, you got watch it. I had to make 3 parts.

Hudson LeickAt the end, she came down the stage on my side and a young woman came up to her, stopping her and telling her some story that I did not understand all of it because she was crying and Hudson gave her a hug.

When she passed me, I stopped her and asked her if it was ok with her if I put what I filmed of her online. She grabed my face and said: yes, go ahead. SHE TOUCHED ME!! How thrilling is that?

I probably could tell you more about it, but I think it’s more fun for you to just watch the videos.

Hudson Leick

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  • Alma Ingles writes:
    August 15th, 20106:31 amat

    OMG all I can Say is WONDER WOMAN. To bad she would never give me a run. Good Post I always have to click her name when I see it. I went to a Marketting GIg for one of our Pre sales Companies and her entouragewas there siging Phots. Pretty Killer stuff. I guess until one of them trys one of us standaredwe need to stick to miss michigan if you know what I mean.

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