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July 1st, 2011 by Xarah

marienkaeferToday somebody asked me on Skype: How is the Chocolate business comming along?

My answer was: let me put it this way: who do you know who knows what chocolate is? who do you know who likes chocolate? who do you know who eats chocolate everyday? who do you know who should not eat chocolate because of weight/diabetes/diet?

You know, in this time, when goverments are printing money out of thin air it’s very important to have a plan in place, to have passive income. You never know when you lose your job or rent goes up (we all know health insurance goes up all the time).

I don’t want to go into real estate or stock (yet). I want to help people. Therefore, my plan is to grow my chocolate business and thus offer a solution to troubled people who suffer from poor health or poor cashflow.

I just talked to my accountant and for her cashflow is the money flowing in and out of your company. For me cashflow is the extra money, left-over-money so to speak. Income minus expenses = cashflow.

And, when passive income is bigger than expenses you are home free, maybe not rich yet but you have a lot less worries. Can you imagine what your life will look like?

Let’s say your total expenses (rent or home mortage, school loan payment, car payment, insurance, credit card payment and other expenses) is $3’500 and thanks to your business (for instance Internet Marketing or Network Marketing) you have a passive income of $3’500 what will that mean to you?

If you don’t understand yet what I’m talking about, I suggest you play a Cashflow game, either in your area or online.

After reading some of Robert Kiyosaki’s books I understand the differences better. I understand recession and inflation better. And I understand it’s up to me, not my government to make sure I’m well off. I have to take care of myself and not depend on any government programs.

BTW, did you know, chocolate is recession-free? After all chocolate has its own holidays, not one, not two but THREE:

  • Valentines’ Day
  • Easter and
  • Christmas.
  • Not to mention birthdays, Weddings, Dating, Bluesdays…

So, tell me, what your life would look like if your passive income was bigger than your expenses and how you plan to get there. Looking forward to reading about your plans. And maybe we can even help each other.

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  • Keithanthony writes:
    July 6th, 20116:50 pmat

    If you are “working” it means you probably have a JOB aka “Just Over Broke” or if preferred “Just Over Benefits!” It also means you likely aren’t enjoying what the management is making you do to make you BROKE, just getting bye, barely enough.  Why would you/anyone else do that when the same amount of effort in something you really enjoy doing for yourself could make you financially independent, while building your dream not someone else’s.

    Why do people continue to do the stuff they already know has made them a slave throughout their entire working life. Make no mistake you are a slave yet instead of putting chains on your ankles they melted the chains, and to fool us turned them into valueless trinkets, hard cash, barely enough.

    These days you don’t even get cash it’s an electronic transfer that keeps you close to the bank which is also close to your place of subjugation a JOB.

    There is so much information available in books, and on the Internet covering making yourself financially independent it is hard to believe that people do not make use of it. Those who do never put what they learn into action because of FEAR! They are afraid of thinking for themselves, they are afraid of failure, they have self doubt because when they found a point in their lives when they had an amazing idea or ability of their own but somebody they admired, trusted, loved, or believed in told them “You can’t do that you’ll never make it!” And there dream was extinguished by someone that dam well ought’a be encouraging them to step out, believe in themselves, and have the courage to be who you are!

    I have a wonderfully simple business that anybody could build yet most people I talk to say “No” even before they have looked to see what I am offering. Why? Because they have learned to say “No!” to everything as their standard response after listening to other people who interestingly are all broke. The only thing they need to do to be successful is to start listening to the wealthy not the poor. They also need to focus their own energy, and start to listen to their own inner giant. They need to look at life on a daily basis, and realise its not cutting it now and it never did although the possibilities are limitless if they just listen to their inner voice telling them to act on their dream.

    The key is to begin to focus on what they need to do, and out of that comes our greatness, our commitment for life, the realisation of skills, gifts and abilities we haven’t even begun to appreciate we are capable of. When we do that the people we need begin to come to us, the cosmos begins to send us resources we couldn’t even begin to imagine.

    Manifest your greatness with the amazing Les Brown scroll to the bottom of the landing page for your free 18 track MP3 zip file at then come back here to tell us what you liked most about the course, and how it has changed you.

    Xarah, Aino and also ME are here to help you take the next step if your inner voice is ready to claim what is yours, your birthright God promised you on the way into this wonderful body. I’m not going now to tell you that you have got to start looking after the financial welfare of that body because you know already now it’s the only home you’ll ever get to live in!  


  • Aino Welch writes:
    July 5th, 20119:57 amat

    You are so right Xarah, I do not know many who do not like chocolate. I do know quite a few who do not eat it because of the reasons you mention,diet restrictions for one reason or other.
    Extra money would be nice, but I am not ready to get into MLM stuff at the moment. I know my hypnosis practice is taking off, and as I find that when work is something you truly enjoy and love it is really not work, is it!


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