Happy New Year 2014
January 2nd, 2014 by Xarah


Happy New Year 2014

While my slide over from 2013 to 2014 was not that much fun I am pretty pumped right now since I feel much better then the last 2-3 days.

My girlfriend had had a stomach bug which resulted in her poop to be like water. It was alright on Monday 30th and because we both didn’t feel like cooking we decided to go to the local self-serve restaurant.

Her “bug” returned. I was fine.

But then since she certainly didn’t feel like cooking and not being able to eat anything, I just heated up some left over Spaghetthi and some vegetable sauce.

My stomache was growly that night. And my stool was very soft the next day, not as watery but still not normal.

Either I picked up a different kind of bug or the Spaghetti or the sauce was not alright anymore.

Which meant for both of us, living on Zwieback, bananas and Coke and water.

Not the planed Raclette.

Good thing this year we didn’t plan on a party with guests.

Leaving the crap in the past

The way I see it, 2013 is in the past and I left a lot of crap there. Ready for new stuff. Ready to clean out my office to make space (or for easier moving to a new place). Ready to learn new stuff.

For instance, today I learned how to upload a video from my new iPhone 5S to Youtube.

Here it is:

This is what I want for 2014:

Learn more about NLP

Help 100 people to start blogging and earning money doing so

Help 100 people to learn about dropshipping and how to earn money doing so. Ah, yes, I will write about dropshipping later. So keep an eye on my blog.

Of course there is more that I want, wish and hope for. But I’m running out of time. I want to take the laundry out of the machine and hang them up before we catch the train to meet some friends for lunch (going easy remembering the bug) and probably going to the movies.

What I want for you in 2014:

I want you to be able to persue your dreams.

I want you to have dreams.

I want you to have hope.

All the best to you and your loved ones!

from xarah with love

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