10 Food Hacks To Make Your Life More Fun
January 7th, 2015 by Xarah

I was looking for something on my computer and I stumbled over the first 3 of these pictures. I had even saved the site with more food hacks. Unfortunately the website got deleted. So I googled for more and found a lot of really great food hacks. I wanna try the one or the other as soon as possible. I just have to remember to take a picture LOL
  1. No Bowl – No Problem

    Imagine you are working at your computer, or watching a webinar and you have a craving for some pop corn but all your bowls are in the dish-washer.

    hack image

  2. Keep Beer Cold

    This should not only work for beer, and it doesn’t water the drink down.

    hack image

  3. Ice-Cream Split

    This is how you split an ice-cream. Never tried it but I like it because it’s ice-cream.

    hack image

  4. Brilliant Idea For Breakfast

    Let’s have those fried eggs different next sunday brunch

    hack image

  5. Cheesy Bread Hack

    Looking for a finger food party idea? I think this one is perfect and even if somebody cannot cook, they can make this cheesy bread.

    hack image

  6. Corn Hack

    I think this is pretty genious. Not only use an electric knife und use a bundt cake pan to collect the corn. Hu!

    hack image

  7. Cheese Sticks Made Easy

    This is one I wanna definitely do. Next time I cook veggy soup we’ll have these cheese sticks.

    hack image

  8. Dental Floss to cut soft solids

    I’d probably want to use dental floss without “taste” LOL but what a great idea. Dental floss on the shopping list

    hack image

  9. How to remove eggshell pieces

    Make your fingers wet before removing shell pieces

    hack image

  10. How to Shape a chocolate bowl

    Of course we need a chocolate related food hack here 🙂

    Use a balloon to shape a chocolate bowl.

    hack image

I bet you enjoyed these food hacks. It’s so easy to share your favorite food hacks, or recipes or what ever you are passionate about with a blog, especially this blog.

Will you let me know which one was your favorite? Which one are you going to try out? Leave a comment below.

from Xarah with Love


10 Responses  
  • Carolyn Porter writes:
    January 8th, 201512:52 amat

    Love the cheesy bread hack! Great share.

    • Xarah writes:
      January 8th, 20151:50 amat

      Me too Carolyn, glad you liked it.

  • francis writes:
    January 7th, 201511:39 pmat

    No Bowl No Problem funny and cool way to use a hoodie

    • Xarah writes:
      January 8th, 201512:32 amat

      Enjoy your popcorn Francis 😉

  • DrSteve writes:
    January 7th, 201511:13 pmat

    Those are some AWESOME food hacks! I loved the popcorn in the hoodie, that was hysterical! Thanks for sharing these, they will definitely be put to good use!

    • Xarah writes:
      January 8th, 201512:31 amat

      Thank you Dr. Steve, enjoy your popcorn!

  • Debra Parizek writes:
    January 7th, 20159:45 pmat

    I love these! Simple, inventive but things I wouldn’t have thought of.

    • Xarah writes:
      January 8th, 201512:30 amat

      neither would I. Makes me wonder who comes up with those ideas 🙂

  • Brandon writes:
    January 7th, 20159:42 pmat

    Haha! Love these food hacks! I especially like the first “Popcorn in your reversed hoodie” one. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Xarah writes:
      January 8th, 201512:29 amat

      You are welcome. We will look at hoodies with different eyes now, don’t we?

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