Follow Your Passion?
February 23rd, 2018 by Xarah

Have you heard this before:

Follow Your Passion?

I’ve heard this about passion for many many years now. My passion about 15 years ago was Xena. So I bought several domains, bought software for a fanfiction site, and started to build a Xena Fanfiction archive. Because I didn’t know how to monetize all that I asked on the first (landing) page for donations. I did get a few dollars. Thank you. But that didn’t even pay for the hosting. But it was my passion.
Eventually, I had to explore other ways to earn money, generate an income.
A few years ago, the server got hacked and the work of over 10 years was gone.

Since a few years now, I’m into the Cashflow game, I love to play it, I love to teach it. But I could not figure out how to put the game into real life. I tried a lot of things…

Until recently. When I was invited to join a club of angel investors. As a club member, I pay a monthly fee and get free shares of Startups. That appealed very much to me because the best deals – other than the $1 deal – are businesses in the game.

This moved me into the I-Quadrant. And because of the affiliate program, I’m also planted in the B-Quadrant 🙂

Last night I went to play the Cashflow game. I was asked to be the mentor (and the bank) of a newbie table. And I had so much fun! Seeing them understanding something all of a sudden. Or seeing them getting lots of money because of a good deal. Seeing them learning. I had a grand time.

And I realized, this is my passion. If my “work” is playing the Cashflow game, teaching it, living it, I will never work a minute for the rest of my life 🙂

I finally understand, what it means when somebody says: “If you follow your passion you never work anymore.” It doesn’t mean you don’t do anything anymore, it means since you love what you do it does not seem like work.

In other words, if you do something that seems, looks and feels like work, you probably don’t love what you do.

So. What is it, that you would love to do?

PS: If you are interested in the I-Quadrant leave a comment or connect with me on FB

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