First Day
February 4th, 2010 by Xarah

bedThe first night I stayed in a large room with a king sized bed. I wish I had taken a picture of the room I had when I was at the Xena Convention 2008 in London. Anyway, this room was huge. Had enough space to do some exercise I found in the program between the bed and the telly.

The bed itself was huge too and had lots and lots of cushions on it.

I had breakfast in the Latitude restaurant and saw a table full of women that looked like Xena fans. But they were too far I couldn’t tell. Only when they left I saw their badges and I said hi to them.

mirrorBecause Jane, my room mate’s plane was only coming in around 1.30 I had asked if I could stay in my room (at the bottom floor) until she arrives and then transfer to hers they gave me an extent to 2 am. Most of the time I sat in the lobby, looking around for more Xena fans and once in a while chatting with someone, passing around my card. That was a lot of fun. More and more – mostly women – arrived.

I had sent Jane a text message to her cell phone that I was sitting in the lobby with my green little computer (yeah, I’ll take a picture of it soon).  Suddenly a woman would stand next to me asking me if I was from Switzerland. Didn’t think my accent was that thick and pointing me there I said yes. She sat down and introduced herself. Because she had left her cell phone in her car when she parked her car at the airport she could not reply and when she came to the lobby she heard me talk and pass out cards so she took a wild guess 🙂

She checked in and I got my stuff, too. My suitcase, my back pack AND a huge box.

I had ordered several of the Xocai products and they had arrived a few hours before Jane arrived. Mainly the Protein bars, Powerhouse Cookies and the variety pack with all four of the solid chocolates. The Xe Energy Drinks did not arrive but were back ordered.

view1That room was on the 8th floor, nice view.

Jane and I had dinner in the Champion Restaurant. A sports bar with several dozen TVs in all sizes. Had a yummy mushroom burger and fries (seems fries come with every- and anything).

And half surprising I got my period. I seeked out Sonja, an Austrian friend I had met in London to ask her if she had any supply. She did and we went to her room, we had a tag-along who was nice and of course we said there and chatted. A little later more of her friends with her room mate showed up. But because I really wanted to get back to my room I didn’t stay too much longer but long enough for one of them giving me her “preferred customer for Friday pass” because she had gotten another one for the whole weekend. I gave her a Xocai Powerhouse cookie for it. We were both happy.

Good thing Aunt Rosa came for a visit, hu?

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