First Day
February 4th, 2010 by Xarah

bedThe first night I stayed in a large room with a king sized bed. I wish I had taken a picture of the room I had when I was at the Xena Convention 2008 in London. Anyway, this room was huge. Had enough space to do some exercise I found in the program between the bed and the telly.

The bed itself was huge too and had lots and lots of cushions on it.

I had breakfast in the Latitude restaurant and saw a table full of women who looked like Xena fans. But they were too far I couldn’t tell. And I’m shy so I could not go over there and ask. Only when they left I saw their badges and I said hi to them.

I had searched for a room mate in discussion boards and mailing lists, and on my birthday Jane had left a message that she also just book a room and was looking for a room mate. We emailed and I was really happy I could safe a little money and more importantly don’t have to be all alone. I don’t know anybody here!mirror

But because Jane, my room mate’s plane was only coming in around 1.30 pm I had asked if I could stay in my room (at the bottom floor) until she arrives and then transfer to hers. They were very kind gave me an extent to 2 am.

Most of the time I sat in the lobby, looking around for more Xena fans and once in a while chatting with someone and passing around my cards.

More and more – mostly women – arrived.
I had sent Jane a text message to her cell phone that I was sitting in the lobby with my green little computer and expected a replay sooner or later.

In the meantime my parcel arrived. One huge box and a bell “boy” delivered it to my room. I immediately tore into it. Chocolates, cookies, protein bars … wait! Where are the energy drinks? It turned out it was back ordered. Too many people ordered too many Xe energy drinks.

I went online and redirected them to the address of my friend in Phoenix where my next stop is going to be.

Armed with a bunch of cookies I am going back to the lobby now.

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