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June 5th, 2016 by Xarah

You have a dream? A project? What would YOU do with the Crowdfunding money?

  1. Watch this short video first for an overview, it’ll get your imagination flowing…

    2. Now watch this video, only 15 minutes that gives an larger overview of  Crowdfunding.

    Can you answer, what you would do if you had all the money you need or want?

    3. Got a Dream?

    Mark Hamlin explains in around 40 minutes how Community Crowdfunding works, here you get to see how those steps work, and why everybody who brings in 2 people who bring in two people will eventually reach the top level and thus starts being able to “download” their donations.

    Mark though explains “Weshare Crowdfunding”, I had started out with them first, then they had a problem with their merchants that kept the money back and now they are trying to find other solutions. I picked Crowdfunding International because it’s a lot easier than Weshare, it’s in Euro, it’s based in Holland Europe, and it’s a lot easier to handle. And Everybody only needs two. Though I thought, why stop at 2?

    Now, look how Mark explains those steps, stairs and levels:

I’ll happily show you my back office so you get a better idea.

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