End Discrimination
May 9th, 2014 by Xarah

End Discrimination in Home Business

Ok, so that title might be a bit over the top but it got your attention. LOL

The point I’m trying to make here is that most Network Marketing companies only serve the top 12-20 countries. Being in Switzerland which you might think is on that list, I can tell you it’s not. Mostly because Switzerland is not in the EU, European Union.

I had tried to build a chocolate business here but after 3,5 years I had to give up. I then found a company that is global because it’s digital.

And about one month ago I found another MLM company which is global because their product is sent in an envelop!

Now, I call that an end to discrimination because now everybody, anywhere in this world can build a business. They just need a mailbox 🙂

Watch this video by CEO Ron Williams of FGXpress. Then click the image below and get your own mailbox business!

Find more information on this product and business  here.

Having fun while building a business. Work from home. Xarah Dax

Xarah, having fun while building a business


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