[DSD] I made my first sale
February 3rd, 2014 by Xarah


I Made My First Sale!

That was truly exciting!

Not only: IT WORKS! But especially IT WORKS FOR ME!!

And I know I will work for you, too!

On Tuesday I was not online at all.

My live partner surprised me with a home made brunch.

Then my mom came over with a present – yes, you guess right, it was my birthday.

51 years and still kicking!

We prosted (cheers!) with fake Proseco and then we packed our backpacks to go to a Spa.

The same one we did on my 50th birthday. I still had some vouchers and thought this is the perfect day to use them.

This time our first stop in the spa was the roof pool. WOW! What a view you have from there!

After a nice soak we went on to the looked of area and did the roman routine with a hot room to open the skin, then a rub down with nice smelling rubbing soap, another hot room. And then a pool with 40°C (104 F).

Since we went during the week there were not that many people and I could just lay there in the hot water and dream. Let my soul and body soak.

Next is a bigger pool with only 35°C (95 F) but with bubbles and kind of a Jaccuzi. Here we spent a lot of time.

Next is a cold pool, only 28°C (82.4 F) which I think most people “forget” to go in. It’s really rather cold. It’s like you leave the comfort zone yet it’s good if you do.

Then there are heated blocks and you just lay there and relax. Again, I could fall asleep luckily it’s really hard LOL

All in all we were almost 3 hours there.

Getting hungry.

Without hurry we left and went on to one of my favorite food places. The restaurant was full (like usual) and yet we found two seats. Yummy food.

I was rather tired when I got home and didn’t stay up too long. Again, didn’t go online.

The following morning

The following morning I went online and out of curiosity I went to my Ebay account and surprise surprise! I sold my first item!

How exciting!

Next I went to Paypal to get the buyer’s address and accepted the payment.

Then I went to Amazon. I found that I have an account from way back when. Right, I used to buy books from Amazon. And for the longest time I thought you can only buy books from Amazon. Boy was I wrong!

Amazon is actually a big drop shipper! Not all of the products sold through Amazon is being shipped through Amazon but you get this information right on the page with the product.

International Sellers

Being Swiss Ebay did not allow me to sell internationally or in other words on So I started listing items from my home with the intention to get some feedbacks (one of the acquired ‘things’ I need in order to be able to sell on and not to make money.

On a whim I logged in to (Germany). You actually only need one Ebay account. You can login to the others with the same login.

I went to (Germany) and did a search as DS Domination teaches in the back office and on the webinars. I found an item and listed it on


Ebay let me list it. I searched more items on and listed them on

Of course I first had to delete all the home items first because I have a limit of 10 items. Which cost me some money because every time you list an item you pay Ebay a fee.


On Amazon I quickly found the item that I sold on Ebay and bought it. Because it was the first time (since they made changes my guess) it took a bit longer. I figure it’ll be faster next time.

I could have ordered a credit card and could have bought this item for free.

I would have but it didn’t let me. I’ll see if (if there is one) has the same offer.

It was a bit exhilarating to buy something and have it sent to someone else.

Earn money online is easy

I can really see now how easy this is. And how one can do it latterly from any where in the world. Even when traveling.

Login maybe at an internet cafe, check what was sold, go to Amazon (or another drop shipper), buy it and have it shipped to one’s buyer. Bamm!

– No selling
– No marketing
– No driving traffic


I can already tell I have to warn people:

This can become addictive. Loggin into Ebay every hour to check your listings 🙂

And another warning: you are supposed to sell not buy LOL I keep finding items that I would love to buy. But the intention for now is to earn money first and then spend it 😉

Anyway. I hope you enjoyed this little essay on my first sale on Ebay. If you are also wanting to add drop-shipping to your income stream (even big earners, top marketers and millionaire are “doing” this), click here, watch the short video or wait until the buy button shows up. Click on it, fill out the form and get started!

To your Life Style Dream!


Xarah Dax

6 Responses  
  • Veronica Smith writes:
    February 4th, 20144:12 amat

    Xarah an excellent post. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and made a sell no less. Congratulations.


  • Beth Hewitt writes:
    February 4th, 201412:43 amat

    Hey Xarah,

    Congratulations, hoping it will be the start of many more sales for you.

    Beth 🙂

  • Merle writes:
    February 3rd, 20145:16 pmat

    Hi Xarah your day for your birthday sounded really fantastic and relaxing. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your first sale.

  • Alecia writes:
    February 3rd, 20144:50 pmat

    Congrats! You gave a lot of great details here. Thanks!

  • Lisa Thompson writes:
    February 3rd, 20143:02 pmat

    Congratulations on your first sale on eBay. I’m so happy for you – thank you for your inspiring story and I wish you nothing but success…

    Dr. Lisa

  • Rachael writes:
    February 3rd, 20142:45 pmat

    Excellent post! A watched pot never boils 😉 I bet that day off did a world of good to both you and your sales 🙂 happy belated birthday btw

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