How Xena should have ended
Feb 1st, 2012 by Xarah

A little play from a rewrite done last year by Katherine Fugate (loved by the fans for her scripts for Xena: Warrior Princess). Sorry for poor quality and sudden focus change! And who wouldn’t have lost focused at this moment?

Seeing scenes like this I hate it even more that I couldn’t go to the Xena Convention 2012.

Gabrielle finally proposes to Xena!

gabrielle and xena


I heard though there will be a Xena Convention in 2013.

I guess the organizers couldn’t stand the wrath that errupted after their announcement of this year being the last.

I’ll be there.

With a laptop so I can blog every hour.

And a camera so I can tape and upload everything!

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Hudson Leick Videos
Mar 1st, 2010 by Xarah

Tsianina Joelson
Feb 5th, 2010 by Xarah

Tsianina JoelsonTsianina Joelson played an Amazon (Varia) in four episodes. I didn’t film much of her and when I edited the videos it was not enough for just her so she became the entry of the Lucy Video.

This time I sneaked to the middle of the room, and found an empty seat. I just pretended I belonged there. And because the room was not full nobody seemed to mind. So the few seconds I have on film I did not have to zoom a lot.

I was hungry and ate a Xocai Cookie, no way of eating a cookie and filming LOL

I thought it was so funny when she said she couldn’t remember her scripts and that her character never got an exit, like dying or what ever. Good news though: they can use Varia in the movie!!

Hudson Leick
Feb 5th, 2010 by Xarah

Hudson LeickI never seen Hudson Leick on stage before and to be honest I never even watched videos with her because I thought she was just a crazy woman. I saw Callisto in her. But I was soon to be taught differently.

Yes, she is a bit crazy – on stage. She can play her audiance like a harp, and she’s good.

She is sitting on her high chair in a golden dress and long golden hair and talks about Yoga posses, the cooch (spelling – must be an internal joke), an ex boy friend. And well, you got watch it. I had to make 3 parts.

Hudson LeickAt the end, she came down the stage on my side and a young woman came up to her, stopping her and telling her some story that I did not understand all of it because she was crying and Hudson gave her a hug.

When she passed me, I stopped her and asked her if it was ok with her if I put what I filmed of her online. She grabed my face and said: yes, go ahead. SHE TOUCHED ME!! How thrilling is that?

I probably could tell you more about it, but I think it’s more fun for you to just watch the videos.

Hudson Leick

Katherine Fugate
Feb 5th, 2010 by Xarah

Katherine FugateI almost missed the amazing Katherine Fugate! She was already on stage when I found my seat. Yes, it’s Friday and I have a seat. To the right seen from the stage, 2nd or 3rd row. Cool! The room is not full and I dared to scoot a few seats to my right because nobody was there.

And she starts off throwing stuff into the audience. She didn’t get as far as I was sitting so I have no idea, but maybe someone who caught one, could let me know?

Katherine Fugate is a writer for Xena. And she almost told us about the script she wrote for the Xena Movie. You know what I’m gonna do should I win more than 10 millions in the lottery? Yes, you guess, I’m gonna finance that movie. That reminds me, better go buy a ticket LOL

Next came David Franklin though I don’t remember much about him. It’s very much possible that I left the room and browsed the vendors room again. Or time for a lunch break.

Next was Hudson Leick!

Xena Convention – First Day
Feb 5th, 2010 by Xarah

It’s Friday, February 5th, 1sts day of the Xena Convention – Today is Lucy and Renée day!

After breakfast with Jane and a couple of other Xenites (sorry forgot your names) I had to rush off to go to the Xena Meet Up. I got my name tag and a bag with lots of goodies but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to stick around too long because I had to get registered for my preferred day 🙂 Next time I wanna spend more time with you guys and get to know you a bit better.

xarah_and_callistoAnyways, I went downstairs and got in line and got my preferred Friday armband. Then I walked around, filmed the mingling and visited the Vendors’ room. There I met CALLISTO! Well, not the real one, the one from Elusia. What an amazing outfit!

There is a video on that coming 🙂

Later I ran into iFaith and her friend, we looked around the vendors’ displays, then we lost sight of each other. I have met iFaith on Twitter. It was nice meeting you in person! I wish I had remembered taking a photo with you two.

Funny, I didn’t see them again for the rest of the convention. Sometimes I would run into the same people again and again and others I would meet once. I should have gotten my photo with everybody I met. Friends from Twitter, my Weekly Chakram friends, my friends from the Xena boards. Next time!

Going to America
Jan 17th, 2010 by Xarah

Xena, Gabrielle and ArgoOn February 3rd I’m going to catch a plane and fly over to LA. I should arrive in the  later afternoon. Don’t know if I’m bushed and go to bed early or have enough energy to roam around the hotel.

I’m still waiting for the Universe to deliver a room mate at the convention hotel. It’ll be easier and definitely more fun. Beside I want to order some of the chocolate and cookies and carrying them back and forth would be a drag.

Anyway, I hope to meet lots of new friends. I already know several of my Weekly Chakram subscribers will be there. We just have to find a way to meet and recognize each other 🙂 Maybe I just give everybody my business card then they should recognize me by my name LOL Last time in London someone did and was in awe like I was a celebrity. That felt nice though.

So, three days full with Xena, Xenites, lovely gals … that’s going to be so great! No Lucy concert though and she’s only there for one day. But I hope I can give her and Renée,  Hudson, Steven and Sharon their presents.

And guess what they are gonna get? Yes! Healthy chocolate. I am going to order some of the products that we here in Europe don’t have yet. The cookies and the protein bars and of course Xe the healthy energy drink.

They said on the website where the info about the con is that they do accept gifts but not during the photo ops because of security reasons (hu?) and that they cannot take the gifts with them because most of them will fly back. Good thing my gifts are edible LOL

xe-drinkOn Monday I’m flying to  Phoenix Arizona where I – hopefully – can stay with a friend. She’s a former teacher of mine. I’m looking forward to spending a week with her and her kids. Of course since this part of the trip is business I’m going to talk to people about Xe and Xoçai and invite them to the launch.

And in case I’m running around all week I want to reserve Sunday for my friend and Phoenix because on Monday I will fly to Orlando Florida. Don’t have a place to stay yet but I’m sure there are Xenites from Orlando at the Con or Xenites who couldn’t make it. I bet they want to see the photos and movies I’m making with my new pre-birthday present. And I’ll bring chocolate

The weekend after the launch in Phoenix there is another launch in Orlando and I wanna be at both. Inviting everybody to come and experience it.

Never been to a launch but I think it’s gonna be fab.

Oh, lunch is ready. I hope I can update my blog on the trip. I have my eye on an inexpensive, small and very light notebook. Should I go for it?

Audio Xena Fanfiction
Oct 8th, 2009 by Xarah

sociallife-fanfictionI have my own Xena Fanfiction site about 3 years now. And about half a year ago – the garden season had just started – I had the idea to start an Audio Fanfiction site.

It did how ever take me all spring and summer to come to finally creating the website, the logo, the name and of course recording some stories.

I am now telling all my Xena fan friends about it. And some of them are busy telling their friends, because they get a cool commission if they do.

But mostly, it’s about fun.

Like today I was listening to a new recording, my friend Sue did for me. And I was laughing out loud at some point and from there on I must have a had the biggest smile on my lips. And a bit later I spontaneously said: by the gods!

That’s all ok, if you are at home, or alone between flowers and weeds in your garden. But I was actually walking to the post office!

Mingling at the Xena Con
Nov 30th, -0001 by Xarah

Walk with me through fans, visit with me the vendors room and just mingle.

Thank you for watching.


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