Women and Money
Jun 5th, 2014 by Xarah

As a woman, are you financially educated?

Do you have, earn your own money?

This article teaches you some statistics about women and money. In which category do you fall? Ask yourself now. Read below.


I usually don’t like statistics because they are mostly confusing for me, with lots of numbers. And they say only the one who makes the statistics trusts them (or something like that).

In Kim Kiyosaki’s book „Rich Woman“ she mentions on two pages the following statistics which I’d like to share with you because they are scary.

If you are a man, a husband, read them and imagine what could happen to your wife when you are not there anymore. Do you want that to happen to her?

If you are a woman, imagine what would happen when your husband is not there anymore.

If you are a younger woman, in love and thinking marriage is a safe heaven (not condemning marriage, it’s totally up to you *s*) you need to keep these statistics in mind. Talk to your mom about it.

So here it goes:

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