Feb 3rd, 2010 by Xarah

I had to be at the airport at 7 am to go through the first part of security which meant answering questions:

  • did you pack your suitcase yourself? Yes
  • did you leave it somewhere? No
  • … and so on LOL I don’t remember all the questions but if you have used an airplane lately you know what I mean

Because we were early the line was really short – after we found the right line. Then we had a croissant and some juice because we were still way too early. But after 20-30 minutes of sitting there and watching people and talking to my girlfriend I got nervous.

Going through the “gate” showing my ticket and passport was done in a breeze. Only a couple of people in line. And only then it felt like I was on the way – to an unknown adventure. Scary. Exciting. I felt like crying and laughing at the same time.

Taking the airport train, almost getting up the wrong stairs and suddenly standing in front of security with a not empty water bottle. Good thing there were several people waiting in line so I had time to finish it. Then I saw people putting there little tubes into plastic bags and I snagged one for me. Only way later I found a tube of handcleaner in my jacket.

I put my stuff and jacket into a couple of bins, took my shoes and went through the screen gate. I was nervous because of the metal I have in my leg. Of course it went of and I wanted to show the lady my special metal “passport”, she grabbed with the passport and sent me back. She didn’t even let me show her.
I turned out I still had my belt on. Off it goes. It still beeps. I want to explain to her and show her my special passport and try to pry it out of her fingers but she is strong. Sends me back. I have coins in my pocket and a thin metal box for business cards.

Placing all of that in a bin this time the screen thingy did not go off. Hu, surprise.

And I was right, I had plenty of time to go shopping if I had felt like it. Lots of shops and restaurants and people.

The Day Before
Feb 2nd, 2010 by Xarah

Gods, I’m nervous. Tomorrow goes my flight to the States. It’s been ages since my last flight and I heard stories about the new security measures.

My friend Sue suggested to make a list and together the list got bigger and bigger but it helped calm my nerves – a little.

budget-notebook1Remembering to pack all the adapters and cables for the cell phone, the notebook I had just bought and the new camera I got for my birthday.

So, on one had I have to try to remember to get everything I need because this is not just gonna be a little vacation trip, it’s gonna be a business trip. And on the other hand I have to learn how the new camera works, how I can move the pictures and films onto the computer in case I run out of space and I have to learn how this new notebook works because it runs on Windows 7. Good thing I’m flexible and used to switch between Mac and PC.

I have to be 3 hours before departure at the airport! My suspicion is: so you have plenty of time to go shopping. I know you have to go through security and get screened and all but still three hours is a looot.
What else, yes, passwords. And which programs do I want or need? And clothes. Is it going to be warm? I mean I’m going to Southern California and it never rains in Southern California. Or Arizona. Or Florida. I have been observing the weather forecasts for these three areas on this cute widgets that are on my iMac and it does not look good. It’s starting to look better and warmer but I think I’m gonna pack a long sleave shirt and I am gonna bring a sweater. I always feel cold in airplanes. Gloves? Nah.

Well, I better finish the packing now.

Mingling at the Xena Con
Nov 30th, -0001 by Xarah

Walk with me through fans, visit with me the vendors room and just mingle.

Thank you for watching.


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