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Sep 2nd, 2009 by Xarah

I have a little time left so I decided to go through my mailbox. I more or less are up-to-date with my mail washing but still there are about 500 downloaded unread emails.

Sorted by “from”. That way I see easily if I get the same email from the same person to more than one email account. Yes, it happens 😉

I start at the bottom. Twitter emails are there. Lots of ’em. I click on the links to look at their profile. Do I want to follow them, too?

Surprise, 4 of those profile have been deleted!


Hu! What kind of strange activity have they been doing?

Counting …

After 6 of those I got one over capacity and finally one with a working profile! WOOHOO!

It’s really interesting to do something like that being one month behind. For instance. In the email it says: 298 followers, 42 updates, following 1444 people. On the website, today it says: 395 followers, 52 updates and 2’002 people following! Wow!

I wonder if I can make someone unfollow me … on the other hand, since I don’t follow them, I should not see their updates in my Twhirl. Whew.

After 13 or 14 of strange activities I find someone with 11’217 following and 11’209 followers to follow me :-))

Hehehe, and it seems I’m following myself (another Twitter account) and I found some real Xena fans.

Question: how can someone with 3 updates (Tweets) have 29’844 followers? Ok, he’s following himself 32’829 people. Is that the result of those twitter-follower softwares?

I stopped counting at 16 of those with strange activities…

Well, I deleted the rest, 20. Getting tired. I bet there will be more. Better go to bed now so I am ready for tomorrow.

Have a sweet day!

New Twitter Account
Aug 26th, 2009 by Xarah

twitter_vogelYesterday I got an interesting link to an even more interesting Twitter software. I could hardly sleep and lots of ideas were swarming in my head.

This morning, first thing I opened a new Twitter account, found me a nice image, changed the background, added a link and some bio.

Then I downloaded the software to test and while I am waiting for it to finish verifying my credentials I went back to my new Twitter account and was surprised to find someone is already following me! I deleted this “person” though. I am not interested in a Twitterer who tweets about naked celebrities.

Wonder if I did anything wrong? It’s still verifying. Well, I guess I will see after I get back from going to the market. I will tell you about it when I have tested it. It looks like a real promising software for anybody who uses Twitter for business and networking.

Twitter Wall Competition Ended
Aug 24th, 2009 by Xarah

I competed fiercely at the Swiss Twitter Wall competition. I was sending tweets to my followers and even direct ones. I skyped about it and blogged about it. Slowly but surely I got votes but never the massive numbers like 50 votes within a few minutes.

There were some who had hundreds of votes even though they don’t have many followers, even though they don’t twitter about it. So a lot – not just me – wondered how come they had that many votes. I asked one of them and she didn’t even know she was nominated. Seems her sister voted for her and asked her bigger list of followers to vote for her sister. What that was good for I don’t know.

Here’s an image of one of the last hours:


But I was among the first 20 so I was moved on to the European Contest. There the competition was huge because some of those women had thousands of votes already.

I made it pretty fast onto page two but struggled to move on to page one –


and then I went on vacation for a few days. I deliberately did not take my laptop or got on a computer at the hotel, though I was tempted for a second or two.

Someone who apparently is not even following me kept me up-to-date:

Marjan1955 @xarah 11 hours to go, voting for you i`m in the same competition, greetz

Marjan1955 @xarah you`re in the first 20 places, so you can go to the next competition i hope

Marjan1955 @xarah 23 min. to go then we`re trough..up to te next one!

Marjan1955 @xarah sorry you didn’t made it to the next round, someone took your place..


So, thank you for voting for me, Marjan and all my Twitter and Skype and Blog friends! Love you all!!

Xarah Signatura

PS: Twitter Wall Competition started again!

Lost Second Place
Jul 30th, 2009 by Xarah

It’s Thursday, a little more than 5 hours to go for my Voting on the Twitter Wall.

I got up early today, opoened my sykpe and the twitterwall and surprise surprise, I lost my 2nd place ;-( How did macaronique do that? Over night?

I am just now reading up on my Skype messages and in one room someone congratulates me being on second place at 5.30 am my time. What? Does that lady get up and vote for herself until she passes me, and gives herself 10 votes more to be on the save side?

After seen that message from Diana this morning that she sent at 5.30 am I do suspect so.

Because I am working hard at this voting. I am twittering. I sent a direct twitter to all my followers *phew* and to some of the names I recognize, have twittered with, that I follow. I got votes from a lot of people on Skype. Yet, it’s not enough it seems.

Now, I had the idea to activate my connections on Ning. I’m in several twitter ning groups.

Yes, of course, I could vote myself up, but I want to win fair and square you know. It just makes me a little mad that people obviously cheat.

Oh, well, 5 more days to go. Please go and vote for me. I’m the one with the large ears:


Jul 30th, 2009 by Xarah

twitter_vogelThat is really amazing! I got nominated!! I’m on the Twitter Wall for Ms Twitter for Switzerland. I never been nominated before. Never been a Miss Anything. This is really thrilling even if I don’t win.

I only voted for me once then started to tweet it, then I went over to my Skype rooms and asked people to vote for me and they went wild and voted for me.

But there were still quite some votes missing in order to pass any of the ladies on the first row. So I used Message Magic and sent a little message to all of my contacts. And the great thing about that was, I got in touch with people I have not talked to in a while. So we started chatting again, asking each other what we are up to. It was great – it still is. Even after two days, people are online while I am, find my message, vote and we chat. Good thing not everybody was online at the same time -talking about over 1000 contacts 😉

Anyway, if you have not voted yet (or maybe even if you have, maybe you can vote again), go here and vote again for. Thank you very much!

Let me know should you ever be nominated yourself so I can vote for you!

Have a sweet and wonderful day!

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