Ice Angel
Mar 5th, 2012 by Xarah

Ice Sculpting

A Skype friend of mine (Aino) is an ice sculpting artist. She’s amazing.


Isn’t this amazing? And remember, she has to do her carving in the cold! Brrr!

You might think because I’m Swiss I might have snow in my genes. If I had the choice between snow, mountains and beach, ocean I’d chose the later!

But I still can enjoy an Ice Angel ­čÖé

Wanna see some of the photos with her at work?

from xarah with love

PS: Take a look at my other blog.

Empower Network
Nov 25th, 2011 by Xarah

i-love-bloggingOk, I did it. I joined another business. I resisted for a long time but a 2 hour video with the guy more or less babbling, telling me how much money single moms are making, showing me the sunset, talking to the computer where he sees comments to the live video and telling me how many people have signed up while he was talking…

It was just hilarious. He seemed to have so much fun. I didn’t. I love my chocolate business – it’s just not getting me anywhere. I want to go to the Xena convention end of January 2012 and I have to fund this trip somehow! Getting desperate here…

I figured I’ll start with the $25, get inside, check out everything and then eventually upgrade. I think I will. I just wanna give it a day or so. Check out there blogging system and the training and see how the leaders connect.

The training in there is amazing from what I’ve seen so far. I love it. They not only talk about the business they also stress how important it is to listen to empowering audios, read (not the newspaper though) and attend events.

While building an online business with residual income we all are committed to learn new skills, to broaden our minds. I just love it. And imagine I resisted … 2 days or so LOL!!!

Anyway, wanna look at the two hour video? Or look at the “sales page“?

CU there

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Update Nov 28.
I upgrade to the “Inner Circle”. Downloaded the first audio and listened to it on a long walk in the fresh winter air.

Udate Nov. 30.
The server crashed. Thank the gods we have a Facebook Group and I learned that Empower Network is still in “beta Testing” meaning we are in a period of time after it launched to test the entire system, iron out the bumps and bugs, and put the ship in fine sailing condition. There’s good and bad about being in beta testing… Good because we are first to know, first mover’s advantage, fabulous opportunity… bad, because we have to go through the “testing” period which can be frustrating.

Apparently the database crashed last night. They have a fix in place and have already taken preventative measures to make sure this doesn’t happen again. They had to write a script (or three) to reconstruct accounts, assign the correct sponsors, etc. This was basically all the data and members from the previous 24 hours or less. All that massive traffic that created $106,000+ in commissions in less than 24 hours.

The good news is, they are almost finished AND there was NO permanent data loss.

David apologizes and said a couple of things. He would have sent an email to all the members but doesn’t have access to the administrative email feature while the database is offline and being repaired. He also said they will be extending the deadline for upgrades to make up for this lost time.

Update Dec 1st.
Some of the site is up but not everything. I cannot blog yet and I don’t have access to the training or the Inner Circle. Which means I had finally time to do my taxes for 2010 and send it to my tax people, I also got to read some Fanfiction and prepare some emails to be sent to my subscribers. It’s kinda hard to sit on a wonderful opportunity and not be able to do much marketing for it.

Update Dec 6th
The site is up but not the blogging platform. We’ll get informed in – for me about 3 hours… if my timezone calculation is correct this time. We’ll have updates on merchant accounts, technology,┬áwebinar upgrades and future plans.

Update Dec 14th
The site is up, the blogging platform is up and I’ve been blogging now for a week or so. Got some PLR articles scheduled to go out every day and I also blog freely from the heart, every other day or so. I got the third product and started watching the Costa Rica Intensive videos. He talks about “my” chocolate. I can so relate. LOL. Anyway. Come over to my Empower Blog. I won’t be updating this post but I might write more from time to time here. Not as often as on the Empower blog though.

Membership Site
Sep 18th, 2011 by Xarah

Since the last post I had decided on a topic: chocolate (doh) LOL I was first going for “internet security and online fraud” because of what had happened to me a few weeks ago (also an awesome blog post) or “women going into their menopause phase” because of what’s happening to me right now, but I actually stumble over lots of content on chocolate that way lieing in my computer collecting dust. I took them out and shook them out.

Ok, topic down. Membership yes or no? I went for yes. I set up the plugin and the settings, added some pages and posts and spent quit a long time figuring out why the contact form was not showing up anymore. It was “protected”. Well, at one point I decided if someone wants to get in touch with me, they just have to sign up.

Membership question down.

Free or not free. I decided free because this is not something someone would pay for and my goal was – after all – to get them on the site and maybe descover healthy chocolate and go and buy.

Payment question down.

Three down! WOOHOO! Then I set up a google campagne. I don’t see any ads on chocolate, two for chocolate molds but none is mine. I wonder why I don’t see my ads. Oh, maybe because Google knows I’m not in one of the countries I chose. Duh! Revelations while I write this post.

Ok, two or days the google ad is up and I have one click! It’s Sunday morning and I decide to undo the membership part. The main reason for that site is to draw chocolate lovers in and have them find healthy chocolate to draw customers.

Imagine my surprise when I logged into my chocolate blog/membership site and found I had hardly any options. I also realised I must have put myself as member which only gave me what members had. And the next point made my decision to take down the membership part: as a member I had access to the membership plugin and could see who was a member and all.

Disabled and deactivate. Done.

Oh, you want to go have a look? Here you go: Chocolates Are Good 4 You. Tell your friends ­čśë

Sep 14th, 2011 by Xarah

Yesterday when i went (around 2ish) to the post office to post some mail, the sun was shining, it was nice and hot and the wind was blowing through my hair and I thought, what a lovely day! I wish I could enjoy that wind a bit more. Too bad I didn’t bring any water with or i would go for a walk.

No! No! The other voice said. You wanted to sign up for the membership course. You want to start learning about setting up your own membership sites! You want to become financially free and go to the Xena convention in 2012 – it’s the very last one!

Oh, ok. I go home then.

my other officeI signed up and paid. Logged in. The first thing I need to do is listen to 3 audios and read an ebook. This is easiest done in my other office! So I plug in my netbook so I have max battery life and also plugin my iPod to load the 3 audios on it.

I start packing my backback (water, chocolate, notebook and pencil). The netbook is still not green yet, neither is the iPod. Ok, I could clean the kitchen. Feed the cats. Get dressed.

Finally! Around 4pm everything is green and packed and I head to my other office.

I’m not sure but some of that information i listen to and read about seems kinda outdated. Still, of course i understand, it’s certainly still valid to do some research. Google, keywords, Clickbank, Alexa to name a few. He does that in a few hours!

And this brings me into trouble everytime. I do research. First on Google, keywords. See what sites come, see what ads come up. Then on Keyword search tools. I start writing down keyword ideas.

Next is Clickbank. Is there a clickbank product I could do the initial testing on? And later put on my membership site as extra income? What’s my CB login? Research my computer… there… ok, they changed some legal stuff. No time to read that all and I don’t understand that anyways, so, “yes, I read it all”.

I do find a couple of products but I also find other interesting products that don’t have much to do with my original search.

Then I think, how does Clickbank pay? Research… by CHECK??? Are you kidding? For heaven’s cake, they are an internet company, with international customers! AND THEY PAY BY CHECK??? And you have to have 2 received checks before you can apply for direct deposit!

It takes ages for the checks to get here. I don’t have an account with a bank (I know, unbelievable, but I use the Postoffice, they kinda act like a bank but cannot cash checks), and the banks skimm a large amount off the top!!!

So, for the moment, Clickbank is out of the question. What other ways to monetize my blog, membership site? Do some research on my computer. I have saved a lot of information and ebooks. I stumble over Maverick. Wow, I have a lot of stuff from there, too. I find more content on interesting topics. I do some research on Skype. Though there it’s a pretty quiet.

All this researching is just one huge distraction for me! Why is that? Do others face the same dillema?

While all of this is realy frustrating, I’m glad I went to the garden yesterday and spent a couple of really nice, quiet, peaceful, sunny, windy hours in my garden amongst flowers, my blooming tree, veggies, berries. Yes, I know, it’s fall but my tree is blooming. Amazing nature. Gotta take a picture next time. Wonder if we’ll have plums by Christmas.

Anyway, I’m glad because today it’s raining, cloudy and a lot cooler. I would have hit myself if I had gone to my other office.

Now, I’m back here, trying to decide to create a membership site with or without login, with or without payment. And which topic to pick first.

I just had a thought: as long as I can learn and read and listen to something, I don’t have much problem motivating myself even better if I can do that in my garden – the office is too distracting – but as soon as┬á I’m supposed to decide and get into action, I freeze. My brain is on overload. Does that happen to others? How to get out of that trap?

Just before I went to the post office, someone on Skype sent me a video, and the guy in the video keeps saying: just do it!

I will, as soon as I have made those crucial decisions. A sign please!

And just when I decided on which topic to go for, I stumble over something else, and think, wow, that’s a great topic! Wonder if I should put that content into a membership site. And I already have a “monetizing” idea. Maybe I’ll do just that!

Hold on, the phone is ringing…

I have to go to the post office – again. A client called… at least it’s not raining anymore…

So, watch out. I’m sure I’m gonna tell you about it.

Was w├╝rde ich machen, wenn Geld keine Rolle spielen w├╝rde?
Sep 11th, 2011 by Xarah

passives-einkommenAls ich k├╝rzlich nach Schwerzenbach zum Cashflow spielen ging, erz├Ąhlte uns Roland (der Club-Leiter), was an einem Gruppentreffen von dem Leiter gefragt wurde:┬á Was w├╝rdest du machen, wenn Geld keine Rolle spielen w├╝rde?

Das erstaunlich war, dass praktisch alle sagten: sie w├╝rden arbeiten. Nur Roland sagte: ich habe 3-4 Ferienh├Ąuser, in Genf, Arosa, Davos und Zermatt und lade kinderreiche Familien ein, eine Woche gratis Ferien dort zu machen.

Er sagt das so mit ├ťberzeugung, dass er von einem anwesenden Teilnehmer gefragt wurde, ob er auch mal in einem seiner Ferienh├Ąuser Ferien machen d├╝rfte!

Nun meine Frage an dich:  Was würdest du machen, wenn Geld keine Rolle spielen würde?

W├╝rdest du arbeiten? F├╝r Geld? Oder w├╝rdest du dir etwas suchen, was dich schon immer interessiert oder fasziniert hat? Vielleicht ein Praktikum, um etwas neues zu lernen?

Oder w├╝rdest du ein Hobby ausbauen?

Erst k├╝rzlich realisierte ich – als ich einmal zu oft gesagt habe: wenn ich nur gewusst h├Ątte, dass ich leicht Sprachen lerne, w├Ąre ich in all die L├Ąnder rund um die Schweiz gegangen und h├Ątte diese Sprachen gelernt – ja, es viel mir wie Schuppen von den Augen! Das ist mein Traum. Sprachen lernen. Aber nicht in einer Sprachschule 1-2 Stunden in der Woche. Nein, ich m├Âchte 6 Monate (oder so) in einem Land wohnen, leben, die Sprache erleben, Freunde finde und die Sprache anwenden.

Also, was ich machen w├╝rde, wenn Geld keine Rolle spielen w├╝rde? Ich w├╝rde Sprachen lernen. Aber mit welchem Land fange ich an? Schweden? Spanien? Portugal? Italien? Frankreich? Nun, bei der letzten Sprache h├Ątte ich den Vorteil, dass ich sie schon mal in der Schule gelernt habe, aber sie “macht mich nicht so an”. Keine Angst, schlimmstenfalls werfe ich eine M├╝nze ­čśë

Nun freue ich mich auf deinen Kommentar. Was w├╝rdest du machen, wenn Geld keine Rolle spielen w├╝rde?

Siehe auch den Artikel “Wie reich bist du?“. Vielleicht hilft dir dort etwas, um deinen Traum erf├╝llen zu k├Ânnen, schneller als du vielleicht denkst.

Was f├╝r einen Plan hast du?

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How’s Business?
Jul 1st, 2011 by Xarah

marienkaeferToday somebody asked me on Skype: How is the Chocolate business comming along?

My answer was: let me put it this way: who do you know who knows what chocolate is? who do you know who likes chocolate? who do you know who eats chocolate everyday? who do you know who should not eat chocolate because of weight/diabetes/diet?

You know, in this time, when goverments are printing money out of thin air it’s very important to have a plan in place, to have passive income. You never know when you lose your job or rent goes up (we all know health insurance goes up all the time).

I don’t want to go into real estate or stock (yet). I want to help people. Therefore, my plan is to grow my chocolate business and thus offer a solution to troubled people who suffer from poor health or poor cashflow.

I just talked to my accountant and for her cashflow is the money flowing in and out of your company. For me cashflow is the extra money, left-over-money so to speak. Income minus expenses = cashflow.

And, when passive income is bigger than expenses you are home free, maybe not rich yet but you have a lot less worries. Can you imagine what your life will look like?

Let’s say your total expenses (rent or home mortage, school loan payment, car payment, insurance, credit card payment and other expenses) is $3’500 and thanks to your business (for instance Internet Marketing or Network Marketing) you have a passive income of $3’500 what will that mean to you?

If you don’t understand yet what I’m talking about, I suggest you play a Cashflow game, either in your area or online.

After reading some of Robert Kiyosaki’s books I understand the differences better. I understand recession and inflation better. And I understand it’s up to me, not my government to make sure I’m well off. I have to take care of myself and not depend on any government programs.

BTW, did you know, chocolate is recession-free? After all chocolate has its own holidays, not one, not two but THREE:

  • Valentines’ Day
  • Easter and
  • Christmas.
  • Not to mention birthdays, Weddings, Dating, Bluesdays…

So, tell me, what your life would look like if your passive income was bigger than your expenses and how you plan to get there. Looking forward to reading about your plans. And maybe we can even help each other.

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Scam or not Scam?
Jun 20th, 2011 by Xarah


I had just gotten home from visiting my “mother-in-law” who is in the hospital and the phone rang. The number showed someone from the USA. A Heather something from Zero Friction Marketing, she said. While my brain tried to warp its cells around where they got my phone number, why they’d call me and what the heck… she kept on talking about them having a coaching program and are only working with determined people.

She wanted to find out my debt situation and being a good swiss citizen (thanks to Rich Dad Poor Dad I learned that the banks probably don’t like me much, oh I use my card but I usually pay the bill right away *dang*) I don’t have any credit dept, or other debts for that matter. What a proud naive idiot I am.

At the end of the talk with Heather I was qualified to talk to her director Richard and she put me through. WOOHOO!

I have to be honest, it sounded really good. Learning to sell on ebay, having my websites tweaked so they sell (my chocolate or webdesign offers hopefully), learn to set up websites with their software, using Social Networks and so on. Making lots of money, pay off my credit card debt and move into my dream home.

Basically learning internet marketing and having a coach who tells you what to do when.

While I write this, it feels like they were pushing my buttons. Anyway. At the end I was asked how much time I could put into it so my coaches and mentors could prepare. Oh, and weekly calls and I could call them anytime. Amazing! Wonder how much this coaching costs?

Anyway, I was sold with a bit of hesitation when he asked me how much I could invest in such a program. $5000 as a minimum is a lot of money even if he explained he’s not making a dime off of it, not until I succeed and they can use my story to sell more. He also explained it’s not a liabilty (like when buying furniture with that money) but rather an asset. I learned those terms from the cashflow game. And it makes sense.

It means I would charge my card and they teach me to make money within 1-2 days and every month I earn money from Ebay and what not and pay that income to the credit card bank. No money out of my pocket. Eventually I will have paid it all back, have no dept anymore, have learned to make money online and from there on all the profits are for me, 100%. All that was paid with the sales I made.

Sounds all good, hu? I said yes. To the $5000, to the 2 hours per day (at least), to the learning, to everything.

But I got lucky i think. Good thing my address is difficult to spell so he sent me an email and I was supposed to give my card number through email. Then I started to hesitate. Email is not safe. Funny though I would have given him the number through the phone. Duh!

The phone went dead (happens, after all there are some mountains, lots of water and lots of land between those two phones). Wonder if the Universe was giving me time to do some resarch.

I started searching for his name and did not come up with anything useful.
Searched for Zero Friction Marketing. The website is shut down due to attacking.
I looked for the emails I had gotten from ZFM. I thought it had been 1 year or so, but it’s been in 2009, so almost 2 years. And the guy Saj has not written anything about ZFM since October 2010. There is a break and in 2011 he writes again, different email address, different topic it seems. Of course I have not downloaded all his emails all the time. Just in case, I sent him an email. Will he respond? Even his Twitter is not active.

Still, I think it’s funny, weird, strange. A “it sounds too good to be true” offer? A scam? Well, I asked in a couple of Skype rooms but nobody knew anything and then my very good friend Sue came online (co-insidence?) and I told her and she went and came up with this link:

I had searched for the guy’s name, I had searched for Zero Friction Marketing, I had even found their website but it didn’t occur to me to search for Ken Sonnenberg (who is mentioned on the website). And you know what? What this guy on the Rippoff Report writes, sounds very familiar! It’s like almost he’s writing my story.

And to top it, there was another website/business mentioned on that ripoff page: and it looks stunningly like the one I found through the guys email address (I do not link it, I don’t want to give them backlinks, but you can copy paste it and compare). Different name, different logo, different address under contact. Anything else, the same.

Even though having a coach helping you, supporting you and guiding you along sounds very appealing but having my card credited with $5000 and not getting anything for it, that’ll hurt. I’d rather have gone to the Xocai convention on the last weekend with that money.

But there is this little voice in my head saying: what if! What if it’s legit. What if they will really teach me internet marketing. What if I passed on a perfect opportunity to learn and to get rich?

Richard, the “director” called several times the next few days when he didn’t get the email with my credit card number. But I didn’t answer. At first I couldn’t decide. Then I was afraid that he might talk me into it again. But then I made a decision: No. Sent him an email. Saying, I rather invest the time and money into my chocolate business and work on a passive income.

Because IMO selling on ebay does not create a passive income. And if I’m not there all the time, adding things to sell I won’t earn anything. He wrote back: selling on ebay I would make far more than with any chocolate business.

But I feel much better for making that decision.

So, is it a scam? I don’t know because I have not invested my money. And I think it’s too much money to test it.

All I can say (and everybody else, even my credit card company): don’t give your card number by email or through phone. But, who knows, maybe I’ll travel the country one day with my story hoping to help others.

You know, we all know we should not do this or that. Yet, we still do it. But maybe my story will open someone’s eyes when they get into a similar situation.

Have you encountered any scam situations? Where you have not been sure? Maybe fell for it, maybe not?
Tell me, I’m looking forward to your experiences.
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Cashflow Fortsetzung 1
Jun 10th, 2011 by Xarah

bild-55Ich war nun schon zum zweiten Mal in Schwerzenbach. Dieses Mal waren wir nur 4 Spieler, aber so l├Ąuft es ein bisschen schneller.

Diesmal zog ich eine Karte mit wenig Lohn und so war ich etwas zur├╝ckhaltend mit kaufen. Aber ich hatte dann doch mal Gl├╝ck und bekam einen richtig guten Deal.

Niemand landete allerdings auf den Marktfeldern, also hatten wir alle H├Ąuser, aber bekamen keine Gelegenheit, sie zu verkaufen.

Obwohl sich der Cashflow ja langsam erh├Âht, hat man leider ja auch Ausgaben, man wird entlassen, bekommt Kinder, kauft sich Schnickschnack… aber wenn man mal so ein Haus verkaufen kann, und einen Gewinn von 20’000 – 30’000 machen kann, dann kann man ja mal einen Big Deal w├Ąhlen und somit – hoffentlich – den Cashflow signifikant erh├Âhen.

Da das Restaurant um 23h schliesst, mussten wir aufh├Âren, bevor es jemand aus der Tretm├╝hle rausschaffte. Und weisst du was? Kurz bevor wir aufh├Âren mussten, kam jemand auf den Markt und wir alle verkauften unsere H├Ąuser, hatten pl├Âtzlich viel Geld (die Bank kam an ihre Grenzen) und konnten es nicht ausgeben!! :-))

Ich w├╝rde sehr gerne mal an einem Sonntagnachmittag spielen, wo man nicht auf die Uhr schauen m├╝sste, und einfach nur spielen kann.

Ich habe in der Zwischenzeit auch oft das online Spiel gespielt. Die Regeln sind ein bisschen anders, aber man lernt viel und das hilft beim Spiel. Das App, das es nun auch gibt, scheint aber nicht richtig zu funktionieren. Vielleicht liegt es auch daran, dass ich ein altes iPhone habe.

Was habe ich gelernt?

Anfangs, nachdem ich zwei B├╝cher von Robert Kiyosaki gelesen habe, war ich scharf darauf, auch Eigentum zu kaufen und es dann weiterzuvermieten. Ich habe mir sogar ein Projekt angesehen. Aber ich musste einsehen, dass mein “Verm├Âgen” und mein Einkommen noch lange nicht daf├╝r reichen.

Mit Aktien und solchen Sachen m├Âchte ich mich nicht wirklich auseinandersetzen. Noch nicht.

Und dann bekam ich von Roland (dem Leiter vom Schwerzenbach Cashflow Club) ein weiteres Buch von Robert “Business School, Wirtschaftsausbildung f├╝r Menschen, die anderen gerne helfen”. Wer h├Ątte gedacht, dass ein reicher Mann, ein Unternehmer, der nicht mehr arbeiten muss, Network Marketing als Alternative anpreist? Wo doch soviele Menschen ├╝ber Network Marketing / MLM die Nase r├╝mpfen?

Meiner Meinung nach hat Recht. Da er sein Verm├Âgen nicht mit NWM verdient hat, hat er einen ganz anderen Blickwinkel. Er sagt, dass wenn er wieder von vorne beginnen w├╝rde, w├╝rde er es mit NWM tun.

  • Mit einem Network Marketing Unternehmen kann jeder sein eigenes Gesch├Ąft haben, Cashflow und passives Einkommen aufbauen.
  • Man braucht nicht viel Startkapital,
  • man braucht sich nicht um Hypozinsen Gedanken zu machen oder Finanzzeitschriften zu lesen,
  • man hat praktisch kein Risiko.

Klar, auch bei Network Marketing gibt es viel zu lernen. Aber man kann bereits anfangen, Geld zu verdienen, w├Ąhrend man lernt. Und das Beste: man kann anderen helfen!

Wenn dann das Einkommen aus dem eigenen Network Marketing Gesch├Ąft immer gr├Âsser wird, kann man sich langsam daran machen, es zu sch├╝tzen (eigene Firma gr├╝nden, Immobilien und andere Werte kaufen) und es zu vermehren (noch mehr Leuten helfen, aus der Tretm├╝hle rauszukommen).

Und ich bin echt froh, dass ich das Gesch├Ąft f├╝r mich gefunden habe. Ein tolles Produkt, das jeder kennt und die meisten t├Ąglich konsumieren. Eine Firma mit Erfahrung und Freude. Eine Upline, deren Interesse es ist, dass ich ­čÖé und jeder andere in meinem Team erfolgreich sind. Dass wir unsere Ziele erreichen. Dass wir unsere Tr├Ąume erf├╝llen k├Ânnen.

Du hast vielleicht deine Firma auch schon gefunden! Super. Denk daran, es ist dein Gesch├Ąft. Du bewegst dich nun langsam vom linken Quadranten zum rechten. Spiel das Spiel Cashflow, um zu lernen, wie sich das Geld bewegt, wie Einnahmen und Ausgaben sich mit jeder Transaktion ├Ąndern.

Falls du noch auf der Suche bist, schau dir doch mein Gesch├Ąft n├Ąher an. Vielleicht sagt es dir zu? Vielleicht m├Âchtest du mehr wissen? Vielleicht werden wir Gesch├Ąftspartner? Bist du aufgestellt, fr├Âhlich, lernbereit, dann melde dich bei mir!

S├╝sse Gr├╝sse von

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PS: Zur Zeit spielen wir in Z├╝rich-Oerlikon Cashflow.

May 22nd, 2011 by Xarah

That’s all I have to say to all the doomsday sayers:


Cashflow the game
May 13th, 2011 by Xarah

cashflow gameI played it. Yesterday. And i had so much fun, I’m gonna play it again.

And only because I left the rat race in the game – taking this as sign that this will happen to me in real life too – because I learned.

It’s a fun game. But also a bit challenging. Where do I put which number when I buy something?

Very fast I had the chance to buy a piece of land for 5’000.- but only had 2’000 cash. I got me a credit for 3’000.- and bought the land, it had a river on it and that’s always been my dream. I bought it even though it did not generate revenue or cashflow. I just wanted it.

My neighbor kept telling me it was a mistake. He got quiet when someone got the card and I was able to sell it for 150’000! SOme mistake, hu!

I also got deals to buy shares for 1.-. The first time I only bought for 1’000 and 10 seconds later thought i should have gotten more. But I got another deal again for 1.- and this time I bought 2’500.

The luck didn’t stop. Someone picked the card where i could sell those shares for 30.-. And again, my second batch of shares I could sell for 30.- per piece.

Then I bought a house that brought in cashflow, bought another piece of land. And then I bought an apartmenthouse for measly 200’000 (worth 1’200’000) which generated 11’000 cashflow and I was able to leave the rat race.

I was the first in the history of this club (which is not that long, still I AM THE FIRST WOOHOO) to leave the rat race. But because this has never happened before the game leader did not have the game rules with him and because the time would be up in 20 minutes anyway we stopped playing.

Though I would not have minded to watch the others spinning the wheel and counting my money LOL

It’s fun. Though I’m sure next time I’ll pick a less paying profession card, might not have that much dice luck, but hey, it’s a game and if I don’t dare risking anything in a game …

Now, I think I need to figure out how to figure out how much cashflow I have. Probably not that much yet, more like a trickle than a flow ­čśë but then, with a bit of chocolate luck I’ll be creating more flow and eventually leave the rat race for good. Are you game?

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