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Dec 6th, 2011 by Xarah

I did a quick video on Empower Network. Should the site be down they might be working on the blogging platform (again). Try again in a few minutes.

Enjoy the video and let me know if you want to be part of the Empower Network.

Blog – Tell – Earn 100% Commission

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Empower Network
Nov 25th, 2011 by Xarah

i-love-bloggingOk, I did it. I joined another business. I resisted for a long time but a 2 hour video with the guy more or less babbling, telling me how much money single moms are making, showing me the sunset, talking to the computer where he sees comments to the live video and telling me how many people have signed up while he was talking…

It was just hilarious. He seemed to have so much fun. I didn’t. I love my chocolate business – it’s just not getting me anywhere. I want to go to the Xena convention end of January 2012 and I have to fund this trip somehow! Getting desperate here…

I figured I’ll start with the $25, get inside, check out everything and then eventually upgrade. I think I will. I just wanna give it a day or so. Check out there blogging system and the training and see how the leaders connect.

The training in there is amazing from what I’ve seen so far. I love it. They not only talk about the business they also stress how important it is to listen to empowering audios, read (not the newspaper though) and attend events.

While building an online business with residual income we all are committed to learn new skills, to broaden our minds. I just love it. And imagine I resisted … 2 days or so LOL!!!

Anyway, wanna look at the two hour video? Or look at the “sales page“?

CU there

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Update Nov 28.
I upgrade to the “Inner Circle”. Downloaded the first audio and listened to it on a long walk in the fresh winter air.

Udate Nov. 30.
The server crashed. Thank the gods we have a Facebook Group and I learned that Empower Network is still in “beta Testing” meaning we are in a period of time after it launched to test the entire system, iron out the bumps and bugs, and put the ship in fine sailing condition. There’s good and bad about being in beta testing… Good because we are first to know, first mover’s advantage, fabulous opportunity… bad, because we have to go through the “testing” period which can be frustrating.

Apparently the database crashed last night. They have a fix in place and have already taken preventative measures to make sure this doesn’t happen again. They had to write a script (or three) to reconstruct accounts, assign the correct sponsors, etc. This was basically all the data and members from the previous 24 hours or less. All that massive traffic that created $106,000+ in commissions in less than 24 hours.

The good news is, they are almost finished AND there was NO permanent data loss.

David apologizes and said a couple of things. He would have sent an email to all the members but doesn’t have access to the administrative email feature while the database is offline and being repaired. He also said they will be extending the deadline for upgrades to make up for this lost time.

Update Dec 1st.
Some of the site is up but not everything. I cannot blog yet and I don’t have access to the training or the Inner Circle. Which means I had finally time to do my taxes for 2010 and send it to my tax people, I also got to read some Fanfiction and prepare some emails to be sent to my subscribers. It’s kinda hard to sit on a wonderful opportunity and not be able to do much marketing for it.

Update Dec 6th
The site is up but not the blogging platform. We’ll get informed in – for me about 3 hours… if my timezone calculation is correct this time. We’ll have updates on merchant accounts, technology,¬†webinar upgrades and future plans.

Update Dec 14th
The site is up, the blogging platform is up and I’ve been blogging now for a week or so. Got some PLR articles scheduled to go out every day and I also blog freely from the heart, every other day or so. I got the third product and started watching the Costa Rica Intensive videos. He talks about “my” chocolate. I can so relate. LOL. Anyway. Come over to my Empower Blog. I won’t be updating this post but I might write more from time to time here. Not as often as on the Empower blog though.

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