Your Business Doesn’t Need Facebook
May 4th, 2014 by Xarah

your business does not need facebook1 in 5 page views in the US occurs on Facebook.

Source: Infodocket 2012 Attribution:

50% of 18-24 Year Olds Check facebook WHEN THEY WAKE UP!

Source: The Social SkinnyAttribution:

  • 42% of Marketers say facebook is CRITICAL or IMPORTANT to their business
  • 80% of US Social Network Users prefer to connect to brands through facebook
  • Social Media has a 100% higher lead-to-close ratethan outbound marketing
  • Small businesses spend 18% of their budgets on social media, the most out of all marketing channels.

Source: State of Inbound Marketing 2012 Attribution:

54% of shoppers who clicked through from a friend’s facebook page… Have made a PURCHASE!

Source: FactBrowserAttribution:

51% of fans are more likely To PURCHASE from brands they “LIKE” on facebook

Source: HubSpot

Brands on facebook extend their REACH to friends of fans by 50-200%

Source: FactBrowser

39% of advertisers on facebook have driven traffic off their facebook ads, onto an external landing page!

How do these big brands do that?

How can you as a smaller scale marketer do that, too?

  • Drive traffic from Facebook to your capture page or shop
  • Get more likes and more interaction
  • Sell anything from T-Shirts, to your MLM deal or MLM products, Real Estate, Affliate products…
  • Sell more
  • Get more Reps

The Secret is Dark Posts!

What are Dark Posts?

Get Your Dark Post Course

If you are like me, you rather learn from somebody who has had massive success than learn by trial and error.
I mean learning from someone, kind of having a mentor and kind of looking over his shoulders is so much faster.

Get your course here now.

Is it free? No. But at the moment only $100 (depends on when you see this post, the price could have gone up,
but it still worth it because of the content you get, the ideas… precious…).

The first time I heard about this course I ditched it because it was almost 500 bucks.

If you have something to sell, and want to use the power of Facebook (and the newsfeed) you need this course.

The modules are short enough to go through in half a day. And for Networkers there are 10 bonus videos on
how to get 38 new signups within one day (disclaimer: results may vary).

Within a few hours you can start harnessing the power of Facebook Newsfeed.

Let me ask you: have you been on Facebook today? Have you liked, commented or even shared a post, a quote,
a picture, a video?

I rest my case 🙂

Get the Dark post course now. Imagine how good you gonna feel when you click here now!

dark posts sell anything

I’ll see you on Facebook!

CEO in T-Shirt
Apr 23rd, 2014 by Xarah

CEO and founder of FGXpress Ron Williams is interviewed by Willi Morant.

Las Vegas 2014 – CEO Ron Williams talks about what you should know about Fgxpress and why it different to what you know about normal Network Marketing Companys. Hear about the private side of life and Businesslife from Ron Williams and why singing can be so effectful. Do you want know what a CEO really does? Watch this Business Network Quickie and be surprised.

I like it when a founder walks around in a T-Shirt, makes them more real for me.

And I like it that this business is also for German speakers. Because we have a system in place that is in German and English. Finally! Something I can share with my German friends.

Want to find out more about this company and its products?

The Mailbox Business.

Here to help you succeed,

Having fun while building a business. Work from home. Xarah Dax

Having fun while building a business

She Lost Her Dream
Mar 28th, 2014 by Xarah

How she lost her dream and found it again

She got into this industry because she was sold on the idea of time freedom.

workfromhome find your dream again xarah dax

The idea to litterly own her own time was intoxicating and at the beginning made her loose sleep.

So she went to work.

Learned everything about the products, the company, the marketing plan and the industry and how to do this business. And she did.

She brought new people into her business all the time. She even had people “duplicating” and also bring in new people. She loved it. She could help so many people.


…everybody leaned on her for the training and coaching of their new people.

She’d do weekly trainings, she’d do personal calls and 3-way calls, she’d do coaching of people several levels deep.

She learned a lot that way.

And of course she was also flattered because everybody came to her with questions. Who wouldn’t be?

One day though she realized she was selling the dream and living the nightmare.

And all of a sudden she didn’t want to do that to others.

It gotten hard to talk about the business, the dream, the lifestyle knowing she didn’t really live it even though the income was nice and more than she had made in her last job. Yet…

She still loved the products, the company, and the people she had met. With some she had made great friends.

One day she sat down and asked herself the hard question: where is the time-freedom, that one ‘thing’ that got  her interested in the first place? Where was it? More over where did it go? Thinking hard about her situation it seemed she had had more time at her hands when she had a job.

She did have a nice income but she knew if she took a break, find herself, started doing all the things she had dreamed and imagined about, her team would fade away and so would her income. And she’d have to start from scratch. That thought alone scared her, made her shiver.

Was it worth it though? The many evenings spent on the phone and on webinars with her team and their team. The many weekends doing coaching and training calls.

She was devasted.

What to do? Keep on this route and eventually burn out? Quit and find a job?

Both options didn’t really feel like an option to her. Yet she couldn’t see a third one.

Right when she was at this cross road, a new path opened up in front of her eyes.

It was Empower Network.

Because it was only $25 to get “inside” and have a closer look her credit card was out of her wallet without much thought.

She kept thinking: is this the solution? I want to have fun again. I want my time back. I want my life back. I want my team to have their life back. I want to empower my people to do and have the what ever they desire.

She explored the membership site and started to feel excited again. She felt her face wrinkle into a smile, her heart beat faster. And her mind came up with wonderful pictures. She suddenly saw herself with her team celebrating.

After loggin in she found more than she had anticpated. Fear that she might have waste $25 despeared. She could hear a gentle “poof”.

She exhaled a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding.

And started to explore the site. Tested the blogging platform. Generally clicked on everything. She watched the sales videos of the other products and bought one after the other.

Feeling more and more excited.

She then got a friendly welcome email from the person she had joined and responded. She didn’t even know this person nor did she expect an email or a call.

They had a lovely chat. When she told her story about her lost dreams and lost time freedom she found gentle understanding on the other end of the line.

What a relief! Because she had tried to talk to her sponsor of her other business about her issues but since he had quit, and his sponsor had quit… she’d have to talk to one of the big leaders and she remembered how suddenly she felt so small with her little problems and that it must be her fault, she must be doing something wrong.

What a yucky feeling that was.

All of a sudden though finding understanding was liberating. After she hung up she took a deep breath, it was like she had been holding her breath for months.

She suddenly found herself in Facebook groups and among other people who either had gone through similar trials or had gotten lucky and found Empower Network at the very beginning.

She felt like she came home.

She went and bought all the products, what the Empower Network community calls ‘ALL IN’.

Being celebrated to go ‘ALL IN’ was certainly an experience. Nobody  has congratulated her before to buying products.

Again, she went to work.

After only a few of the training modules she knew she had found the right vehicle to plug her team in. She wanted to give her team what she had found.

  • A vehicle to promote their business.
  • A vehicle to earn more income and have another income stream.
  • A training website where even a total ‘newbie’ could get all the training they needed and more.
  • And a community of like minded people.

Of course not everybody joined her. But most did. You know how it is. Some people want to get ahead. Some people want to be more, have more and do more.

There was enough training material on selling, marketing, closing, driving traffic and even personal development for everybody no matter where they were at. She closed her own training channel and told everybody to come over to Empower Network.

Her people loved it because they could go through the material and implement what they learned on their own time schedule. Especially her international team members loved it. Finally no more getting up a 2 or 3 am.

All of a sudden, from one day to the other she finally had what she had always wanted!

She owned her own time.

With what she learned in the different marketing modules she put to use to help more people, and she grew her first business and her Empower Network business.

Now, she was working 14 hours a week instead of 14 hours a day.

Do you know somebody like her?

She loves what she does.

She has her life back.

She helps much more people.

Would you like to do the same?

Click here.
Put in your best email address.
Watch the video.

And I’ll send you a friendly welcome email. I might even call you 😉

Welcome to the Empower Network Team!

We empower people.
We are the Empower Network.

Join here

I’ll see you inside.

~ Xarah JOY Dax ~

Having fun while building a business. Work from home. Xarah Dax

Having fun while building a business

~ The world is yours… go get it.~

[DSD] I made my first sale
Feb 3rd, 2014 by Xarah


I Made My First Sale!

That was truly exciting!

Not only: IT WORKS! But especially IT WORKS FOR ME!!

And I know I will work for you, too!

On Tuesday I was not online at all.

My live partner surprised me with a home made brunch.

Then my mom came over with a present – yes, you guess right, it was my birthday.

51 years and still kicking!

We prosted (cheers!) with fake Proseco and then we packed our backpacks to go to a Spa.

The same one we did on my 50th birthday. I still had some vouchers and thought this is the perfect day to use them.

This time our first stop in the spa was the roof pool. WOW! What a view you have from there!

After a nice soak we went on to the looked of area and did the roman routine with a hot room to open the skin, then a rub down with nice smelling rubbing soap, another hot room. And then a pool with 40°C (104 F).

Since we went during the week there were not that many people and I could just lay there in the hot water and dream. Let my soul and body soak.

Next is a bigger pool with only 35°C (95 F) but with bubbles and kind of a Jaccuzi. Here we spent a lot of time.

Next is a cold pool, only 28°C (82.4 F) which I think most people “forget” to go in. It’s really rather cold. It’s like you leave the comfort zone yet it’s good if you do.

Then there are heated blocks and you just lay there and relax. Again, I could fall asleep luckily it’s really hard LOL

All in all we were almost 3 hours there.

Getting hungry.

Without hurry we left and went on to one of my favorite food places. The restaurant was full (like usual) and yet we found two seats. Yummy food.

I was rather tired when I got home and didn’t stay up too long. Again, didn’t go online.

The following morning

The following morning I went online and out of curiosity I went to my Ebay account and surprise surprise! I sold my first item!

How exciting!

Next I went to Paypal to get the buyer’s address and accepted the payment.

Then I went to Amazon. I found that I have an account from way back when. Right, I used to buy books from Amazon. And for the longest time I thought you can only buy books from Amazon. Boy was I wrong!

Amazon is actually a big drop shipper! Not all of the products sold through Amazon is being shipped through Amazon but you get this information right on the page with the product.

International Sellers

Being Swiss Ebay did not allow me to sell internationally or in other words on So I started listing items from my home with the intention to get some feedbacks (one of the acquired ‘things’ I need in order to be able to sell on and not to make money.

On a whim I logged in to (Germany). You actually only need one Ebay account. You can login to the others with the same login.

I went to (Germany) and did a search as DS Domination teaches in the back office and on the webinars. I found an item and listed it on


Ebay let me list it. I searched more items on and listed them on

Of course I first had to delete all the home items first because I have a limit of 10 items. Which cost me some money because every time you list an item you pay Ebay a fee.


On Amazon I quickly found the item that I sold on Ebay and bought it. Because it was the first time (since they made changes my guess) it took a bit longer. I figure it’ll be faster next time.

I could have ordered a credit card and could have bought this item for free.

I would have but it didn’t let me. I’ll see if (if there is one) has the same offer.

It was a bit exhilarating to buy something and have it sent to someone else.

Earn money online is easy

I can really see now how easy this is. And how one can do it latterly from any where in the world. Even when traveling.

Login maybe at an internet cafe, check what was sold, go to Amazon (or another drop shipper), buy it and have it shipped to one’s buyer. Bamm!

– No selling
– No marketing
– No driving traffic


I can already tell I have to warn people:

This can become addictive. Loggin into Ebay every hour to check your listings 🙂

And another warning: you are supposed to sell not buy LOL I keep finding items that I would love to buy. But the intention for now is to earn money first and then spend it 😉

Anyway. I hope you enjoyed this little essay on my first sale on Ebay. If you are also wanting to add drop-shipping to your income stream (even big earners, top marketers and millionaire are “doing” this), click here, watch the short video or wait until the buy button shows up. Click on it, fill out the form and get started!

To your Life Style Dream!


Xarah Dax

Why You Should Use Dropship
Jan 30th, 2014 by Xarah

You should add Drop Ship to your Income Stream



Why Drop Ship or why DS Domination

DS Domination is an organisation that teaches how to do and use drop-ship. It’s really a business because it has an inbuilt affiliate structures were you can earn residual monthly income.

Though the main object of DS Domination is to sell high and buy low using drop-ship companies.

The DS in DS Domination stands for drop-ship.

You don’t need to build a team in order to earn money as you have to in any MLM or Network Marketing business.

Why Drop Ship?

Now that I know what drop-ship is I find it the easiest way to sell something because you don’t need to have stock.

You only deliver or have the item delivered when somebody buys it.

This is how Drop-Ship works briefly explained

You list an item on Ebay (and other places) and when somebody buys it, you get the money (usually to Paypal), then you take that money and buy the sold item on for instance Amazon which is a huge store you would not believe it. Amazon (or another drop ship company) sends the item to your customer.


Everybody is happy.

> Your customer found what they were looking for.
> The drop ship company got to deliver an item which they could not if it hadn’t been for you.
> You because you made some money.
> Your family because you go on a nice vacation.
> Your wife/husband because you take them out on a nice dinner.

And that’s why I write about drop-shipping and DS Domination. Get it? I’m really excited.

Not only because I can earn money here fast, more over because my team can, anybody who struggled before in MLM or affiliate deals or even Empower, and it does not stop there!

Why DS Domination

Top earners and leaders in Empower Network are doing DS Domination!

Rob Fore is doing it.
Traci Reuter is doing it.
LT is doing it.
Kris Darty is doing it.
Toby and Layla are doing it.

Why do they do that? Because they need or want more money? Maybe. But mostly I think they have lots of people in their team who struggle.

DS Domination is so easy to learn, it takes less than a day to grasp the concept. Even somebody who has never done anything online before.

When their people earn money with DS Domination they can invest it back into Empower Network which of course their leader profits from again.

And that’s ok. Mostly though these folks who have believe and hope in their leaders but still struggle, they now have a business model they can do instantly. Even if they live in an iglu or on a tree – as long as they have internet access (and a credit card) – they can do this.

I want to tell the world because it’s so easy and it’s so doable!

And because

  • immediate profits
  • no traffic generation
  • no tech stuff
  • no selling/sponsoring/recruiting
  • Piggybacking
  • Starting right now!

Training and Coaching

After you signed up you will go into your back office of DS Domination and go through all the modules. There are also webinars you might want to watch to get the whole over view. I’ve watched one the other day and just had a new revelation.

There is a training video on every single thing you need to know – and they are short 🙂

And if you have questions – or want to let us know about your first cha-ching sales – we have a Facebook group. Here, too, you are not alone.

Without any ado here is the link for the short video to give you a bit of an idea, the join button will appear eventually. Click on it, fill out the form and send me a message so I can add you to our Facebook group.



PS: Even millionairs join DS Domination! Why not you?

Delete The Wussy
Nov 20th, 2013 by Xarah

How To “Delete” The Wussy Inside You

When I first started marketing
my business I had no clue I was
acting like a wussy.


After all, everyone was doing it.

So I did, too.

Here’s a few of the things I did:

  • Jumped from product launch to product launch in hopes that it would turn my current “non-profit” business….profitable.
  • Thought the grass was greener on the other side – in another company – with another leader – with another product…because my results were not what I wanted.
  • Blamed people, products and comp plans for my lack of money-getting power, and then realized everywhere I went – the problem followed me 🙁
  • Felt left out – like the people who were having success – who were making money – who were selling lot’s of stuff….were forming “mastermind” groups, and I wasn’t invited.

And a few more things I’m embarrassed to


These perspectives may “tick” you off a little.

And if they do, that’s cool with me.

And if they don’t – they may not apply.

And IF if something doesn’t apply – let it fly.

But here’s the truth…..

When I started marketing – before I learned
the secrets to getting money daily, whether I
worked or not…..

…I had a bad case of wussy marketing.

(and a wussy mindset)

But I didn’t know any better.

No one told me any different.

So I came up with my own solutions.

And you know what they say about a man
who represents himself in court….right?

He’s got a fool for a lawyer 🙂

But, like I said – no one had the guts to
just tell it like it is.

Until one day, after months of:

Technical overwhelm….

Product launch fever….

Guru groupie fan clubs….


Placing first place in the company
jumping Olympics…..

I finally caught a glimpse into the
“Pandora’s Box” of online money

And what I saw pissed me off (I’m
not kidding).

Because I realized almost everything
I had focused – everything the “gurus”
had told me….

…and all the lies I started to believe…..

…were actually keeping me stuck in a
never ending cycle of poverty.

When I saw what I’m about to show you….

The technical overwhelm I felt paralyzed

The confusion I once dealt with – about
how I should be spending my time in my
business every day….vanished.


My “inner wussy” turned into a ferocious
marketing animal.

So enough about me, and my “wussy
recovery journey”.

Here’s what I got:

Everything I NOW know is documented in
this short video.

Grab a pen.

Take a few notes.

And brace yourself for an “eye-opener”.

(you’ll see what I mean in the first few minutes)

Here’s The Private Link

Put in your email address, watch the video and
look for my next email .

For now, I think you’ll need some time
to digest what you’re about to see.

Here’s The Private Link Again

The end may shock you a little, too.

Just fair warning.

Stay real,
Xarah Dax

Decide for yourself
Nov 18th, 2013 by Xarah

Decide for yourself (after you see the truth)

If you want to….Or have been trying to….

Create a profitable and successful online
business, but haven’t been successful yet..

timetodecidebystuartmilesIt’s not your fault, here’s why.. and it’s
probably not what you think.

IT’S NOT because you’ve been following
the wrong “guru”..
Because you’re not capable of making it happen.


It’s much more simple than that – if you’re willing to
follow some simple suggestions that is.

So, the question then becomes….

Do you want to continue wasting years of
your life and countless dollars on the
next best gimmick hoping that it works?

Or, are you FINALLY READY for a ‘plug
and play’ system that’s so simple anyone can
do and will never require you to set-up, take
down, update, maintain or trouble shoot

If the latter sounds attractive, you’re probably
as much as an entrepreneur as the rest of the
Empower Network marketers.

You probably shouldn’t be wasting your time
‘setting things up’ or trying to figure out mind
numbing technical issues.

You should be marketing.

You should be making money.

You should be networking.

Good News!

You can be.

And the choice is yours.

Isn’t that nice?

==> Decide Here..


P.S. In case you haven’t heard :) We also pay
100% commissions on our product line so you
can get started and experience the benefits of
being in control and actually owning your
business, because….

…..the money goes straight to you.

Isn’t that refreshing?

Over 150,000 other people think so.

Get 100% now!

And don’t settle for less.

==> Go Here and Decide For Yourself..

This completely sucks…
Jan 22nd, 2013 by Xarah

It duplicates but sure sucks

by SweetCrisis

by SweetCrisis

The Slavery Model Exposed…

“If you build your business by doing something that you DESPISE….

…your business won’t last.

Because no matter how much you want to make money, eventually your disgust for what you’re doing will become more powerful…

Bottom line…

If what you’re doing sucks…


There are things that are

NOT worth the money.


I learned a long time ago:

If you build with a slavery model…

it will keep you a slave!

Remember that.

Quick Story….

It was 2001 and I’d just built my

first successful team ever…

…I quit my job at the gym and I

was making about $3,000 per month

in my Network Marketing Company.

It was all “old school’.
Private business receptions, in home

presentations, restaurant gatherings

and hotel meetings.

One day…

a buddy of mine in the business gave

me a set of audio-cassettes and said…

“This will make your business so simple

that even your grandma could do it…”

He was going to teach me the secret

of “duplication”.

And boy, I was HUNGRY for it.

I wanted so bad to go from making $3,000 to $30,000.

….and I knew that duplication was the key.

Have you ever felt like that?

That if you could just find “The Secret Strategy”,

your business would explode?

Well, that was how I felt.

So I listened to the audio tapes.

The guy was a multi-million dollar

earner in the industry and he was

talking about doing 3-way calls.

…I was excited.


It made total sense.
If the problem is that people can’t

make sales on their own, then doing

3way calls would be the solution!

I couldn’t believe it would be so EASY

….and my team got PUMPED!

They loved the idea.

So, the next day it started like a whirlwind!

Someone called me at 8:30 am and said, “Hey, do you

have time for a quick three-way call?  I’ve got a prospect

on the line who wants to get some questions answered….

I said, “Sure, patch ’em through.”

It worked!

We got his Aunt Sally in the business!

Yeah baby!

My team started blowing up.
The key?  “Get all your prospects on the phone with

my sponsor and he will get them all in the business.
Can you imagine what happened next?

For the next 3 YEARS, my phone was ringing

constantly from 10:30 am to 11pm

Needless to say, it “worked”.

But I was exhausted.  I was disconnected.

And I found myself dreading the phone ringing.

Dozens of calls per day.  Hundreds of calls per week.

I can’t tell you how many times I left Andrea

sitting in a nice restaurant eating a nice steak dinner

by herself because I had to step out in the lobby

and talk to a prospect on a 3 way call.

Did I make a living?  Sure.  But I didn’t have much

of a LIFE.

One night, my buddy Joe was at my house.  He was in the

business.  We were sitting around talking or something.

And around 11:30pm, my phone rang.

I answered it and said, “Hello?”

“I’m so excited!  I’ve got this prospect on the

line who’s really excited about the business…


Can you do a 3-way call for me?”

So, like a super-hero I said, “Sure, patch her through

and let’s do it.”

I was pacing while I was talking.  I was on the phone

until about midnight or so…..and it worked!  Like a

super-hero I’d put another one in the business.

I sat down, looked at my buddy Joe and said…

“Got another one!”

My buddy Joe looked at me and said….

“I quit.”

I just looked at him.  I wasn’t sure I understood what

he’d said.

I said, “You quit? Why?”

…and then he told me a PROFOUND TRUTH that day.

He said, “Dude, no amount of money is worth what you just

did.  You just answered your phone at 11:30 at night….talked

until midnight just to convince someone’s aunt to join a

business that claims to be about ‘time freedom’.  It’s BS, man.

I’m out.”


I didn’t get it that day.  But looking back, he was totally right.

And it also explained why my team was burned out and

I constantly had to enroll a bunch of people every month

to replace the ones who quit.

They were exhausted and they’d lost their belief.


Because Joe was right.

And that’s why, today, I don’t do any phone prospecting.

And that’s why I’ve made over $1,000 per day every day

for the last 60 days.  Many times, much more than that.
Part time, on the side – withOUT even picking up a phone.

How many prospects did I call?


How many home-parties?


How many one-on-one presentations?


How many people did I “hand out samples” to?


==> target=”_blank”>See My Freedom System Here!

*No 3 way calls allowed

Look, there are some things that we need to be honest



You’re joining this business to make a ton of money

and have time freedom.  NOT to be a telemarketer.

Telemarketers make about $8.50 per hour in the

U.S. and $3 per hour in the Philippines.

If you make more money than that, why on earth

would you start beating the phone in a home business?

==> See My Freedom System Here!

There are things that duplicate but do NOT suck.

For instance, my buddy Dave tells the story of a guy he

knows who made $800k per year for about a decade.

David asked him how much “work” he did each

month.  He said, “not much at all.”

David asked, “How many calls did you make?”

He said, “Phone calls?  Maybe 4 or 5”.

David said, “per MONTH????”

He said, “Yup.”

David said, “What was the secret, man?”

He said, “The system automatically did all the

things that we as leaders didn’t want to do….”

==> See My Freedom System Here!

Read that again.

There’s a huge wealth clue there.

The system did all the things that you don’t want to do.

target=”_blank”>See how I do it here…

That’s how the big boys play.

Plus, it’s more fun.

I know that I’m going to make AT LEAST $1,000

every single day….

….and I don’t have to pick up a phone to do it.

I don’t have to go to someone’s house to do

little milk-and-cookie parties in the living room.

I don’t have to draw circles on the back of a

napkin down at the coffee shop.

Look, you don’t want to do that stuff either.

So why do you keep joining businesses

where that’s what you have to do to make money?

==> See My Freedom System Here!

This email might be controversial.

And God knows that most of the people in

the MLM industry will tell you that I’m wrong.

But, how many of them are making $7,000-$12,000

per WEEK by following a system that’s making

tons of money for thousands of people?

That’s what I thought.

This is just my perspective.

If you like the way this sounds, then watch this

carefully and get all in.

If it’s time for you to stop grinding, and ready to

make money using a Freedom System, let’s do this,


Take it or leave it.

Either way, I’m in your corner!
See you on the team,

Xarah Dax
The Freedom Warrior

P.S.  If you’ve already seen the video, you can
just get all in and work directly with us…

Join The ‘New Rich’
Jan 6th, 2013 by Xarah

Free Live Training

How to Excape Into Freedom & Join The ‘New Rich’ in 2013

Live Google Hangout


Let’s Talk Money
Dec 10th, 2012 by Xarah

Finally making money in my business I started to look closer at how we get paid.

This is how you get paid in Empower

talking-moneyAs an affiliate you get paid everytime somebody buys one of the products through your affiliate ID… as long as you own it of course.

The very first sale will take 3 weeks to end up in your ewallet where you can transfer to you credit card or your bank.

When you start getting several sales every week you will get paid every week.

This is how it goes:

First week it’s held by the merchant, and then released to EN.

Each week Empower Network releases payments.

Then once they release it, it takes 4-5 days from the ewallet services to have it actually hit your bank account, well at least for the first time to mine. Maybe next time it’ll be faster.

By then almost 3 weeks have gone by.

Digital Money

Nowadays not real money is being transported like in the old days, when they had to deliver the monies for the train workers by stagecoach and often those would not arrive because some gangsters would hold up the stagecoach and steal the money… in most Western movies this takes place. Wonder if those workers ever got paid…

So, nowadays the money is digital. It should only take seconds from the paying credit card to the merchant account to my ewallet to my bank (or credit card). Seconds! Not 3 weeks.

I understand that Dave and Dave have to release it manually because it’s their merchant account and I’m sure they don’t want to do that every day, so once a week is fine.

But after the release it should be BAMM and it hits my ewallet so that I can have access to.

Doesn’t make you wonder too where the money goes in the mean time or what it does?

Going on vacation? To the beach?

It’s amazing because they can send a man to the moon and have instant communication but they can’t pay us instantly? Weird. Very very weird.

A lot of people get paid weekly already. For them of course the 3 week waiting period doesn’t bother them.


I can’t wait to get paid weekly, too. And those 3 weeks won’t bother me either. I might even start imagining what my money is doing. Having a party somewhere. Lazying around. Taking a walk on the beach.

Pay days every week. How awesome is that?

Get started now so you soon can start getting the same.

Here’s what to do next:

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After you watch the 29 minute film, you’ll be ready to join so plan on that.
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