How to recruit like crazy.
Aug 20th, 2014 by Xarah

emotiguy-sticking-tongue-out-farconvilleBecause there were THOUSANDS of people who
attended (and loved) Tuesdays LIVE webcast we
are ready to go for a second round, and this time
it’s going to be even better ūüôā

Click here to join us LIVE at 9PM EST (6PM PST):

When you attend tonight’s live-cast you may find
yourself learning something that’s going to
change the way you recruit and sell…

This is because David Wood is going to introduce
you to a brand new strategy that you can use in
your business to recruit like crazy.

You’ll see what I mean when you join us here:

The webcast starts at 9:00PM EST.

See you there,
Xarah Dax

P.S.  Rumor has it that David invited a couple
special guests to be with us during tonight’s
webcast to share with you the success they
had by applying what you will learn here:

She Lost Her Dream
Mar 28th, 2014 by Xarah

How she lost her dream and found it again

She got into this industry because she was sold on the idea of time freedom.

workfromhome find your dream again xarah dax

The idea to litterly own her own time was intoxicating and at the beginning made her loose sleep.

So she went to work.

Learned everything about the products, the company, the marketing plan and the industry and how to do this business. And she did.

She brought new people into her business all the time. She even had people “duplicating” and also bring in new people. She loved it. She could help so many people.


…everybody leaned on her for the training and coaching of their new people.

She’d do weekly trainings, she’d do personal calls and 3-way calls, she’d do coaching of people several levels deep.

She learned a lot that way.

And of course she was also flattered because everybody came to her with questions. Who wouldn’t be?

One day though she realized she was selling the dream and living the nightmare.

And all of a sudden she didn’t want to do that to others.

It gotten hard to talk about the business, the dream, the lifestyle knowing she didn’t really live it even though the income was nice and more than she had made in her last job. Yet…

She still loved the products, the company, and the people she had met. With some she had made great friends.

One day she sat down and asked herself the hard question: where is the time-freedom, that one ‘thing’ that got¬† her interested in the first place? Where was it? More over where did it go? Thinking hard about her situation it seemed she had had more time at her hands when she had a job.

She did have a nice income but she knew if she took a break, find herself, started doing all the things she had dreamed and imagined about, her team would fade away and so would her income. And she’d have to start from scratch. That thought alone scared her, made her shiver.

Was it worth it though? The many evenings spent on the phone and on webinars with her team and their team. The many weekends doing coaching and training calls.

She was devasted.

What to do? Keep on this route and eventually burn out? Quit and find a job?

Both options didn’t really feel like an option to her. Yet she couldn’t see a third one.

Right when she was at this cross road, a new path opened up in front of her eyes.

It was Empower Network.

Because it was only $25 to get “inside” and have a closer look her credit card was out of her wallet without much thought.

She kept thinking: is this the solution? I want to have fun again. I want my time back. I want my life back. I want my team to have their life back. I want to empower my people to do and have the what ever they desire.

She explored the membership site and started to feel excited again. She felt her face wrinkle into a smile, her heart beat faster. And her mind came up with wonderful pictures. She suddenly saw herself with her team celebrating.

After loggin in she found more than she had anticpated. Fear that she might have waste $25 despeared. She could hear a gentle “poof”.

She exhaled a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding.

And started to explore the site. Tested the blogging platform. Generally clicked on everything. She watched the sales videos of the other products and bought one after the other.

Feeling more and more excited.

She then got a friendly welcome email from the person she had joined and responded. She didn’t even know this person nor did she expect an email or a call.

They had a lovely chat. When she told her story about her lost dreams and lost time freedom she found gentle understanding on the other end of the line.

What a relief! Because she had tried to talk to her sponsor of her other business about her issues but since he had quit, and his sponsor had quit… she’d have to talk to one of the big leaders and she remembered how suddenly she felt so small with her little problems and that it must be her fault, she must be doing something wrong.

What a yucky feeling that was.

All of a sudden though finding understanding was liberating. After she hung up she took a deep breath, it was like she had been holding her breath for months.

She suddenly found herself in Facebook groups and among other people who either had gone through similar trials or had gotten lucky and found Empower Network at the very beginning.

She felt like she came home.

She went and bought all the products, what the Empower Network community calls ‘ALL IN’.

Being celebrated to go ‘ALL IN’ was certainly an experience. Nobody¬† has congratulated her before to buying products.

Again, she went to work.

After only a few of the training modules she knew she had found the right vehicle to plug her team in. She wanted to give her team what she had found.

  • A vehicle to promote their business.
  • A vehicle to earn more income and have another income stream.
  • A training website where even a total ‘newbie’ could get all the training they needed and more.
  • And a community of like minded people.

Of course not everybody joined her. But most did. You know how it is. Some people want to get ahead. Some people want to be more, have more and do more.

There was enough training material on selling, marketing, closing, driving traffic and even personal development for everybody no matter where they were at. She closed her own training channel and told everybody to come over to Empower Network.

Her people loved it because they could go through the material and implement what they learned on their own time schedule. Especially her international team members loved it. Finally no more getting up a 2 or 3 am.

All of a sudden, from one day to the other she finally had what she had always wanted!

She owned her own time.

With what she learned in the different marketing modules she put to use to help more people, and she grew her first business and her Empower Network business.

Now, she was working 14 hours a week instead of 14 hours a day.

Do you know somebody like her?

She loves what she does.

She has her life back.

She helps much more people.

Would you like to do the same?

Click here.
Put in your best email address.
Watch the video.

And I’ll send you a friendly welcome email. I might even call you ūüėČ

Welcome to the Empower Network Team!

We empower people.
We are the Empower Network.

Join here

I’ll see you inside.

~ Xarah JOY Dax ~

Having fun while building a business. Work from home. Xarah Dax

Having fun while building a business

~ The world is yours… go get it.~

The 8 step Internet Formula
Dec 25th, 2013 by Xarah

The 8 step ‘Don’t Be a Wussy’ Internet Formula…

It all started with a dream

I looked upon the landscape of the internet, and saw a broken maze of poverty.
Product launch after product launch…
…webinar after webinar.
Strategy after strategy…
…and still:
highanglevidew-confusedman-by-imagerymajestic“I’m Confused.”
Here I was, at the top of a mountain…
..finally living the life of my dreams, with cash pouring
into my bank account…
…like water.
It was so easy, and yet when I looked out – all I saw was…
…and Disappointment.

What you want is finally here

So when there’s an unlimited number of products to buy, why the pain?
As a leader, not to myself, but with a heart for the people, I did the only thing I know how
to do…
…I turned to a story of victory.
One man I knew had gone from struggling, broke, addicted to drugs…
…to being clean for four years.
He had overcome the worst of human pain, and walked in victory…
…and there’s one thing I know – and that’s if someone can overcome the pain of addiction, hopelessness, and defeat…
…and rise to greatness.
Who is this man?
Dave Wood
I asked David the ‘secret‘ to his victory over the worst of defeat, and he told me a secret…
…he said:
“The secret, is this simple formula… it’s just 12 steps – and with help, anyone can do it…”
Walking through the mountains, and contemplating the victory of one man…
…an idea struck.
An IDEA that can change the world.
Here’s what happened:
…was revealed.
I didn’t know if it would work
…I wasn’t sure if the formula is perfect.
All I know is:
3 months later, we had more than 17,000 customers in 150 countries, and had helped our affiliates earn more than $3.2 million in commissions…
businessman-digitaltablet-withquesion-by-jeroenvanoostromMaybe someone hasn’t told you the truth.
Maybe the information you’ve been getting isn’t totally complete.
Maybe there have been leaders that haven’t even been entirely honest.
That’s about to change.
Take it.
Run with it.
It’s yours.
In prosperity,
from xarah with love
P.S. ¬†If you’re ready to just get in, and you’re sick of hearing information that isn’t totally honest
..and you want this, now:
You’ll thank me later ūüėÄ
The Art Of Lifestyle Construction
Nov 30th, 2013 by Xarah

The Art Of Lifestyle Construction

May I ask you a question?

  • Where would you want to live?
  • And how much would it really cost?
  • What would your dream life actually cost?

Have you ever done the calculations?

Dave Wood in this video challenged me to think about it. Not that I have not been thinking about my dream life (where to live and so on) but more, how much would it really cost me.

turn your images on
The way Dave talks in this video about the number and the dream lifesstyle I had to put some numbers into an excel sheet, you know… expenses for rent, insurance, expenses for my online business (domains, hosting, empower)… what ever I could think of – with the help of my excel booking keeping sheet ūüôā

The 6 Jar System

Then I added 6 collums. The 6 Jars

FFA – Financial Freedom Account (Golden Goose, Investitionen)

LTS – Long Term Savings (for mortgage, or for founding a business)

EDU – education, courses, books

NEC – necessities, rent, insurance, and so on

PLAY – fun day(s)

GIVE – charityThe NEC jar gets 55% (the amount that I approx need per month according to my list, oh, I added more for rent because my goal is to move to a new place).

Every other jar but the GIVE jar gets 10%, the GIVE jar gets 5%.

Makes all in all 100%.

That way I was able to figure out how much money I need.

I don’t know how you want to figure out what you need for your dream life style, maybe there is an easier way? But it sure helps to have the number in front of you. I bet you gasp saying: it’s not that high a number than I thought it’d be…
Of course, I could forgo the other jars, then I need less, and eventually work on filling these jars. I got this BTW from T Harv Eker and his Millionair Mind book.

It’s an interesting number though and not as high as I thought. Not as high as I need to have my expenses covered and be able to move to that new (my dream) place.

I hope this explanation was not too complicated.

Try it though, find out your number. What do you need for your dream life?

And then upscale from there.

Do you realize what this means? Having your expenses covered?

(Dramatic pause)

It means you are infinitely rich.
Unless of course you cover your expenses with the income of a job because what happens if that job is gone?

With my numbers it means, I need 2 to 5,5 “all-ins” per month (depending on which product I pass up).

See? I don’t need a million customers. And neither do you.

My guess is with this small number of “all-ins” most people would get along nicely.

After all, a survey done by Dave Wood, shows that most people’s income goal is “only” by $5-$10K!

And as my excel calculations show, it can be done really easily with Empower Network.

I really hope this made any sense to you and helps you, or gave you some ideas. I’d love to hear from you about this topic.
Honestly, I knew it’s easy with Empower. Much easier than with anything I have done before. The pet food business I’m in, I need around 1000 customers to get to that income level!

Am I there yet? No. But I know I can and I will.

The real question is: Can you? Only if you join.

And: Will you? Only if you start, learn and do.

I figure on the way there I will learn everything I need to scale it up, scale up the income without scaling up the time investment.

For the point in having an internet business is to have more freedom.

Do you agree?

Now it’s your turn, get in here and get all-in. Then let’s talk how much you need for your Life Style Dream

And If you need to see the video again (some where in the middle the pay plan gets explained and why it makes sense to go all-in – if not now, then as soon as possible)

I’ll see you on the beaches of the world!
Rouge Marketing Video
Nov 25th, 2013 by Xarah

I was just emailed a video by one of my more ‘rouge‘ marketing partners, and after watching it – realizing my eyes we’re NOT playing tricks on me….

…I discovered a harsh realization…

Go here and see what I mean ūüėÄ


In a simple world full of complicated people, this is the most ‘user-friendly’ approach to building a thriving, profitable business online.

Even if….

Your part-time…

You hate picking up the phone….

Or you’ve never made a dime online.

I’ll admit.

It’s kind of “weird” – it’s kind of “edgy” – and it’s kind of “rouge”….

But it works.


And it’s not the same ‘guru’ garbage full of complicated non-sense we’re all used to seeing.

I’ll have more for you tomorrow.

For now, check this out right now

from xarah with love

P.S. After you watch that video….

Go here and SEE the actual PROOF of how well this works….

P.P.S. This will get you back door access to get started right now…

Click Here!

Does Anybody Get Results?
Nov 24th, 2013 by Xarah

The coolest part about about being an at-home entrepreneur is seeing OTHER people get great results, too.

Check this out…

Rod, that IS “nice”.¬† When you think about the fact that most people have to work 8 hours to earn¬†LESS than $100 per day…. it makes

this system the best way to make money I’ve ever seen.¬† Congratulations!

Juanita, you hit the nail on the head!¬†¬†When you¬†follow the system as we’ve got it designed…it’s nearly impossible¬†not¬†to have results.

Congratulations on your $250 day!

Congratulations Jean-Francois!¬† That’s quite a birthday!¬† :)And, let’s be honest:¬†¬†using this method,¬†it was EASIER than what you’d been doing to make less money, wasn’t it?


See, that’s what¬†I’m talking about…

You’re not out there chasing friends and family.¬† You’re not drawing circles on the back of napkins or doing those little “milk and cookie” parties in people’s living rooms….

Just following a simple online system and watching cash drop in!

Congratulations, Brent!  Making money while you sleep!

That’s¬†a common theme in this business.¬† Happy for you!

James is another guy who makes money while drooling on his pillow:

James, you rock.¬†¬†And you’re right!¬† When you follow¬† a proven¬†system that works…. the results flow in!

Check out this email from a lady who just got started a few hours ago:

Man, that fires me UP!¬† Read that again:¬† she’s “never made money online”…

…and yet she made her first sale ever within hours of¬†plugging into our system.¬† And it happens all the time!

Here’s another one:

Love it!  And all you have to do is follow the system!

That’s so bad-ass. And all it takes is just¬†TAKING ACTION and getting started…I can go on and on. We get these messages in our team groups every day.

But, here’s the real question:

==>  Are YOU ready to see YOUR story in an email like this?

Are you ready to start earning what you deserve?

We pay out 100% commissions!

We’ve paid out over $20.4 Million¬†in the first 12 months.

And around $70 Million in the first 24 months. *

Come get your share!

Empower Network is the simplest, fastest and SAFEST way for you to earn a large income from home!

If you haven’t watched the video,¬†go watch it now on this site.
If you’re ready to get started and just want the order form,¬†you can get in here.

I’ll see you on the inside!

Xarah JOY Dax
PS: *Income disclaimer. Even though those people and I have made money with Empower Network does not mean that you will too. Because I don’t know how teachable you are, or how much action you are will to take. Average Incomes

Xarah Dax

Epic Underdog Story Inside
Nov 19th, 2013 by Xarah

Welcome Inside the Empower Network {Epic Underdog Story Inside}


Welcome to the Inside of Empower Network…
… Where you are about to discover exactly what
you need to start do to start making some serious
money online… starting today… even if you have
NEVER made a single penny online before.

So What is the Empower Network?

It’s an online community of people – just like you –

who have decided to TEAM UP and actually help
each other make money (versus competing against
each other)… and the result is what we call the
EMPOWER Network.
Oh, and by the way… we pay 100% Commissions
to Affiliates… which means YOU can make more
money faster and easier than ever before. EVEN
IF you are a complete 100% beginner…
Listen to the video that Generated over $570,000’000
in sales, paid out 100% to the affiliates below:

Is it Just the Guru’s with Massive Lists that Are Getting Sales?

Nope. Not at all. Let me share the story of Marisol Dennis

with you. She’s been battling Cancer Holistically for the last
10 years, a Single Mother and Grandmother  that was
struggling to cover bills, treatments and keep her Home
Business afloat.She’d been blogging for months but still wasn’t seeing
the income come in.

Can you relate?

Check out this screenshot from her Facebook yesterday…

If you already watched the Presentation and you’re ready to start
Blogging and getting paid 100% Commissions….

Membership only costs $25 per month an comes with
a free blogging platform. One? No, as many as you want.

See You On the Inside…

Xarah – happy to help you – Dax

PS: Don’t know how to set up a blog? It’s done. Don’t
know how to make it pretty? Done. Don’t know what to
blog about to get sales? It’s done! When you join our
team WE GIVE YOU free content to post to your blog…
and free training… and more. Much more! We EMPOWER
YOU and work together as a team. Join Us Today!
Decide for yourself
Nov 18th, 2013 by Xarah

Decide for yourself (after you see the truth)

If you want to….Or have been trying to….

Create a profitable and successful online
business, but haven’t been successful yet..

timetodecidebystuartmilesIt’s not your fault, here’s why.. and it’s
probably not what you think.

IT’S NOT because you’ve been following
the wrong “guru”..
Because you’re not capable of making it happen.


It’s much more simple than that – if you’re willing to
follow some simple suggestions that is.

So, the question then becomes….

Do you want to continue wasting years of
your life and countless dollars on the
next best gimmick hoping that it works?

Or, are you FINALLY READY for a ‘plug
and play’ system that’s so simple anyone can
do and will never require you to set-up, take
down, update, maintain or trouble shoot

If the latter sounds attractive, you’re probably
as much as an entrepreneur as the rest of the
Empower Network marketers.

You probably shouldn’t be wasting your time
‘setting things up’ or trying to figure out mind
numbing technical issues.

You should be marketing.

You should be making money.

You should be networking.

Good News!

You can be.

And the choice is yours.

Isn’t that nice?

==> Decide Here..


P.S. In case you haven’t heard :) We also pay
100% commissions on our product line so you
can get started and experience the benefits of
being in control and actually owning your
business, because….

…..the money goes straight to you.

Isn’t that refreshing?

Over 150,000 other people think so.

Get 100% now!

And don’t settle for less.

==> Go Here and Decide For Yourself..

Something New Is Coming
Jul 31st, 2013 by Xarah

Internet domination

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming:

  • 2 click blogging system
  • no more wordpress glitches
  • mobile applications
  • post audio, video and text straight from smart phone
  • domain mapping
  • post to 10 different domains
  • multi-lingual

  • The upgrades forEmpower Network Version 2.0 ENV2 include a NEW 2 click blogging system, no more trying to figure out wordpress (I hear a lot people saying *phew*).
  • How does a mobile application that allows you to post audio, video, and information straight from your smart phone grab you? YES, we get that too! Empower Network Version 2.0 ENV2 will include a sales conversion engine.
  • One of the biggest upgrades will be the domain mapping. Imagine posting to 10 different domain names (your businesses, internet businesses, brick and mortar businesses), with the POWER of Empower Network‚Äôs blogging system!
  • Empower Network Version 2.0 ENV2 will go multi-lingual. Can you imagine what that means?

This is what you get
Mar 30th, 2013 by Xarah

Pretend for a moment you are part of my team.

This is what you get

  • Access to the super duper backoffice of Empower Network and as an affiliate you can earn 100% commissions of any of the products you bought
  • Easy button to login to your blog dashboard
  • Access to “done-for-you” blog posts, just ask me for them if you need help getting started blogging

There is more when you are in my team

More over, especially if you are new or you bring in a large team and don’t really have the time to hold hands or do your own training – which of course takes time – your time – you (and they) get:

  • access to our Team Synergy Ning group with
    • Step by step guide
    • Resources
    • Quicklinks
    • and much more
  • access to Team Take Massive Action site
    • where you enter your Empower ID and your aweber Affiliate number
    • where you find several promotional offers you can promote (all free) and capture email addresses of highly qualified people
  • access to our Internet Marketing Master Allience website
    • where you find additional training
    • Google Hangouts
    • Q & A sessions
    • Super Saturdays once a month
    • and for the women: the Super Women Elite tab (as shown in the video)
  • You’ll be part of several Facebook groups where you can ask questions, find answers and and answer questions
    • my own
    • Team Synergy
    • Team Take Massive Action
    • Super Women Elite

All of that you get for $25/month.

As an affiliate ($19.95/mo) you can earn 100% commissions. With other words: one sign up/sale breaks you even.

Here’s what to do next:

Step 1: Click on the Register Now Button Below.
Step 2: Write your best email in the form.
Step 3: Click on Submit.
After you watch the 12 minute film, you’ll be ready to join so plan on that.
Looking forward to hearing from you and having you a part of our ‚Äėbuilding a business while having a life‚Äô team!

…We are focused and dedicated to help you succeed!

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